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Addiction withdrawal hostile feelings

Addiction withdrawal hostile feelings is a big concern for many drug users willing to make a change

Addiction withdrawal hostile feelings: Excessive units of dopamine

During the treatment of substance abuse, there is no doubt that this process will be met with some challenges thereby necessitating addiction withdrawal hostile feelings along the way. The most unpleasant withdrawal feelings are connected with abrupt fall of the content of neurotransmitters in the brain. For example, the dopamine content due to a severe lack of transmitters can’t be utilized in time and may exceed the normal level a few times. The excessive amount of dopamine is a real poison to the brain. Drug withdrawal and in particular the opiate withdrawal can be very disruptive irrespective of whether the effect is mental or physical. It may last from few days to a few weeks. You can get more information about opiate (Heroin, Methadone) withdrawal by scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury MD today and she will be more than willing to help you find answers to all your questions today.

It is further important to note that during withdrawal some time will lapse and within a few days the level of neurotransmitters will gradually return to normal even though this may not be completely done, but all the same the symptoms of drug withdrawal subsides. Besides that, another danger will come in handy waiting for the patient. This is commonly known as “dry withdrawal”.  After some time, when seemingly all is over, sometimes without any reason, but mostly after the stress, the balance of neurotransmitters breaks down again. At this point, the patient starts re-experiencing some mental discomfort, nervousness, sleep disorders, hot-and-cold flashes and aggravated attraction to drugs.

Addiction withdrawal hostile feelings: Drug addiction fluctuation courses

Drug addiction, like many other chronic diseases, is characterized by fluctuating course, with alternate “ups and downs”. Most of the failures happen exactly on the peaks of these “ups”. That is why all drugs have the toxic effects and damages the body’s cells. This damage causes some element of pain in an individual and to fight this pain the victim will have to take more drugs further causing addiction to that substance and the situation to becomes a vicious circle: that is to say, the higher dose of drugs the more pain they cause, the more pain the more need to take the higher dose. As a result, the euphoric effect of the drugs, which was so attractive at the beginning, quickly disappears and leaves an addict to continue taking the drug just to avoid the pain and let him somehow to function “normally”.

Finally, from the discussion, we have seen that drug addiction is a very complex disease, which is fixed at many levels of the organism. Simple and quick methods, such as coding or isolated psychotherapy are absolutely inactive. To this doctor, Akoury says that professionally drug addiction requires a serious multi-stage treatment at all levels and that will be very helpful in correcting the brain damage from drug abuse effectively.

Addiction withdrawal hostile feelings: Excessive units of dopamine