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Your experience will begin in the nurturing environments of North Beach plantation serene resort your wellness tale will be unraveled and you will begin to take control of your well-being. Here diagnostic expertise, preventive medicine and wellness services converge to assess, address and optimize your health. Your health will be the center of attention throughout your stay at North Beach Plantation under the guidance of Awaremed Institute. In addition to performing traditional physical evaluation and testing, our top medical experts and wellness specialists will listen and learn about your needs and offer customized advice. You will have the medical experience you’ve always wished you could have.

You will have access to the clinical and diagnostic expertise of one of America’s leading medical centers, plus the support of the most skilled and knowledgeable wellness services available. Your personal physician will lead an integrative team of health professionals to assess your specific needs, and they will work with you to develop a customized Lifestyle Prescription designed to optimize your health.

This new paradigm of health care that is both comprehensive in scope and expansive in treatment options. At our unique hotel and spa, you will find highly trained health professionals and the complete, state-of-the-art Awaremed Health Center with extensive diagnostic testing capabilities.
In an unhurried and comfortable atmosphere, you will meet with a range of health professionals who will take the time to evaluate your health history, understand your health concerns and develop your personalized map to wellness.

The beautifully equipped Awaremed Health Center at Awaremed Hotel & Spa offers personalized physical evaluations, as well as a full range of diagnostic services for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic disorders, sleep disorders and genomics testing.




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