Walk With Jennifer, Weight Loss Progress Report

Walk With Jennifer, AWAREmed, Dr. Dalal Akoury, weight loss, healthy lifestyle

Can you believe it?!

Jennifer has been working with the AWAREmed weight loss program for approximately 3 weeks and you can already see a big difference! Although obese patients want to see instant weight loss results, it’s a slow process, but, as you can see, even in a short period of time there is a visual difference.

Jennifer says:

“So far things are going very well, Im getting used to eating right, I havent had any cravings at all, I have been excercising everyday and I feel so much better. My blood pressure is almost at normal and I can breathe right for the first time in a very long time, it’s getting easier in some ways but I know I still have a long road ahead. I will not give up!

I am so determined to be successful with my weight loss and be 100 % as healthy as I can be! I think having to be accountable for my actions publicly makes me even more determined to not mess up! Showing myself on television was really hard, but the last show we did, I was much prouder of the way I looked on camera.

What I expect to gain from this is the knowledge of how to eat right and replace my bad habits with good habits, such as excercising everyday instead of sitting in front of the television eating whatever I want.”

Remember, not everyone will have the same weight loss results in the same amount of time.

The complete program with AWAREmed consists of meal changes and nutrition coaching with Patricia Coppola, specific supplements for the individual, and special IV therapy and injections, again, tailored to the individual. And along with this, and perhaps just as important to see results, is regular exercise. Jennifer has been walking as well as beginning twice a week workout sessions with a trainer.

Sessions with Jillian Maas Backman  help with setting new intentions, using a personal power statement to push through the times when it seems too hard, and motivation to take a deeper, more spiritual look inside and come to a new understanding of the self, before, during and after weight loss.

Even if you can’t do the complete weight loss program, you can still become a part of Walk With Jennifer by making the simple changes in diet and exercise. You can add the supplements, and you can add the IV therapy if you choose, but it’s not a requirement.

It’s your choice, choose to change!  Let’s help each other by spreading the word and this website!

If you still need to be visually motivated, check out this story about a young couple in St. Louis!


photo courtesy FOX2 St. Louis

Walk With Jennifer, Weight Loss Progress Report



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Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression

Depression at work

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression: What you can do to help

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression.Women are equally suffering from depression and needs help.

We have in our previous articles discussed various effects of depression to the individuals and the impact to the society. We realized that depression does not have boundaries on who to affect. However in this article, we want to further the discussion by offering solutions to men suffering from depression. Therefore if you’re worried that somebody you know might be so depressed to the point of committing suicide then this article is going to be very helpful to you. The consequences of depression are not everyone cup of tea and any suspicion of depression should not be ignored by all means. This according to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center would mean that the life of every individual is very important. It is therefore very important that if you have any suspicion that an a loved one is suffering from depression, then the matter must be taken seriously because this can be fatal if it ends up in suicide.

Even though depression affects every body indiscriminately as I had earlier indicated, men often suffer greater damage. The fatality of depression can be very disturbing and frustrating particularly when it ends up in suicide. Therefore how do we give a helping hand to a depressed person? For instance if a man who feels suicidal shares this and he is not taken seriously, he can be demoralized and develop a feeling that his condition is not given the attention it deserve. Doctor Akoury says that “there is nothing more demoralizing than to feel that others do not take your depression problem seriously”. Remember that before this man shares his situation, it must have taken him great courage to open up and so all that is expected is nothing less of support. Therefore as a society, we have a duty to perform in offering solutions to men suffering from depression. On our part as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we are offering the best and real time professional treatment to all depressed people from all walks of life. You can schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury today for commencement of treatment. In the meantime let us get into the business of helping you relieve yourself of this depression problem.

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression: Helping Depressed men

  • Many men find it difficult to ask for help when they are depressed. It can help to see depression as a result of chemical changes in the brain or as the result of living in a demanding and stressful world.  It is nothing to do with being weak or having failed.
  • Men can get help more easily if people recognize their particular needs. For instance, a man who is depressed is more likely to talk about his physical symptoms than his feelings.  Probably this could explain the reason why doctors sometimes don’t recognize depression in men.
  • Ii is important that those depressed men who are in steady relationships have their partners involved in there depression treatment process, this way they will be able to understand and appreciate what is happening even as they give their support in finding lasting solutions.

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression: How to help your-self when depressed

  • Share the problem with someone – if something is upsetting your life, don’t keep it to yourself, bottling things all by yourself may not be a good idea. Instead share with someone how you feel about it or just write it down your feelings about the whole thing.
  • Exercise get out of doors and take some exercise, even if it’s only a walk during your lunch-break at work. This will help to keep you physically fit and sleep better. It can also help you not to dwell on painful thoughts and feelings.
  • Food nutrition this is very important because occasionally you may not feel very hungry nonetheless try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Remember that it’s easy to lose weight and run low on vitamins when you are depressed or to eat too much junk food and put on weight you don’t want.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs it is true that alcohol can make you feel better for a while, but when sobriety sets in, it will make you more depressed even more. This is also true with street drugs, particularly amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy.
  • Don’t get upset if you can’t sleep do something restful that you enjoy, like listening to the radio or watching television. If you feel tense all the time, try exercise, yoga, massage, aromatherapy etc.
  • Do something you enjoy – take some regular time to do something you really enjoy – exercise, reading, a hobby.
  • Check out your lifestyle – you may be a perfectionist who drives yourself too hard. Try to set yourself more realistic targets and reduce your workload. You may need to be compassionate to yourself.
  • Take a break – it can be really helpful to get away and out of your normal routine for a few days. Even if it is going to be for just a few hours it will still be helpful.
  • Get more information about depression – we have very many resources these days about depression. Look for books about this topic and search for information on websites about depression. Such information will help you to cope and also help friends and relatives to understand what you are going through.
  • Join a support group – helping yourself may be difficult on your own therefore you can get help by joining a support group. Remember that talking with other men in a similar situation can help.

Finally in everything you do it is very important that you keep hopes alive. Giving up and regrets are not options in this journey as explained by doctor Akoury in the following helpful points:

  • It may be hard to believe, but you will feel better in the end with great determination.
  • Some people come out of depression stronger than they were before.  You may find that you find situations and relationships more clearly than before.
  • Some people continue to have periods of depression but all the same learn to live with them;
  • Remember that depression is common, it can be helped and you are entitled to the help you need.

Offering solutions to men suffering from Depression: What you can do to help


Understanding Depression and the Causes of Depression

menopause symptoms

Understanding Depression and its Causes – Men are the most affected by Depression

Understanding Depression and its causes

Understanding Depression and its causes is very important for your health as it makes you take the right treatment solutions in good time

The demands of life around us are full of tight deadlines and great expectations. In our quest to meet these deadlines we are often faced with a lot of pressure from our authorities and our own responsibilities which also hang on our shoulders. Depression is a disease causing families lots of discomfort, people actually lose their sources of lively hood, sexual relationships is affected, skin complexion is under threat and in very fatal cases suicide takes place. This is why we want to take time and understand depression and its causes, how it is affecting us and the society at large. First of all we must appreciate that depression has no respect to anybody. It affects people indiscriminately in all genders, social class, ages and religion. If you are on this link now and is feeling depressed, tackle this with speed and consult with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care for a more professional approach in dealing with depression.

Doctor Akoury founded this facility to give you hope and healing. An appointment with her will save you from the risks of so many health; social and psychological complications which are associated with depression. Remember that we have this life to live once and all the opportunities offered by this life are supposed to be enjoyed and celebrated. Doctor Akoury understand what it means to be depressed and that is why her treatment is focus on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. As you consider scheduling for that appointment with doctor Akoury let us continue into the discussion by understanding depression and its causes in details.

Understanding Depression and its causes: Difference between feeling miserable and being depressed

In the course of attending to our normal daily assignments, we are bound to meet low moments from time to time. These low moments are often managed and do not last long. They come and we deal with them putting them behind us, they never dominate our lives and because of this we would say that in such moments we were just miserable and not depressed. However, if the low moments (depression) goes on for weeks, months, or becomes very bad, to the point that you find yourself stuck and unable to lift yourself out of it, this time it will be clear that you are depressed. This will begin to affect every area of your life which necessitates the need for professional help. It must however be clearly understood that depression is not a sign of weakness, and like I have indicated it cut across the board and has affected many famous and successful men and women across the globe.

Understanding Depression and its causes: What makes men depressed?

There are quite a number of things that are inclined to depression. Therefore for us to understand depression and its causes, the following points are very fundamental.

Understanding Depression and its causes: Relationships

Oh my goodness the trouble in a marriage or important relationship is the single thing most likely to make you depressed. How does it achieve this, doctor Akoury share with us the following:

Communication style

A difference in communication style can be a problem, particularly between married couples. For instance if a disagreement or argument makes you feel uncomfortable, you may chose not to talk about it. However your choice may not go well with your partner who may want to have it discussed. Therefore choosing to be quite may make your partner feel ignored. The feeling of being ignored may propel your partner to press you into the discussion which in turn will cause you to feel nagged and will tend to withdraw further which can make your partner feel even more ignored. The result of all this is that both of you will be depressed.

Separation and divorce

  • Men have traditionally seen themselves as being in charge of their families’ lives. However, women are more likely to start the process of separation and divorce.
  • Depression is more common and more severe in men who are divorced. This may be because, as well as losing your main relationship:
    • You often lose touch with your children
    • You may have to move to live in a different place
    • You often find yourself short of money.

Pregnancy and children

  • We have known for many years that some mothers become depressed after having a baby.  We now know that more than 1 in 10 fathers also have problems at that time.
  • This shouldn’t really be surprising. We know that major events in people’s lives, even good ones like moving house, can make you depressed. And becoming a parent will change your life more than almost any other thing. Suddenly, you have to spend much more of your time looking after your partner, and possibly other children. You may get very tired.
  • A new mother will tend to be less interested in sex for a number of months. Simple tiredness is the main problem, although it’s easy to take it personally and feel that you are being rejected.
  • You may have to adjust, perhaps for the first time, to taking second place in your partner’s affections.
  • You may have to re-balance the demands of home and work – there’s a lot more to do at home and you just can’t spend so much time at work.
  • A new father is more likely to become depressed if his partner is depressed, if he isn’t getting on with his partner, or if he is unemployed.
  • If you get depressed at this time, it will affect your partner.


Work can be stressful. If your work makes you depressed, you won’t be able to cope as well. This will make you feel worse and less able to cope and further makes you feel even worse.


Besides relationship difficulties, unemployment is the greatest impediment to piece and this is likely to push people (particularly men) into a serious depression. Professional studies have established that 1 in 7 men who become unemployed will develop a depressive illness in the next 6 months. This means that your work may form a large part of what makes you feel good about yourself. If you lose your job, you will also lose other privileges that come with it like the company car, home staff like cooks, gardeners. Coming to terms with this can be hard to adjust to. Further to that being at home and looking after the children while your wife or partner becomes the bread-winner is another headache. From a position of being in control, you may face a future over which you have little control, especially if it takes a long time to find another job. And depression itself can make it harder to get another job.


You may even find it hard if you retire at the usual time, especially if your partner carries on working. Although life may be less stressful, you may miss the structure of your day, your social life with colleagues and the sense that you make a difference.

Problems with sex

  • When men are depressed, they feel less good about their bodies and less sexy.  Many go off sex completely.
  • Some men who are depressed have intercourse just as often, but they don’t feel as satisfied as usual.
  • A few depressed men seem to have sex more often, perhaps as a way of trying to make them feel better.
  • Some antidepressant drugs can reduce your sex-drive.

The list is endless suicide is also a factor but in all this prompt treatment is very vital and the sooner you do it the better.

Understanding Depression and its causes – Men are the most affected by Depression



Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life


Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life – Understanding why sex and depression don’t mix

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life has no relations, they don’t mix

The kind of life dynamics we are living in today is very demanding, challenging and competitive. In the process of trying to meet the demands of life, we often are faced with challenges at times which make us feel down and depressed. These feelings of depressions normally don’t last long and as soon as the issue at hand is sorted out the depression moment ceases. However when depression stretches for a long period of time then it becomes a point of concern. It can start to affect every area of your life. It must be remembered that depression and pleasures of your sex life cannot be friends by all means. In fact being depressed will take away many if not all of your sexual life pleasures. If you are depressed the whole of your life will feel it because it drains the color out of life’s pleasures, robs enthusiasm, and makes everything feel weak and flat including your sex life. It is estimated that about 35 to 47 percent of people dealing with depression find the mood disorder interferes with their sexuality. That percentage may even go up depending on the intensity of the condition of an individual patient.

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: Why Sex and Depression Don’t Mix

The old saying that the brain is the biggest sex organ in the body is actually true in that nothing happens without the direct approval of the brain, doctor Akoury says. She makes emphasis that the brain controls sexual drive, arousal, and sexual function through the release of hormones and nerve impulses. Depression stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that imbalance can cause interference with a person’s ability to enjoy sex or perform sexually. Besides these the following are also associated with depression:

  • A decrease in libido – The findings of a study of some depressed patients showed that more than two-thirds of respondents reported a loss of interest in sex. The decrease in their libido grew worse as their depression grew more severe.
  • Erectile dysfunction – Depression and anxiety are leading psychological factors interfering in a man’s ability to have and sustain an erection.
  • Inability to enjoy sex – Depression can limit or eliminate the pleasure normally drawn from sex. Depressed men feel disconnected from any sexual experience. It’s a dehumanization kind of situation.

Nonetheless besides these associations, the cure of depression can worsen the situation than the disease, and this too can be true when it comes to depression and sexuality. For instance we are aware that the antidepressants are part of the first-line treatment of the mood disorder, but one of their chief side effects can be sexual dysfunction. Decrease in libido is most often reported, but patients also have found that antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction and inhibit sexual pleasure. Statistics indicate that certain patients are using antidepressants which are adversely linked to loss of sexual desire or trouble reaching orgasm.

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: Reconnecting With Your Sexuality

The best way to eliminate sexual problems associated with depression is to treat and cure the illness. As patients begin to feel better about themselves they begin to see their lives improving in all sorts of way, including their love lives. Remember that seeking for treatment in good time will help you cope with your sex problems if you discuss your depression and its effect on your sexuality with your doctor and your partner. We appreciate that it can be very difficult to open up about these sorts of problems, but if your partner understands that the issue lies with an illness and not the relationship, he may be better able to support you through treatment.

If the antidepressant you take is interfering with your sexuality, your doctor can change your prescription to another drug. There are many antidepressants on the market now, and each has different effects on different people. You and your doctor can work together to find the right treatment for your depression with the least impact on your love life.

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: Signs of depression

If you are depressed, you will probably notice some of the following:

  • Feel unhappy, miserable, down, depressed. The feeling just won’t go away and can be worse at a particular time of day, normally first thing in the morning
  • Can’t enjoy anything
  • Lose interest in seeing people and lose touch with friends
  • Lose concentration in most of the things you undertake
  • Feel guilty about things that have nothing to do with you
  • Become pessimistic
  • Start to feel hopeless, and perhaps even suicidal.
Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: In your body you may find that you
  • Can’t get to sleep
  • Wake early in the morning and throughout the night
  • Lose interest in sex
  • Can’t eat and lose weight
  • Comfort eat’ more and put on weight.
Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: Other people may notice that you
  • Make are making mistakes and losing focus at work
  • Seem unusually quiet and withdrawn
  • Worry about things more than usual
  • Are more irritable than usual
  • Complain about vague physical problems
  • Stop looking after yourself properly, in other words, you don’t shave, wash your hair, look after your clothes
  • Stop looking after your home properly you stop cooking, don’t tidy, forget to change the sheets on your bed.

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life: Anxiety

Some men also feel very anxious when they become depressed. You feel on edge all the time, worried, fearful, and may find it hard to go out or to face people.  Anxiety can often also cause physical symptoms – dry mouth, sweating, shakiness, palpitations, breathlessness, stomach churning and diarrhea.

Different symptoms of depression in men

There doesn’t seem to be a completely separate type of ‘male depression’. However, some symptoms are more common in men than in women. These include:

  • Irritability
  • Sudden anger
  • Increased loss of control
  • Greater risk-taking
  • Aggression

Men are also more likely to commit suicide.

Different ways of coping

Men are diagnosed with depression less than women, but do seem to drink and use illegal drugs more heavily than women. It may be that, instead of talking, men use drugs and alcohol as ‘self-medication’ to cope with their depression. Men’s attitudes and behavior may include:


  • Some men are particularly competitive and concerned with power and success. If you are like this, it may be harder to tell someone that you feel fragile or that you need help. You may feel strongly that you have to do it on your own.
  • You may also worry that if you do talk to your partner – or anyone else – about how you feel, they will not be sympathetic.

These attitudes can stop you from talking to your loved ones and doctors about how you’re feeling so you don’t get the help that you need.


  • Shy men seem to be more likely to become depressed.
  • However, depression can happen to anyone, even powerful personalities.


  • Instead of the issues about your feelings you may chose alcohol or drugs to feel better. This would be a terrible mistake not just now but in the future as well. Your work will suffer and alcohol often leads to irresponsible, unpleasant or dangerous behavior.
  • You may also focus more on your work than your relationships or home life. This can cause conflicts with your wife or partners.

All these packaged together will explain why depression and pleasures of your sex life can never mix together. Talk to doctor Akoury for quick remedies today.

Depression and Pleasures of your Sex Life – Understanding why sex and depression don’t mix


Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles

What make your skin look old

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles – Getting Rid of Deep Wrinkles

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles

When we talk about smoking all we can think about is in the negative. Nothing about smoking is good. It is not a secrete everybody is aware of the dangers of smoking. The manufacturers are aware that their products are not healthy for consumption, the various governments and authorities are not left out. But the revenue accruing from the deadliest product won’t just let this unhealthy commodity be listed under the illicit drugs. I ask why spend heavily on the medication of illness associated with smoking when burning it from the list of consumable goods would help prevent such health issues? Is there anything valuable more than good health? This is what the authorities are insinuating. The effects and causes of smoking wrinkles is what we want to discuss in this article. We are aware that there are several effects of smoking, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to narrow it down to understanding the effects and causes of smoking wrinkles. We are privileged to have doctor Dalal Akoury a multidimensional professional in addiction, beauty and skin care, weight loss and healthy living among many other disciplines. She will be giving us certain insight about smoking cigarettes which is not just harmful to the skin but also very addictive and not easy to stop.

Being addictive as it is there are many health concerns that are associated with smoking, however in the society we leave in today one risk many people may not be keen a bout is the development of smoking wrinkles. Ideally people often associate these wrinkles with lines that form around the mouth, yet smoking is known to cause wrinkles around the entire face and even to the whole body as well. This is because smoking wrinkles are caused by a number of factors; not just the squeezing of the lips to breathe in smoke from a cigarette. Doctor Akoury says that smoking wrinkles can be prevented by quitting the unhealthy habit if you’re already in it, however but it’s important to understand the facts behind formation, effects and causes of smoking wrinkles. Why we need to know this is because unlike wrinkles caused by aging skin, the moment smoking wrinkles sets in, eliminating them can be very difficult if not impossible. This becomes harder to treat because the content of tobacco smoke (chemicals contained in tobacco smoke) can cause irreversible damage to skin tissue on a cellular level. That is why talking to doctor Akoury on the best way to handle this situation would be very important. You can schedule for an appointment with her today and your skin health will never be the same again.

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles – What Causes Smoking Wrinkles?

Much as smoking is known to form several wrinkles that damage the skin, the most evident one is that which is formed around the eyes. This is formed from the consistent rhythmic expressions made while smoking. Such expressions causes the collagen to weaken in the affected areas resulting in skin sagging. Remember that collagen is the natural protein in your skin enabling the skin to keeps it elasticity and firmness, however as age catches with you, the production of collagen reduces which then result in the formation of wrinkles.

When you smoke you create repetitive creasing motions to inhale the smoke, in the process creases begin to form around your mouth and under your nose gradually and invisibly at the beginning, just in the same way wrinkles develops when you’re constantly exposed to the scorching sun. It is important to note that while these wrinkles form over time, the effects and causes of smoking wrinkles begin to appear at a more rapid pace than crow’s feet and other types of wrinkles because of the toxins that contained in cigarettes. Chemicals like benzene and carbon monoxide deplete skin cells of essential nutrients, and constrict blood vessels in the skin. Doctor Akoury says that besides what you already know, toxins in cigarette smoke also deplete the skin of vital moisture which makes it drier and more prone to premature aging. Smoking wrinkles usually deepen quickly once they are formed, giving the skin around the mouth a puckered, saggy appearance. Now that you know where to get help from, why allow saggy appearance on your face? Be on the safe side of life and schedule for that appointment with the experts (Dr. Akoury) today.

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles – Treatments for Smoking Wrinkles

If you have already quit smoking and want to reverse the skin damage caused by wrinkles from smoking, you can begin with a glycolic acid peel that will remove dead and discolored skin cells from the surface of your face and rehydrate parched skin. These peels contain alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins such as vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, and vitamin A, (retinol) which stimulates cell turnover and boosts the development of new collagen.

  • Another option for smoothing out smoking wrinkles is to invest in injectable fillers such as Botox.
  • These fillers are injected just under the wrinkles and work in two ways: they either deaden the nerve connection to the muscles, which prevents muscular contractions that cause the wrinkles.
  • If you are not certain which treatment for smoking wrinkles will work best for your skin type and tone, consult doctor Akoury or your dermatologist.

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles – Side Effects of Smoking Wrinkles Treatments

Finally like in any other effective treatment that offers lasting solutions for smoking wrinkles, ordinarily there will be some side effects which can crop up in the process of treatment. For instance skin discoloration, redness, and peeling can occur with glycolic acid peels, and injectable fillers and Botox are likely to cause pain and redness at the point of injection site. This though a side effect, it may not last for long probably a couple of. It is however advisable that when you experience any severe side effects from treating smoking wrinkles, consult immediately with the professionals for immediate solution. And like we have stated, if you want immediate and lasting solutions then the home of experts (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) is the place to be.

Effects and Causes of Smoking Wrinkles – Getting Rid of Deep Wrinkles



Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Neck and chest wrinkles

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – How to prevent neck wrinkles

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin. The solution is never neglect your neck, it also needs protection just like the face.

Somebody once made fun in a gathering I attended that everybody wants to live for long yet nobody wants to grow old. Funny I agree because every minute that passes if you’re still alive you are growing old. It is the simple truth and we can’t run away from it. This made me thinking of factors that make people appear old even when they are still in their early twenties. One of the factors of aging is the formation of wrinkles on the skin or body. Wrinkles actually can appear anywhere on the body. We are therefore going to be concentrating on the fundamentals of neck wrinkles and aging skin for the purpose of this discussion. I know that many people are very much concern with their facial look and spend a lot of time grooming their face forgetting their neck. What they may not know is that wrinkles on your neck can make you look and feel older even much older than those that appear on the face. To help solve this problem, doctor Akoury tells us that there are many anti-aging treatments to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging on your neck. And in fact the same factors that cause wrinkles on your face can also be the major contributors to the fundamentals of neck wrinkles and aging skin. The reason why neck wrinkles tend to appear more visible is because they only realize that their neck also needs protection when the wrinkles are already forming up. I know you’re probably a victim but all is not lost doctor Akoury says that by using products that prevent and address these signs of aging, you can have a more youthful-looking neck, which will make you look younger overall. I believe you want this as much as I do. Therefore schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today and restore the glory of your neck and the general beauty of your skin.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Causes of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin

We have two different types of neck wrinkles and each has its own set of causes.

Horizontal Neck Wrinkles – this kind of wrinkles occur as collagen diminishes and elastin weakens due to:

These proteins firm the skin and enable it to easily get back, however when they fail to get back the skin begins to lose structure resulting in formation of wrinkles on the neck.

Vertical Neck Wrinkles – ideally this set of neck wrinkles develop as a result of spending a lot of time in the same position over many years. Like for instance sleeping in the same position over and over is a major cause of vertical neck wrinkles. Besides that another contributing factor in vertical neck wrinkles can be excessive sun damage. Remember that besides this causes the neck is predominantly vulnerable to the development of age spots or sun spots. Not only is your neck and décolleté frequently exposed to the sun, but many people forget to apply sun block to the neck and décolleté area. Therefore, sun and age spots may be particularly heavy in that area.

Nonetheless, as age catches with us, the production of collagen decreases causing the skin to become less firm and desirable. The skin’s ability to retain water weakens factors which encourages the formation of wrinkles. During this time women also produce less estrogen, which has an impact on cellular activity. Remember that wrinkles happen due to the loss of skin elasticity, not just on the face but also on the neck. But like I had said before, it’s not too late to begin delaying the ageing process. There are several things you can do, and most can be easily incorporated into your daily routine like drinking more water, using a night cream on the neck and eating more salmon and blueberries are some of the things you will not need an expert to do.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Moisturize and don’t neglect your neck

Doctor Akoury says that never discriminate against your neck because they are all parts of your body, and besides the skin on your neck and chest is as delicate as your face, and the best way to delay the ageing process is to boost its suppleness. The skin here is very thin and has fewer sebaceous glands, fewer lipids (essential to protect the skin from external factors) and fewer melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment that gives colour to your skin and protects it from sunlight). Your neck needs much attention as your face. If for whatever reason you have been neglecting your neck and chest, you can begin correcting the situation today and doctor Akoury will be there to take you all through step by step.

Cleanse your neck and décolletage both morning and night. After the morning cleanse, apply moisturizer, using an upward, circular motion from under your chin to the top of your cleavage. You might discover that your neck skin requires a richer product than the one you use on your face. Massage it in, to help it penetrate the skin and to boost the circulation in that area. And in the evening, apply anti-ageing cream, either the same one you use on your face or one specifically for the neck, depending on how rich your facial product is. Most night creams now contain vitamins and antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, C and E and beta carotene, which are powerful anti-ageing ingredients.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Exfoliate the neck once a week

Exfoliate the neck and chest area at least once a week to keep the skin free of in-built dirt and dead skin cells. This area is delicate, so avoid products that contain sharp particles, and use a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliants.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Keep your body hydrated

Because our skin loses its ability to retain moisture as we age, it is important to keep hydrated from within, by drinking water throughout the day and getting hydration from fruit and vegetables.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Eat oily fish and take a fish-oil supplement

Nutrition rich in anti-oxidants like Omega-3 acids mainly available in fish is very important. You will be very surprised how your skin will be rejuvenated by boosting collagen production. You may also consider taking a portion of salmon or mackerel weekly and not forgetting pomegranates, acai berries, blueberries and green tea which will also help you stock up on antioxidants.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – Stop smoking

This should motivate you to quit smoking since heavy smokers are five times more likely to have excessive wrinkling than non-smokers. Smoking damages collagen and lip pursing and squinting while inhaling creates wrinkles around your mouth and eyes, and more wrinkles in the delicate skin directly under your chin. Besides that you can do other things like sleeping on the right pillow and doing neck exercise frequently. Finally, get help from the experts where is necessary. Doctor Akoury is available for you all the time if only you can schedule for an appointment with her today.

Fundamentals of Neck Wrinkles and Aging Skin – How to prevent neck wrinkles



Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles

Effects of Acne to the health of the skin

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – When to start using the Ant-aging Products

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles. It is no secret that the most common anti-aging skin care concern for many people is the formation of wrinkles and the need to find the befitting anti-wrinkle treatment solution.

We all get disturbed when wrinkles form on our faces. Even though this concern disturbs us, no skin care product can give you wrinkle-free skin. This may sound harsh but it is the truth. Therefore the first step in finding the right anti-aging products for your skin to minimize wrinkles is to understand causes of face and skin wrinkles. It is no secret that the most common anti-aging skin care concern for many people is the formation of wrinkles and the need to find the befitting anti-wrinkle treatment solution. Nonetheless, the best cream, serum or treatment which is appropriate in reducing fine lines and wrinkles will depend on the cause of your wrinkles. Being aware of this will help you prevent these signs of aging. To help us understand the causes of face and skin wrinkles well, we are going to be talking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that you and your loved ones who may be going through the same can find lasting solution to all problems relating to skin care and wrinkles formation. In the meantime, you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder and C.E.O of this facility and she will be of help to you a great deal. Now to the causes of face and skin winkles.

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – Genetic Aging can cause Wrinkles

It is true that genetic factors can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and even deep lines causing skin health to deteriorate. Many may think that wrinkles only forms in old age this notion is not the correct picture. Wrinkles typically begins as earlier as 20s, it is therefore very important that you start using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products when you’re younger to prevent the signs of aging and keep your skin youthful-looking. Why we encourage this is because with age the body’s collagen production slows; elastin, the substance that causes skin to be able to get back into place from a furrowed or wrinkled state, begins to lose some of its flexibility and cellular turnover rate decreases. When these changes take place, the skin also gradually loses it ability to battle the harms from UV rays. The combination of these changes cause the skin to sag and looks wavy causing the wrinkles to be more visible.

We appreciate that your genetic makeup can influence to some extent your aging process and frequency, however when we begin using a complete skin care regimen, and adapt a healthy lifestyle, we will be able to effectively address the issues of premature aging. That is why we make emphasis on introducing the anti-wrinkle treatment in the early stages of life. Besides all these it’s a safe bet to take a look at your family primarily to study their aging timelines. If their skin is still smooth at an older age, you likely have a great genetic makeup for younger looking skin. If you do, then it’s about making wise decisions about skin care and lifestyle to preserve the skin that your genes already want to keep looking young.

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – Hormonal Aging Can Cause Wrinkles

The hormonal changes that occur before and during menopause have a significant impact on the skin and contribute to the development of lines and wrinkles on the face and body. That’s true for women who aren’t genetically predisposed to the signs of aging and wrinkles early on, as well as for women who use an effective anti-wrinkle skin care regimen. Estrogen is the key to this process. Estrogen is the hormone that encourages and controls collagen production, which keeps the skin firm, soft and supple. During the years that lead up to menopause (the late 20s to the mid-40s), the body continues to produce skin-enhancing estrogen. However, the production at this time decreases significantly. After menopause, collagen production begins to decrease significantly.

When estrogen decreases and a dramatic drop-off in collagen production accompany it, skin can become more fragile and thin with increased wrinkles and sagging. Acne breakouts and facial hair growth may even occur as a result. Because the face has a high concentration of estrogen receptors, skin changes due to hormonal shifts may be the most visible on the face, primarily in the form of deep creases, dull tone and a “crepe-like” texture. Even though menopause is a natural phenomenon and may not be easily avoided, living a healthy lifestyle and using the products that hydrate and strengthen the skin can help minimize its effects. It is therefore very important that when the signs of hormonal aging begin to show up, applying products that hydrate and firm the skin which is specifically formulated to address the signs of Hormonal Aging would be very ideal.

Environmental Factors and Free Radicals Can Cause Wrinkles

Every day when we go about our daily activities we are often exposed to the various causes of face and skin wrinkles like pollutants and UV rays that form free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that are missing an electron. Because free radicals have only one electron, they scavenge them from other molecules, causing a chain reaction. This fight between free radicals damages cell functions and, more importantly, activate the metalloproteinase that break down collagen. While minimizing exposure to UV rays helps, it’s nearly impossible to avoid free radicals altogether since most of us are exposed to pollution and toxins on a daily basis. But antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which are nature’s warriors against free radicals, can counteract their effects. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and using antioxidant infused skin care product scan help fight the impact of environmental aging on the skin.

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – Smoking Can Causes Wrinkles

If there is anything you must avoid by all means is smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is very hazardous to your health on many ways. Just a preview of the effects, besides all the side effects you’ve already heard about it, cigarettes contain over 400 types of toxins that trigger biochemical changes in the body which quicken and increase aging. This is well elaborated in various research findings which show that an average smoker of ten sticks daily for ten years will stand a greater chance of developing deep wrinkles and leathery skin than nonsmokers. It is worth noting that even a little smoking will immensely damage your health. Therefore the best you can do for your self is to quit smoking for the well-being of the health of your skin. We appreciate that smoking is very addictive and quitting will not be easy that is why doctor Dalal Akoury is not just a skin care professional but also a substance abuse control experts. When you schedule for a meeting with her, you will be killing several birds with just a single stone. Go ahead and get your life back from this great professional.

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – Repetitive Facial Patterns Can Cause Wrinkles

A lifetime of making the same facial expressions over and over again can cause lines and wrinkles. Each time you use a facial muscle, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin. For example, repetitive squinting causes frowning lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. As the skin ages and elastin decreases, the skin stops “springing” back to its original, line-free state, and the grooves that were once below the skin become fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. To minimize wrinkles caused by squinting, wear sunglasses or a hat whenever you’re outside during the day. And be sure to minimize stress which causes frown lines–whenever possible to help prevent your facial expressions from becoming permanent lines and wrinkles.

Causes of Face and Skin Wrinkles – When to start using the Ant-aging Products



How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health


How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health – The importance of Sleep

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health

You may take sleep for grunted because of the economic situations around you. Things like tight work schedule and deadlines will not let you have adequate sleep as you would want. And because these deadlines are there on a monthly basis you are becoming used to sleeping for fewer hours. How chronic insomnia destroys skin health is what we want to discuss in this article. It is true that majority of us have witnessed the adverse cosmetic impact on the face caused by just one night of sleep deprivation. When this happens you wake up frowning, tired and exhausted throughout the day. In the process a very young person may look a decade older in response to stress-induced changes in facial tissues that often accompany insomnia. How chronic insomnia destroys skin health is one of the many skin care issues professionally addressed at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury’s care. Therefore if these articles are describing your situation, then all is not lost for you because a phone call to the home of skin experts (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) will be the beginning of your freedom to all skin complications you may be having.

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health – The skin tissues

Not very many people are aware of the consequences of chronic insomnia actually chronic insomnia inflicts significant damage to skin tissues ranging from premature aging to disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Throughout this article we will look at the various natural methodologies that can help you get a full night’s sleep and enjoy refreshed, healthy-looking skin. In spite of your work schedule and employment demands, it is still very important to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin. Doctor Akoury an expert in skin care and insomnia recommends that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep each night. We appreciate that in today’s hectic, stressful world that may be very difficult for most people to do. However failure to do so will take heavy toll on skin health and overall health as in the long run.

Numerous studies have established that stress-induced sleep debt (insomnia) can dramatically impair skin function and integrity. This single condition will come with other skin health problems like inflammatory skin conditions as eczema and psoriasis; sleep deprivation can exacerbate both allergic and irritant contact dermatitis. Unfortunately, many victims of these sleep liability related health conditions don’t take the right action to treat them because they don’t recognize the real source of their problem.

Poor sleep quality often accompanies normal aging. Fortunately, scientists have identified some of the underlying mechanisms that interfere with healthy sleep patterns as humans mature. For instance, insufficient or poor-quality sleep has been associated with elevated stress-hormone (cortisol) levels and increased mortality from all causes. A decline in the body’s melatonin production is a well-known underlying factor for sleep problems in older adults. This is often accompanied by other health conditions.

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health – Collagen

This is one of the skin’s primary components which play a key role in its structure and integrity and healthy elasticity and youthful appearance. Sleep deficit can affect the optimal process of the skin’s collagen formation.

A crucial function of the skin is to maintain a barrier that prevents excessive water loss and blocks entry of toxic foreign substances. The cascade of events that occurs during the process of collagen formation is highly dependent on immune synchronization that is initiated during restful nights of sleep.

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health – Insidious Link between Sleep Debt and Skin Aging

Numerous studies have established that stress-induced insomnia can dramatically impair skin function and precipitate numerous skin disorders. Sleep researchers have found that animals subjected to prolonged sleep deprivation develop ulcerous lesions on their legs and suffer increased risk of bacterial invasion through the skin owing to a breakdown in skin membrane integrity.

In humans, sleep debt and stress have been definitively linked to skin disorders so much so that an entire sub-specialty of dermatology has developed over the past two decades called psychodermatology. It emerged after an abundance of published studies revealed that many skin conditions respond well to antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, in addition to traditional dermatologic interventions.

Scientists attribute the link between chronic insomnia and skin disorders to the immune-modulatory or immune-altering effects induced by the release of excess glucocorticoids triggered by sleep debt and stress. As the name suggests, this class of hormones regulates the metabolism of glucose. Every cell in the human body possesses receptors for glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids also happen to play a central role in immune function. (Cortisol is the most important of the glucocorticoids.) Excess glucocorticoid production has been shown to negatively affect nearly every tissue in the body and accelerate the aging process.

In terms of skin health, the sequence of events involved in the formation of collagen is highly dependent on the immune-balancing processes initiated during restful nights of sleep. As the major structural component of your skin and other bodily tissues, collagen protects against UV damage and bacterial infection, maintains your skin’s elasticity, seals in moisture, and preserves its youthful, healthy appearance.

This nighttime balancing process is disrupted in the presence of excess glucocorticoids (cortisol in particular). Sleeplessness ultimately has a cumulative immunosuppressant effect. Of particular significance for skin health are reduced levels of interleukin-1 (IL-1) observed in insomnia sufferers. At healthy levels, this protein triggers increased white blood cell production in response to foreign invaders and plays a central role in the production of collagen. Therefore when levels of IL-1 are too low, collagen formation deteriorates. This is how chronic insomnia can cause skin disorders related to immune dysfunction. In addition to inducing such inflammatory skin conditions as eczema and psoriasis, sleep deprivation has been shown to aggravate both allergic and irritant contact dermatitis.

Finally learning from this article and even others posted on this link will only be meaningful to you if you make another step of practicing what you are learning. Remember that how chronic insomnia destroys skin health can be very wide and elaborate. You must not allow these worthy pieces of information about protecting your skin go in vain. Get the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center involved in every step you take. This way doctor Akoury and her team of experts will help you revamp the beauty of your skin giving it a new lease of life for a very long time.

How Chronic Insomnia Destroys Skin Health – The importance of Sleep



Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging

The stress cycle and impact on beauty

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Combating Skin Aging

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging. Being the visual organ, the skin must be protected at all cost

The beauty of our skin is seriously under threat from the very things around us. Substances like tobacco use are a major factor that contributes to many chronic diseases and reduced life expectancy. Surprisingly the dangers of cigarette smoking is well known by those who uses them yet because of its addictive nature they are just not bale to quit smoking. Studies have established that environmental toxins and skin aging factors causes major skin disintegrations. It has also been confirmed that smoking tobacco damages the skin via multiple mechanisms as well. From this point you realize that being addicted to tobacco smoking is not good for your skin and therefore when dealing with environmental toxins and skin aging problems, the need to have the expert’s opinion is very important. We are going to be talking to doctor Akoury who is the CEO and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Doctor Akoury founded this facility up on realizing the rising needs of skin care and the luck of expertise to offer lasting solutions. Therefore this is the place to be if you or any of your loved ones is having any environmental toxins and skin aging related concerns by scheduling for an appointment with her today.

Nonetheless on the molecular level, tobacco smoke produces oxidative stress, impairs circulation, and triggers DNA damaging reactions these effects and many others causes the skin to be more vulnerable to disease and aging. Realistically if you look at the facial appearance of smoker’s they are majorly characterized by;

  • Increased lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven tone
  • Dehydration
  • Dull and frail skin

The good news is that quitting smoking delivers almost immediate and dramatic improvements in the visual appeal of skin, and a more youthful skin appearance in just a few month of post-smoking cessation. In addition to UV radiation and smoking, pollution is a factor in premature skin aging. The epidemiological studies have correlated pollution levels with poor health status. And to be more specific, recent studies have related particler pollution to advanced skin aging. Most notably, skin hyperpigmentation and sluggish skin cell renewal has been observed in both human and animal studies.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Combating Skin Aging

The skin being the visual organ, the beauty industry’s primary objective is to improve the appearance of skin with sophisticated topical treatments and interventions. However, often overlooked is the need support the health and beauty of skin from within through proper nutrition. In addition to the well-documented role of a wholesome, plant-based diet in maintaining the youthful vivacity of the skin, modern nutritional science is elucidating the relationship between specific nutrients and optimal skin health.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Macronutrient Composition and Glycemic Load

We have a problem with the kinds of food we eat in most parts of the world today. Like in many other places North American diet contains excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. This kind of dietary pattern is associated with an increased appearance of skin wrinkles. The glycemic index measures how rapidly and significantly foods cause blood sugar elevations following consumption. It is therefore believed that a high glycemic diet may contribute to inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema as well.

Insulin resistance and inflammation disrupt sebum production, cause collagen malformation, and excite the epidermal growth factor receptor, which is involved in tissue renewal, but can also stimulate inflammatory reactions in the skin cells.

When sugar comes in contact with collagen (a protein), a devastating reaction, called glycation, occurs resulting in the formation of tissue-destroying advanced glycation end products (AGES,). Even though glycation occurs in all tissues of the body, it is also accelerated by a high sugar diet and, within the skin, excessive sun exposure. Remember that protein glycation and AGE formation are accompanied by increased free radical activity in skin collagen, which accelerates skin aging. All of these changes create an environment within the skin that favors degradation of collagen, compromising the integrity and regeneration of skin tissue.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Fatty acid composition

Within the skin, fatty acids make up an integral component of cell walls (membranes) that help maintain cell structure and function. Clincial studies show that the healthy balance of fatty acids in skin dramatically decreases with aging and increased oxidative stress, such as that caused by chronic sun exposure. Therefore obtaining the right amount (and type) of fats through diet or supplementation is critical to maintain healthy skin as we age. Traditional and non-Westernized diets offer a more balanced intake of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Excessive amounts of the omega-6 fat arachidonic acid, found in relatively high quantities in egg yolks, poultry skin, and organ meats from animals fed corn-based diets have a pro-inflammatory effect in the body (including the skin). Conversely, fish oil rich in the omega-3 oils eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (EPA and DHA) inhibit the production of inflammatory metabolites. Due to their ability to modulate inflammation, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are effective in the management of inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Sodium and Hypertension

The fact that many peoples’ diet relies heavily on over-processed, salty foods, the expert’s opinion is that high sodium intake increases the risk of developing hypertension. It has also been established that those with borderline and established hypertension have significantly lower skin capillary densities than non-hypertensive subjects. Recently in a trial it was proved that by reducing sodium intake in hypertensive subjects, even modestly, microcirculation and capillary densities in the skin can be improved.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Caloric Intake

Data indicate that calorie restriction (CR) promotes longevity through improving body composition and optimizing metabolic function. Caloric restriction may promote healthier skin aging due to improved skin cell renewal and repair mechanisms as well.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Optimal Diet for Skin Health

Studies indicate that the Mediterranean diet is linked with improved health and longevity. The Mediterranean dietary pattern centers upon fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil and a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is important to note that the Mediterranean diet has been associated with improved cardiovascular, cognitive, and metabolic health. These unique properties of diet are also of particular interest for the skin. The Mediterranean diet may exert an anti-inflammatory effect due in part to its emphasis on extra virgin olive oil, which is high in compounds that modulate oxidative stress and quell inflammatory reactions. Interestingly, olive oil compound is oleocanthal. This compound has recently been shown to possess anti-inflammatory actions similar to ibuprofen. Finally the environmental effects can be controlled effectively if preclusions are taken in good time. Therefore if you are in anyway suffering from any kind of skin condition, remember to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today and get the best treatment and care from the most experienced professional today.

Environmental Toxins and Skin Aging – Combating Skin Aging


The stress cycle and impact on beauty

The stress cycle and impact on beauty

The stress cycle and impact on beauty – How Stress Can Wreak Havoc on Your Hair and Skin

The stress cycle and impact on beauty

The stress cycle and impact on beauty is real since stress also widens blood vessels, which causes redness and aggravates rosacea

It is very ironical that beauty is sort by everyone across the globe yet one of the biggest enemies of beauty is stress which is also a common problem to everybody globally today. While we all want to look radiant composed and beautiful, managing situations which stresses us is an uphill task in our daily lives. In the process of juggling with beauty and stress we find ourselves compromising in most cases and the stress cycle and impact on beauty continuous. To overcome this stress cycle, we need to get the experience opinions of the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Akoury’s care. Doctor Akoury founded this facility to offer her expertise help to many people who are struggling with the health of their skin. It has been established that stress is one of the major obstacle to attaining optimum beauty and this is what is being addressed professionally at this facility. Therefore for ultimate beauty, you can call doctor Akoury today to schedule for an appointment to commence treatment right away. In the meantime, we want to further look into ways and means through which stress is becoming an impediment of beautiful skin.

There is a lot of science behind the stress and its effects to the skin.

  • Actually the way stress affects your skin is that when you’re anxious, your brain releases cortisol, a stress hormone, into your bloodstream.
  • This then communicates to the oil glands to ramp up production, leading to breakouts.
  • Stress also widens blood vessels, which causes redness and aggravates rosacea.
  • Another side effect is that the skin becomes dehydrated, sensitive, and more susceptible to damage.
  • Besides causing lines from furrowing your brow, stress also makes you look markedly older.

Ordinarily the human body loses one percent of its skin’s collagen supply every year at the age 20, however with stress this can be accelerated further. It is therefore proper to say that majority of younger women are visiting many skin care professionals to have their wrinkles eliminated while much older ones are also struggling with acne. These issues are caused in large part because majority of the people seeking for such treatments are more stressed out than they were even five or a few years ago. Some triggers of stress may include: relationships, money, work, and family among many others. Nonetheless we are also seeing a considerable rise in cultural stress i.e. the feeling that women expect perfection from themselves in all areas at all times. While appreciating that stress is radically unhealthy for your major body organs like the heart and the brain, it is also very important to take note of the damage it causes to the skin which is also the largest organ of the body. The effect of stress on the skin is not something one should take lightly and so we want to look further on the stress cycle and impact on beauty.

The stress cycle and impact on beauty – How Stress affects Your Hair and Skin

Much as we may not agree with it, stress is not just an irritating byproduct of everyday life but it is also a major health and beauty trespasser. A simple lack of sleep, dehydration, and junk food cravings often go hand-in-hand with stress, which trickles down to poor hair and skin health. You’d be surprised to know that stress could actually be the root of these six beauty issues.

It weakens overall skin and hair health – Stress can interrupt sleep patterns a key component for skin and body repair. Coupled with stress, skimping on sleep weakens the immune system and puts the body’s chemicals out of smack, often leaving you with lackluster skin and dull eyes.

It promotes skin irritants – Stress also causes you to release certain hormones, which can trigger your body into channeling blood away from the skin toward muscles and other organs. In particular, chronic stress deprives your skin of oxygen and essential nutrients and without adequate amounts of them you get skin conditions like acne.

It dries out everything – The negative effects of stress can present themselves on the skin with extreme dehydration that results in:

It must be remembered that when the stress cycle and impact on beauty exceeds the limit, the dead cell layer on the surface of the skin becomes thin and develops microscopic holes, which cannot provide sufficient defense against aging and ultraviolet rays. Again not only can stress cause breakouts, but it also creates tiny perforations in cell membranes that allow water to leak from cells and dehydrate the skin. That’s when fine lines and a lackluster skin tone begin to appear.

It gives you wrinkles – Stress hormones increase blood pressure, raise pulse rates and constrict blood vessels, which in turn redirect blood away from the skin towards other organs. The result is that our muscles tense, our skin loses that rosy glow, and wrinkles begin to form.

It causes hair loss – As stress causes the blood vessels to constrict, hair follicles are then deprived of the oxygen, minerals, and vitamins they need for healthy hair growth. Therefore when you’re feeling so frazzled, your body burns more energy and directs the vitamins and nutrients to those body parts that it needs for survival like the heart, lungs, and brain. This would then means that your scalp will not get the benefit of these essential nutrients.

Over the years it has become easy to spot clients who are dealing with a lot of stress. Signs like hair loss, hair thinning, and an overall lack of shine and luster are common. In extreme cases, patients start to suffer from ailments such as Alopecia and Psoriasis, both of which contribute to weak and fragile hair that breaks easily.

It leads to bad beauty habits – Sometimes severe stress can lead to formation of nasty habits like hair twirling or twisting or nail biting which become almost subconscious. All that twisting can result in chronic trauma to the hair in some areas, leading to broken hair and even hair loss.

The stress cycle and impact on beauty – How Stress Can Wreak Havoc on Your Hair and Skin


Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process

Effects of stress

Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process – Aging and Stress

Chronic stress

Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process. The solution is to stop trying to do too many things at once

Stress is almost becoming part of life in the current society we are living in today. It is a condition that cut across all ages and gender indiscriminately. This is happening because of the life situations people go through to make ends meet. Like for instance the young are struggling to establish a career, achieve financial security as they juggle between employment and family demands. While the young are going through these, the old are equally feeling the impact of chronic stress due to failing health, deteriorating finances and to add salt to injury, the body defense mechanisms against stress gradually break down as age sets in. in a midst these difficult situations, it is still important to note that chronic stress can easily facilitate the aging process in your life. Now as the days turn into months and months into years stress will always form part of our lives. This may sound like finding yourself between a rock and a hard place but the good news is that there is hope at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care.

Doctor Akoury is a medical professional of over two decades and has been of help to many people across the globe. Many people of all walks of life visit this facility and are taking activities tailored to ensure that stress in brought to a manageable level and eventually eradicated altogether. Some other useful things helpful in managing stress may include the following:

  • Being physically active
  • Staying connected to friends and family members
  • Have adequate sleep

Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process – The stress alarm

Besides the above, stress comes in two basic flavors, physical and emotional and both can be especially taxing for older people. The impacts of physical stress are clear. As people approach their sunset days, the healing process of wounds slows down and colds become harder to shake. A 75-year-old heart can be slow to respond to the demands of exercise. And when an 80-year-old walks into a chilly room, it will take an extra-long time for her body temperature to adjust.

Emotional stress is more subtle, but if it’s chronic, the eventual consequences can be as harmful. At any age, stressed-out brains sound an alarm that releases potentially harmful hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Ideally, the brain turns down the alarm when stress hormones get too high.

Stress hormones provide energy and focus in the short term, but too much stress over too many years can throw a person’s system off-balance. Overloads of stress hormones have been linked to many health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immune function. For older people already at heightened risk for these illnesses, managing stress is particularly important.

Over time, the brain can slowly lose its skills at regulating hormone levels. As a result, older people who feel worried or anxious tend to produce larger amounts of stress hormones, and the alarm doesn’t shut down as quickly. The flow of stress hormones can be especially hard on older brains in general.

Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process – Speeding up the clock

Stress doesn’t just make a person feel older. In a very realistic sense, it can speed up aging. Several studies have established that stress can add years to the age of individual immune system cells.

Chronic Stress management – The real fountain of youth

The good news is that we can put what we know about stress and aging to work for us. Learn to manage and reduce your stress load and you have a better chance to live a long, healthy life.

Maintaining a positive outlook is one key for people who feel good about themselves as they get older live about seven and a half years longer than “glass half empty” types. Researchers say the people with more positive attitudes may also deal with stress better and have a stronger will to live.

Staying close to friends and family is an excellent way to cut down on stress. It is important to remember that social support can help prevent stress and stress-related diseases. The benefits of friends and family can be especially striking for seniors. According to an article published in the American Journal of Health Promotion it was noted that social support can slow down the flow of stress hormones in seniors and, not coincidentally, increase longevity. Other studies have found that social interactions can help older people stay mentally sharp and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Exercise, a proven stress-buster for people of all ages, may be especially valuable in later years. Regular walks, bike rides, or water aerobics can do more than keep a person strong and independent; exercise can actually help block the effects of aging on cortisol levels. A recent study it was established that physically fit women in their mid-60s had essentially the same response to stress as a group of unfit women in their late 20s. In contrast, women in their mid-60s who weren’t physically fit released much larger amounts of cortisol in response to stress.

In the end, anything that reduces unnecessary stress will make the later years more enjoyable and youthful. Different people will respond differently toward managing chronic stress with a view of keeping the glowing appearance. Like for instance:

  • Some people simply need to stop trying to do too many things at once.
  • Others may want to try breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques.
  • Still others may need to talk to a psychologist to find a new perspective on their lives.

Finally whatever the approach you settle on, fighting stress overload is worth the effort. Experts are in agreement that reducing stress in later years can help prevent disabilities and frequent trips to the hospital. And if people end up feeling younger, healthier, and happier, that’s could be the best gift that one can give to him or herself. Like I had said before managing chronic stress is very important for your youthful skin. We know that this may not be very easy to do on your own and that is why doctor Akoury is readily available just on a phone call and you will be able to get an opportunity to get all the solutions about the effects of chronic stress to your skin and beauty in general.

Chronic Stress Can Affect the Aging Process – Aging and Stress


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