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choose Life Breast Cancer

I Choose Life Breast Cancer

I choose Life Breast Cancer, I choose life over Breast Cancer everyday.  Choose Life Breast Cancer; I have made a decision and that is to choose life over breast cancer.  That was not an easy decision. When I first started my breast cancer journey, I never thought anything but cancer would be in my future. I was consumed with the fear of not getting through this ordeal and did not feel well. I have autoimmune issues of Hashimoto disease, chronic lyme disease, and chronic osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. I felt so sick and defeated at first. Dr. Akoury and my husband kept telling me to trust God and let go of the fear and anxiety. I could not see our from under it  It actually would frustrate me to keep hearing from Dr. Akoury that you learn to live with the cancer and tame it.

Choose Life Breast Cancer, Changing how I think in this breast cancer journey

Dr. Akoury believes and tells me…..It is your friend that allowed you to know something was really off balance in your body and you now have the gift to change your life. It has awakened you. I did not embrace those truths at all at first. Something changed. I am not sure when but it was after a month or so of treatment. Well, I have to be honest at about my stubbornness as it was about the second month of treatment that I started to embrace those truths.  As I pour over God’s truth, he allows me to see the different reality that I am truly walking. I have a choice. I can embrace and hold on to the trauma of breast cancer or I can take this opportunity to embrace the life that he has given me. I CHOOSE LIFE BREAST CANCER! I choose to look at it as an awakening of my life. I have a purpose. I have a journey. I have a family that I love. I have a husband that I want to spend time with and enjoy. I have a newfound family and help in Dr. Akoury and Awaremed and her wonderful staff. I may have days I don’t feel 100 percent and days I am tired of supplements and strict diet and cancer treatments. But I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper and plans for a hope and a future. I choose life and the awesome gift of it.

I choose life over breast cancer.

When I embraced that something changed. I wake up with a song in my heart. I find myself singing. I smile again. I love myself and people again, I feel joy again. I now smile when Dr. Akoury tells me to smile and love life. I get it now….. Breast cancer, or for that matter, any cancer is not a death sentence. It is a chance to find your life and reinvest in it. Of course life will never be the same. I am now convinced that I do not want it ever to go back to the place where I was at. My attitude can help keep cancer at bay. My diet, treatments. and lifestyle are all huge, but I am the driver of this ride. I choose life over breast cancer and always will.

The mission with Dr. Akoury and other cancer patients

I want to help Dr. Akoury with her mission and life passions to help people. I want to learn for myself and others how to keep on this path of healing. Life is good – very very good and God is better! I choose life over breast cancer and with Dr. Akoury I am learning how to complete my journey. I would love to talk to anyone considering this path. I am sure it has been a path of healing and not poisons from full dose chemo and radiation. It has become a discovery of healing with IVs of chelation, detoxing, Poly MVA, amino acids, high dose vitamin C and other healing therapies.  I am so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Akoury for the detoxing IVs and the ozone treatments with the IBV light. and the IPT that helps my low dose chemo tame cancer. Thank you, God for life and leading me on this breast cancer journey to discover life again. Thank you, dear jeff for the commitment to stand by me.  I would be so glad to talk to anyone considering this path of treatment. It is a chance to discover the ability inside your self to heal and become whole again. It is a journey of breast cancer, or so I thought when I started, but now know it is a journey of finding life and purpose. Seina is  the office manager of Awaremed and would gladly give you my phone number to allow me to answer questions about this treatment option. It brings you to life again.  phone number 843 213 1480

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stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy can restore function after stroke damage

Recently scientists discovered that a patient could recover, and his or her function can be restored after suffering stroke for a longer period. For this to happen, stem cells in his or her brain have to be stimulated.

Some scientists from UC-Irvine discovered that Transforming Growth Factor-Alpha often abbreviated as TGFa can activated adult stem cells that are in the affected area of the brain to differentiate, move through the brain and last bit not least, repair the damage caused by the stroke.

To prove this can happen, scientists tested a rat that was affected. The Transforming Growth Factor-alpha protein was then injected directly into its brain four weeks after the stroke damage. The recovery was 99%.

Darius Gleason who is a graduate student who was also working on the project mentioned that it is becoming clear that brain isn’t different from any other organ. We just assume that it is somehow superior given to what it can do. The brain is, without a doubt, the organ that decides what the body should do and what it shouldn’t.

Unlike many other organs, a damaged brain is more devastating, in fact, it means the end of your functioning as a human being. However, the latest findings have shown that the brain can indeed repair itself just like any other organ in the body if the stem cells are introduced into it.

A new study recently published that nasal administration of the Transforming Growth Factor-alpha can result in a recovery by 70%. The nasal passage is one of the non-invasive routs that is quite useful for this kind of therapy.


stem cell therapy

In the previous years, researchers from Germany proved that administering adult stem cells through the nose was one of the most effective methods. The new finding is proof that using a stimulating factor can also work best to stimulate differentiation of adult stem cells that are already there.

However, there are several trials still going on in Houston that involves infecting the stem cells into the bone marrow of the patients and their circulatory system. The cells have been seen to move to the area of the brain that is affected and immediately they reach there; they activate the repair process. There are still findings not yet confirmed; the existing results are more promising especially for future stroke patients.

The bottom line

A lot is going on in the stem cell world. The discovery of stem cells has opened the eyes of scientist to another level of medicine. Unlike the past, there is a hope that diseases such as cancer that were not curable in the past can now be cured. And now that it can work on the brain to restore functioning after stroke, it is becoming clear that it holds answers to many other fatal complications.


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embryonic stem cell

Reasons other countries need stem cell therapy

The claim that embryos are formed in a culture dish from which stem cells are harvested is a big lie no one should fall for. The truth is, stem cells are obtained from the fetuses that are aborted or eggs that are already fertilized but are leftovers obtained from in vitro fertilization. These are issues that were to be thrown away simply because they were not going to become human beings.

Embryonic stem cells however how much politics is trying to put it down, has made future medicine quite hopeful. The moment a patient is diagnosed with cancer whether pancreatic or liver, he or she is unlikely to make it past one year if the traditional methods are used.

If treated using embryonic stem cells and in a good fertility such as Beijing Great Wall International Cancer Centre, he or she has an 80% and above chance of survival. This is one of the things that makes the debates around it quite questionable?

God gave use everything, and now he is giving the world a chance to beat some of the fatal diseases such as cancer that previously had no cure. Why not take it? How the morals are applicable in eliminating what could save millions of lives?


embryonic stem cells

The good news is, there are some countries that have taken keen measures to ensure that the patients going through the procedure are safe. Here are some of the reasons it should also be practiced in other countries.

  1. No side effect has been reported since embryonic stem cells stepped into the medicine world. The Beijing Great Wall International Cancer Centre has been using this technology for the year 2003 and had saved up to 10, 000 lives.
  2. The cells are only manufactured under surgical conditions that are sterile and obtained from eggs that are aged between 15 to 56 days.
  3. The processing and testing of each stem cells take up to two months when they are genetically tested for side effects, defects, and any other complications. If found unsuitable for use, they are discarded.
  4. These cells are frozen at a -196 degrees and kept in liquid nitrogen to prevent them from mutating and restored to the normal temperature of the human body before they are transplanted.
  5. Patients are taken through a thorough clinical, diagnostic treatment and medical counseling right after the procedure. One of the good things about embryonic stem cells is that they are hardly rejected by the body.

If you are looking for more information, you can get in touch with the Beijing Great Wall Cancer Centre whose services are now offered in the English language. The portal is named Stem Cell China.


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stem cell therapy

A better alternative than Arthritis Surgery

One of the reasons stem cell therapy holds much hope in the future of medicine is the fact that it is believed that in some years to come, it would be able to manufacture normal adult tissue to replace the damaged and old ones.

Use of embryonic stem cells remains debatable for several reasons. Among them are ethical issues that scientist haven’t been able to address properly. Among the successes of this project includes the use of autologous stem cells which are obtained directly from the patient.

Stem cells have proven to be quite useful in regenerative medicine. However, several scientists are still trying to figure out if it can work for cases related to soft tissue complications such as cartilage.

Autologous stem cells can be obtained from the bone marrow and fat from which after they are removed, they are concentrated. Some institutions go ahead and manufacture them outside the human body using several growth activators, and that is one of the reasons, they are having a hard time agreeing with the FDA.

Some centers have a lot of growth factors that don’t require processing these cells outside the body. They also don’t need to inject these cells into the location of the damage such as the joint. Instead, they’ll involve several procedures that combine the use of diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and lastly, x-rays.

One of the reasons scientists advise the area of injury is that the original purpose of the Autologous stem cells incorporates inducing acute injury that is performed using several tools. These tools activate inflammation in the area that is affected.


stem cell therapy

Stem cells combined with growth factors are directly injected to the area affected, and the process of healing begins immediately.

If it is both the scientists and those who don’t like the procedure due to ethical issues can’t arrive at an agreement about the application of regenerative medicine which has been proven to treat damaged cartilage, then there is a high chance that the joint replacement therapy might take time.

Several issues haven’t been addressed. Here are some of them.

  • Will autologous stem cells solve the problem?
  • Must they be incubated outside the human body?
  • Will the ASCs be able to survive the environment that they will be placed in/
  • What more can it do to your body other than treating the targeted disease?

Unless the scientists can give those who oppose the procedure an answer, it will be hard for the world to allow them to continue with their research. One of the main issue here result from the fact that stem cells, unlike any other body cell, can multiply to form other body cells which make it a unique one, but also a risky one. However, scientists are doing what they can to find the answers that will inform the public of its importance.


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stem cells

Stem cell for regrowing cartilage

Approximately 20 to 40 million Americans suffer Osteoarthritis which is also one of the most popular forms of arthritis. This complication involves an early-stage deterioration of articular cartilage. Cartilage is simply a connective tissue without nerves or blood vessels.

One of the symptoms is the pain that results from inflammation caused by the production of destructive enzymes and can also be influenced by biomechanics.

In the previous year’s treatment of osteoarthritis used to be symptomatic that involved injections of glucocorticoids in the joints, oral ingestion of inflammatory drugs or injection of visco-supplements that acted as intra-articular lubricants. Unfortunately, these methods were not as safe as they were claimed to be. They were linked to several potential side effects and the worst; they weren’t as effective as they were assumed to be.

In the year 1990’s scientists developed an interest of creating osteoarthritis drugs. Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t successful.

Stem cells for regrowing cartilage have become a center of interest. However, there are a few issues that need to be addressed. Many people still question which kind of stem cells are to be used and those that shouldn’t. There are also a few questions about how stem cells would work for regrowing cartilage, potential risks, how their productivity can be enhanced and more.


stem cells

Recently, there was a breakthrough in the area of human pluripotent stem cells. It was originally established in the year 2007 by Shinya Yamanaka; Yamanaka was able to obtain adult stem cells. He then reprogramed them to work as cord blood stem cells. The results were stem cells that could differentiate to form any cells in the human body. However, the procedure has been accompanied by several issues.

Currently, a scientist can obtain mesenchymal stem cells that are found in the bone marrow. These stem cells work just like any other stem cell if placed in a correct environment together with growth activators.

Mesenchymal stem cells can perform a variety of functions, but can be limited to several organs. The good news is, it works for cartilage. However, it isn’t easy judging whether the procedure is as effective as it is assumed simply because their findings aren’t clear. It has also been realized that using MSCs in areas that have no cartilage may result in some complications.

It is, however, evident that the effectiveness of this procedure is short term and safe considering several factors such as improvements of cartilage. There are also no reported risks of cancer which has been one of the issues revolving around the use of pluripotential stem cells.


Currently, we can say that MSCs is the best approach that is obtained from the bone marrow plus many growth factors derived from plasma that is rich in platelet. For a successful harvesting to take place, use of ultrasound guidance by a professional is highly advised.


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