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choose Life Breast Cancer

I Choose Life Breast Cancer

I choose Life Breast Cancer, I choose life over Breast Cancer everyday.  Choose Life Breast Cancer; I have made a decision and that is to choose life over breast cancer.  That was not an easy decision. When I first started my breast cancer journey, I never thought anything but cancer would be in my future. I was consumed with the fear of not getting through this ordeal and did not feel well. I have autoimmune issues of Hashimoto disease, chronic lyme disease, and chronic osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. I felt so sick and defeated at first. Dr. Akoury and my husband kept telling me to trust God and let go of the fear and anxiety. I could not see our from under it  It actually would frustrate me to keep hearing from Dr. Akoury that you learn to live with the cancer and tame it.

Choose Life Breast Cancer, Changing how I think in this breast cancer journey

Dr. Akoury believes and tells me…..It is your friend that allowed you to know something was really off balance in your body and you now have the gift to change your life. It has awakened you. I did not embrace those truths at all at first. Something changed. I am not sure when but it was after a month or so of treatment. Well, I have to be honest at about my stubbornness as it was about the second month of treatment that I started to embrace those truths.  As I pour over God’s truth, he allows me to see the different reality that I am truly walking. I have a choice. I can embrace and hold on to the trauma of breast cancer or I can take this opportunity to embrace the life that he has given me. I CHOOSE LIFE BREAST CANCER! I choose to look at it as an awakening of my life. I have a purpose. I have a journey. I have a family that I love. I have a husband that I want to spend time with and enjoy. I have a newfound family and help in Dr. Akoury and Awaremed and her wonderful staff. I may have days I don’t feel 100 percent and days I am tired of supplements and strict diet and cancer treatments. But I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper and plans for a hope and a future. I choose life and the awesome gift of it.

I choose life over breast cancer.

When I embraced that something changed. I wake up with a song in my heart. I find myself singing. I smile again. I love myself and people again, I feel joy again. I now smile when Dr. Akoury tells me to smile and love life. I get it now….. Breast cancer, or for that matter, any cancer is not a death sentence. It is a chance to find your life and reinvest in it. Of course life will never be the same. I am now convinced that I do not want it ever to go back to the place where I was at. My attitude can help keep cancer at bay. My diet, treatments. and lifestyle are all huge, but I am the driver of this ride. I choose life over breast cancer and always will.

The mission with Dr. Akoury and other cancer patients

I want to help Dr. Akoury with her mission and life passions to help people. I want to learn for myself and others how to keep on this path of healing. Life is good – very very good and God is better! I choose life over breast cancer and with Dr. Akoury I am learning how to complete my journey. I would love to talk to anyone considering this path. I am sure it has been a path of healing and not poisons from full dose chemo and radiation. It has become a discovery of healing with IVs of chelation, detoxing, Poly MVA, amino acids, high dose vitamin C and other healing therapies.  I am so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Akoury for the detoxing IVs and the ozone treatments with the IBV light. and the IPT that helps my low dose chemo tame cancer. Thank you, God for life and leading me on this breast cancer journey to discover life again. Thank you, dear jeff for the commitment to stand by me.  I would be so glad to talk to anyone considering this path of treatment. It is a chance to discover the ability inside your self to heal and become whole again. It is a journey of breast cancer, or so I thought when I started, but now know it is a journey of finding life and purpose. Seina is  the office manager of Awaremed and would gladly give you my phone number to allow me to answer questions about this treatment option. It brings you to life again.  phone number 843 213 1480

If you want to help my journey –



Breast Cancer Battle, Sharon Journey

Breast Cancer Battle

Let go of Fear and embrace Faith

Sharon Keller Breast Cancer Battle

Fear or Faith?

Breast Cancer Battle; this journey of cancer has taken many twists and turns. The twists and turns of a breast cancer journey involves three components and is a journey like I have never traveled, nor ever wanted to travel. I do have choices to make on this journey.  Fear or Faith? It is my choice.

The truths in this breast cancer battle from Dr. Dalal Akoury

The cancer is what it is and I am told by Dr. Dalal Akoury that I am to live in the moment. I am to embrace the present time I am in and find joy. I am to tame the cancer and learn to live with it. My faith tells me she is correct in this cancer journey. God is in control, not me…. I am to trust the Lord who created me as He  has every hair on my head counted. I am to embrace the journey in a way to have an awakening of myself. I need to forgive, love, and live in peace. I know what scripture says and that Dr. Dalal Akoury is right in her advice.

My breast cancer battle with mind

I know to the depths of my soul that Big C is Christ not cancer and little c is cancer. The Big C has already taken care of the little c. I know all of that. I thought I knew the truths in my soul to my very core. Breast cancer revealed what was in my heart. I do have faith. I love the Lord and trust him. Doubt and fear creeps in when I do not feel well after chelation, Vitamin C treatments. Fear creeps in in the middle of the night when I wake up all alone when the whole world is sleeping. The Big C becomes the cancer. I have a choice to make minute my minute and day by day. I have the choice to draw from the tree of life or the tree of death with my words and thoughts.

The choice is mine in this breast cancer battle

I get amazing and loving treatment during my treatment with Dr. Akoury. I get all the treatments I need. I get IPT, low dose chemo, ozone, along with any other treatments she decides for me. I take the reins from there in my choices as to how I receive those treatments.  I choose life, I have purpose that God has revealed to me through this journey. I choose life when I look at the faces of my beautiful grandchildren. I have a purpose in their life to be an example to them that you can overcome and thrive when unexpected things are thrown at you. In this moment and in this hour and in this day, I choose life and the words and thoughts that bring healing and life. I can tame this little cancer and be a stronger person because of it. Dr. Dalal Akoury’s words ring in my ears even when I am shaking in my shoes because I hurt and the lump seems bigger.  I will choose truth. Truth is real. Faith is real. God is real. Cancer is one of life’s lessons to find these truths. I will choose to hold on to that and walk out this amazing breast cancer journey to healing and purpose.

I would be so glad to talk to anyone interested in integrative oncology and Awaremed. Please call the office and ask for my phone number.  Ph: 843 213 1480 is the Awaremed office contact number. cancerjourney  Visit this site to follow my progress and help me


Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller, Dr. Akoury

The Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller healing has begun and every day is spent on many IVs to clean the internal environment so that cancer is not welcome anymore.  Once I get things all cleaned out….. Then on to low dose chemo with IPT. That is a great thing. My wonderful husband is such a great support and comes to the clinic everyday with me. That is one of my greatest blessings. Fear still wants to rear its ugly head and Dr. Akoury and the caring staff keeps trying to encourage positive healing thoughts to help my  body. I never realized that the body, mind, and spirit is all part of the healing. I pour over scripture and write scripture on note cards to read “real truth” instead of the lies that my body tells me with symptoms. The truth of the matter is you can feel rough with all of the detox and immune boosting ivs and supplements. It is all good to not feeling well as I know my body is cleaning out all bad things. I am starting to lose weight which is a good thing. I was so inflamed and swollen when I first came to the clinic. Diet plays such a huge part of the healing too. One of the hardest hurdles was the ingesting of all of the supplements. They are all wonderful for you but my stomach stuggled to accept them. I got a tip from another sweet patient that says she uses chocolate coconut milk to make her shakes. That masks the taste and things go down sooo much better now.  Healing is taking place!! Praise God!!

Dr. Akoury gives so freely to her patients as she tries to educate us along the way. She tells us how to heal our guts where so much of our immune system is at… I have learned that the body can heal once it has a clean environment. There is such a necessity for good bacteria to be added to our gut. Ghee can be fermented and added to everything. This picture of us was when I had an appointment with the surgeon to see when I should have the breast lumectomy. What doctor goes with you?  Dr. Akoury does and to say she gives her heart to her patients is an understatement. I came into treatment so scared and so many times would get worried and would be able to regain a confidence in my healing after a phone call or a time spent with Dr. Akoury. I would never have gotten this kind of treatment with conventional treatment. I can not imagine being in full dose chemo and what it can do to me…. missing my home but I am so grateful for this treatment plan. I have grown in my faith, confidence, and health. To God be the Glory!!!I have autoimmune diseases that complicates things but am healing!

I would be glad to talk to anyone considering integrative oncology as a cancer treatment plan. Call Awaremed and talk with Seina and she can give you my phone number.


Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: What can the workplace do? With the …

Employee assistance program for drug addicts


Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: What can the workplace do?

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts is very fundamental in ensuring that drug addiction is not only managed properly but also productivity is attained.

With the prevalence of workplace alcoholism and drug addiction, there is need to find solutions that will salvage the situation from bringing down various state economies. While the state will be formulating policies towards this, individual organizations also need to be proactive to putting mechanisms in place that will defend them from preventable loses owing to the problems of alcoholism and drug addiction. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the establishment or better still establishing employee assistance program for addicts. This is one of the most effective ways of dealing with workplace alcoholism and according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) before 1950’s it was established that workplace was ideally suited to address alcoholism through a focus on employee job performance and access to treatment. And to this effectively, NCADD founded the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) concept as a joint labor-management program. In fact at that time NCADD for the first time documented the very first EAP Manual and the first EAP Standards. It will interest you to note that the earliest programs were called Occupational Alcoholism Programs and later evolved into what are now called, EAP’s.

And now according to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and also the founder of the establishment, addressing the problem of drug and alcoholism can be dealt with quit effectively at the work stations. This can be done by promoting programs like EAP. With the adoption of programs like this at workplaces, employees and their family members are able to give the much needed support to their loved ones and to the organization as well even as further complications are referred to community resources and services. From her over two decades of delivering quality and lasting solutions to all addiction victims globally, doctor Akoury is of the opinion that whenever individuals and families are faced with a host of difficulties which are closely associated with drinking problems, in many instances these problems often spill into the workplace. Take for instance a husband and wife works in different organizations and if the husband drinks, the wife is likely to be stressed at work owing to her husband’s drinking habits thereby causing her to miss on her targets. Therefore by offering encouragement, support and treatment, employers can dramatically assist in reducing the negative impact of alcoholism in the workplace, while reducing their costs. Research has demonstrated that alcohol treatment pays for itself in reduced healthcare costs that begin as soon as people begin treatment. Alcohol treatment also improves an individual’s functioning, leading to increased productivity at work. It is important to embrace some of these workplace-based programs like EAP programs which have actually helped millions of individuals and family members affected by alcohol problems. Some facts about alcohol in the workplace may include:

  • Workers with alcohol problems are 2.7 times more likely than workers without drinking problems to have injury-related absences.
  • A hospital emergency department study showed that 35 percent of patients with an occupational injury were at-risk drinkers.
  • Breathalyzer tests detected alcohol in 16% of emergency room patients injured at work.
  • Analysis of workplace fatalities has showed that at least 11% of the victims had been drinking.
  • Large federal surveys show that 24% of workers report drinking during the workday least once in the past year.
  • One-fifth of workers and managers across a wide range of industries and company sizes report that a coworker’s on- or off-the-job drinking jeopardized their own productivity and safety.

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: Family Education

From decades of experience doctor Akoury is very categorical that nations across the globe have seen how the disease of addiction does not only affects the individual, but has escalated into millions of family members too. It is very painful that no one is lefts out. Fathers, mothers, single parents, couples and both children, teen and the youth, regardless of ethnicity or social group, rich or poor, drug and alcohol abuse can destroy relationships. Most of all, young children and adolescents suffer the greatest from the effects of the abuse of alcohol and drugs in the family. Nonetheless with the help and treatment from the experts being administered to both individual and the family, healing is possible and most interestingly is that families can heal together. It is therefore very important that for the success of this noble assignment, the following are very necessary:

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: Learning about alcohol, drugs, alcoholism and addiction

Knowledge is power and therefore our abilities to cope with anything are a function of how much we know about what we are up against. Although you have been living with alcohol or drug problems for some time, learning about alcohol and drug addiction is a critical first step. You must get the facts about how alcohol and drugs affect the individual and the family right from the beginning and this is very important.

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: Seek help and support for yourself

The disease of alcoholism and addiction is a family disease and affects everyone close to the person. Not only does the alcohol or drug user need help but even their loved ones too. It is important that together with other family members, you must get the appropriate education, help and support in finding healthy ways to overcome the negative effects of the disease. At AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we offer among other skills education, counseling and Mutual Aid/Support Groups which can help you realize that you are not alone, that you are not responsible for the drinking or drug use and that you need to take care of yourself, regardless of whether the person you are concerned about chooses to get help.

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: Learn what you can do to help

This is very important and therefore treatment programs, counseling, mutual aid support groups and many more are all options for getting help. Only the person using alcohol and drugs can make the decision to get help, nonetheless you can also help calling your doctor or reaching out for professional assistance from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery journey.

Finally while addiction to alcohol and drugs may not have known cure, the disease can be stopped by embracing abstinence from alcohol and other addictive drugs. Even though it may be difficult, the good news is that it is not impossible. With the right guidance you can live your life well in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Find out how by calling doctor Akoury today.

Establishing employee assistance program for addicts: What can the workplace do?




Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens

Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens: Growing older brings on many changes

Alcoholism prevalence

Understanding the consequences of alcoholism prevalence in our senior citizens is very important for treatment to be done effectively and professionally.

We once said that alcoholism and drug abuse knows no boundary and affects without any form of discrimination. Based on that fact, we want to focus our discussion on the alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens in our societies today. These are older people in our societies who need care, love and support from all of us. It is not a secret that when we grow old a lot of changes takes place in the process. Some of those changes may include:

  • Changes in health, lifestyle, roles and support
  • Changes in physical pain and loss of mobility
  • Growing older can be stressful and loneliness is common

With these changes, experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury says that alcohol and prescription drug problems and particularly among our senior citizens age 60 and above is actually one of the fastest growing health problem facing most nations across the globe including America. Doctor Dalal Akoury says that even though this is a proven fact, the situation has stagnated and remain neglected, underestimated, under identified, underdiagnosed and undertreated thereby creating the catastrophe of thousands of our senior citizens who desperately require treatment and don’t get it. And because of this, alcohol and drug related problems among senior citizens is a condition many do not want to talk about, be associated with, deal with or even treat for various reasons including some of the following:

  • Health care providers tend to overlook alcohol or drug problems among older people, mistaking the symptoms for dementia, depression, or other problems common to older adults.
  • Older adults are more likely to hide their alcohol or drug use and less likely to seek professional help.
  • Many relatives of older individuals with substance use disorders, particularly their adult children, are living in denial or ashamed of the problem and choose not to address it.

Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens: Family disease

The effects of alcoholism and drug addiction are a phenomenon that does not have any respect for status, race, gender and age. Everyone and everybody can and is a victim. It affects at all levels globally to the smallest unit of the family. And because we are focusing on the family, alcoholism and drug addiction affects the whole family whether young, teenage, or grown-up children, wives or husbands, brothers or sisters, parents or other relatives and friends no one is speared when it comes to addiction. It therefore means that when one family member is addicted to alcohol and drugs the whole family suffers. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, addiction is a family disease capable of destroying the whole unit; it stresses the family to the breaking point, impacts negatively on the stability of the home and the family’s unity. In terms of health, it affects the mental health, physical health, finances, and basically the entire family dynamics. Doctor Akoury is very concern that with the strength of denial, help may come too late and without help, active addiction can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime. It is for this reason this reason that doctor Akoury founded this health facility to primarily transform each and every individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. In this facility, doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms making her one of the most qualified professionals you can rely on with your addiction complications. You can reach her on telephone number 843 213 1480 to schedule your appointment with her today for the commencement of your recovery program.

Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens: Roadblock to recovery

I had previously mentioned this but because of the magnitude of the problem I will mention it again and again. The fact is that one of the biggest challenges to family recovery in substance abuse is the belief and feelings that everything will be ok if they can just ‘fix’ their loved one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. This school of thought appears to work in isolation where the indirect victims let the direct victim to face the challenge squarely. This is not the way to approach this problem, in fact helping families understand that just as the addict is responsible for their own recovery, and in the same way they too are responsible for their own recovery. Meaning that, the whole family must be in it together including the children. And remember that a single addiction in the family strains relationships by causing people to become anxious, mistrustful, tired which can eventually result in an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Therefore because addiction hurts the whole family, it is absolutely essential that solutions are designed to restore the whole family.

Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens: Recovery from addiction is a family affair

Having identified some of the roadblocks of recovery, it is very important that as a family disease, those who have been affected by addiction should seek for immediate help from the right professionals to recover and rebuild the stability of their lives and regain independent and freedom from all the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. At a family level, members of the family need not to shy away from asking questions when they feel that something is not right. This is very important because without question, the damage could be worst when it is finally realized at a letter date.

Besides that, constructive and active family engagement in the recovery process is essential if the family is to heal from the destructive impact of addiction. To move on in hope, families need a variety of supports, information and skills including the following visiting the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury for a one on one consultation and treatment.

Alcoholism prevalence in senior citizens: Growing older brings on many changes