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Encouraging healthy feeding

Encouraging healthy feeding right from childhood to prevent weight related complications

Encouraging healthy feeding: Changing mindset for healthy life

When we wake up every day our main agenda is to work hard and put food on the table. This has preoccupied our minds to the extent that we’re no longer keen on the quality of food we put on the table. Many are now looking for food irrespective of whether it is healthy or otherwise. This is where we’ve got it wrong. We must have a change of mind by encouraging healthy feeding from childhood. This will help many obese adults who have given up on their weight and are not doing anything to help the younger generation escape the problem of weight gain. It is because of this fact that we all need to impact positively on our children feeding habits so that as they become mature, they will be more responsible and good role models for the next generation.

I know that the statistic we have from various studies and research done by different professionals like myself and my team of experts can be very discouraging. However, we must get past the statistics and stand on top of everything and make the much needed difference in the lives of our children. I ones wondered in one of the previous article that why must we allow our children to become part of the statistic? What pride is there in your children being classified as overweight or obese? This doesn’t just happen but it is the direct result of a number of behaviors.

Encouraging healthy feeding: Behaviors we must change

The love and continuous consumption of processed foods which are ordinarily rich in added fat, sugar and salt is the major reason. Such food stuff specially fried potatoes, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, ice cream, meat pies and margarine are every ones favorites but health wise we should keep distance from using them frequently.

The young children are often not funs of fruits and vegetables. We will be doing them a great disservice if we do not train them into feeding in a more healthy way. What is in their view not testy and appealing is actually the best. Therefore, encouraging healthy feeding habits into the new generation becomes the ultimate goal all of us must embraced says doctor Dalal Akoury

The love for processed foods, what is commonly referred to us as junk foods, these foods are for commercial purposes and anything in them is sugar coating and does not really add the much needed value to your health. Therefore bringing up children away from such meals by encouraging homemade food is a step in the right direction. Of course ones in a while you may want to treat your children to these food stuff, and that is not bad so long as it is done in close supervision and measures taken so that a repeat or addiction doesn’t occur in the process.

Taking evening meals while concentrating on your favorite television program is not just bad, but very unhealthy. This will most likely encourage over eating and elimination of exercise. Gadgets like television, iPads computers and other form of screen can be very addictive if proper control is not exercised by the adults on the children. In active children will most likely grow into the future packing on more weight and eventually obesity. This is what we must prevent by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for timely and professional solutions.

Encouraging healthy feeding: Changing mindset for healthy life