Gerson’s Therapy as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Gerson's therapyMost cancer treatments are known for quite severe side effects on the patients. Known treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy not only kill the cancerous cells I the cancer patient but also kill the healthy cells. This will lead to the patient’s getting more deteriorated as time goes by and may eventually lead to loss of weight, skin becoming darker and even hair loss. Pain associated with these methods of treatments cannot be underestimated. For all these reasons the cancer patients have been seeking alternative treatment to the disease and Gerson’s is one of the alternatives that the patients are trying their hands on.

The origin of the Gerson’s therapy can be traced back to 1920s. It was named after the man who created it, Dr. Max Gerson with his main focus on cancer. This diet is also known as cancer diet.

The Gerson’s therapy is a natural approach to treatment of ailments. The therapy is based on organic diet that is mainly composed of vegetables and vegetable juices. The diet helps the body to recover by activating the body’s natural healing abilities. Gerson’s program also features coffee enemas plus other natural supplements that are geared towards helping the body to heal itself. It also helps in boosting immune system and is helpful in fighting diseases like cancer allergies, arthritis and diabetes among others. The Gerson’s therapy does not only treat the symptoms of the disease but removes all the toxic substances entirely from the body. It cures directly from the cell level and that means that it uproots the disease causing agents from their roots destroying them completely.

The Gerson’s steps follows a given procedure work effectively in treating patients. It contains organic foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components. These are foods that nourish, build stronger immunity system as well as detoxify the body. These are the steps involved in Gerson’s therapy.

Steps followed in Gerson’s Therapy

Through detoxification the disease causing carcinogens or better yet free radicals that may result in abnormal bodily function among other foreign bodies. All these toxins enter our bodies through our daily interactions with the environment. The air we breathe is polluted, the water we use is also polluted and if recent researches are to go by even the communication devices we use put us at risk of getting cancer. In Gerson’s therapy detoxification is done with coffee enemas. A patient will have to consume at least thirteen glasses of fresh vegetable and fruit juices every day. The diet also involves eating of semi-cooked vegetables.  This will ensure that cell oxygenation take place, When cells are oxygenated that cells that gets degenerated as a result of lack of oxygen in the cells becomes reduced.

Gerson's therapy

The foods featured in the Gerson’s diet are rich in potassium and iodine which helps in enhancing the rate of metabolism. A high rate of metabolism helps in the breakdown of excess fats, proteins to release energy. They will also help in excreting toxin and sodium out of the patient’s body

After getting rid of the toxins out of the patient’s body, the next step is to nourish the body filling it with the needed nutrients and natural organic foods and enzymes. Vegetables and fruits form a better part of this diet. Fruit and vegetable juices are still used in this process of nourishing the body.

The foods are abundant in healthy nutrients and oxygen that will help in cell and tissues regeneration hence restores the patient’s health.

  • Using natural Supplements

After detoxification and supplying the body with nutrients from the daily fruit and vegetable juices among other featured foods in the diet, the body will need to be supplemented with natural nutrients that were not gotten in the previous steps. Iodine and potassium are vital in fighting cancer and so should be supplemented. Even as you will be supplementing your body with these nutrients, it is good to maintain the vegetable and fruit diet as they will maintain the vegetable and fruit juice. You can consult on other fruits that will help you recover and improve your health.

For effective use of the Gerson’s therapy in treating cancer, the patient will have to maintain the diet for about three months. During this time the body is said to be undergoing ‘repair’ and getting regenerated. After this period the patient will be needed to eat foods that are low in fat, low in sugar and low in salts. The patient however will be needed to eat foods that are high in potassium, iodine and vegetable protein. Even after the three months of following the strict diet, you will still have to maintain a diet full of fruits and vegetables as fruits and vegetables work better in cancer treatments.

The patient should avoid processed foods as they are not whole in nutritional content. Instead he should eat organic and fresh vegetables and fruits. He should also avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Instead of alcohol, anybody who is willing to fight cancer should use coffee enemas as they reduce the toxins in the blood serum, ensuring a healthy body.

The advantages of using the Gerson’s therapy are that:

  • It uses natural healing ability of the body to treat cancer. It is also not as expensive as other cancer treatment methods.
  • It is also free from adverse effects that patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy have to go through.
  • It strengthens the body immune system and balances hormones
  • It enhances the rate of metabolism hence helpful in getting rid of fats and animal proteins
  • It heals the focuses on complete healing of the disease unlike other cancer treatments that only deal with the symptoms

However, major disadvantages of using the Gerson’s therapy are that:

  • You will have to consume more enemas in a day.
  • It is also a very strict diet that many people will not find easy to follow up to the recommended time.
  • There is also no scientific proof that the Gerson’s therapy helps in cancer treatment.


Though there is no research that had been done to prove the effectiveness of the Gerson’s therapy in cancer treatment, many people have confessed that they are doing much better ever since they adopted the program. The healing power of vegetables and fruits can never be underestimated. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) has profound knowledge on this topic and can offer you a good advice on how to easily adopt the program. Frequently check this website for most current updates on cancer treatment. Generally, this approach to cancer treatment is worth a try.

Gerson’s Therapy as an Alternative Cancer Treatment