Integrative Medicine Consulting

Integrative Medicine Consulting






Integrative Medicine Consulting to Established Practices:

Integrative Medicine Consulting offered by AWAREmed helps established practices to become profitable and efficient. We help physicians maximize their time and money.  If you are tired of losing money and working long hours we can help. Regain your love for medicine while making more money.  Take control of your life and improve your personal satisfaction by making better business decisions.

Services provided for established practices:

Integrative Medicine Consulting Business Development

Services offered include:

  • Help Create individualized business plans for practices
  • Revising and choosing corporate structures to protect personal and professional assets
  • Facilitate the implementation of Bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Facilitate the incorporation of cosmetic procedures into a medical practice
  • Help to introduce and adopt functional medicine into a practice
  • Help insurance based practices to become 50%-100% more profitable
  • Help practices to switch to cash based and out of network practice
  • Facilitate and introduce  multiple sources of practice income
  • Coach on how to choose the right practice accountant and attorney

Integrative Medicine Consulting to enhance Office Development

Integrative Medicine Consulting

  • Office organization
  • Interoffice communication
  • Analyze Accounts Receivables
  • Analyze accounts Payable
  • Analyze employee job duties
  • Analyze most frequently used billing codes
  • Maximize your billing based on coding guidelines
  • How to price and code correctly for services
  • Identify problems which affect collections
  • Setting up accounting software and records
  • Analyze Profit Loss Statements
  • How to automate an office
  • How to computerize your office with electronic medical records ( EMR) and electronic billing
  • How to choose the appropriate EMR and Medical Billing Software
  • How to choose an office accounting software
  • How to document medical charts for billing
  • How to choose the right medical billing service
  • Assist in transitioning physician and staff to Electronic Medical Records
  • Screening applicants for hire
  • Advise on HIPPA and Department of Labor Compliance
  • Advice concerning protecting yourself from disgruntled employees
  • Advise on how to handle disgruntled patientsHow to handle complaints to medical state boards

Integrative Medicine Consulting Marketing Plan Development

  1. National Patient Referral Network
  2. Practice branding
  3. Advertising tips
  4. Practice building strategies
  5. Advice on how to advertise on the internet
  6. Advice on how to advertise on television
  7. Design print ads
  8. Find the right marketing tools for your practice
  9. Ad Design
  10. Website set-up and design
  11. Logo and brochure design
  12. How to give patient seminars

Integrative Medicine Consulting Physician Development

Change Yourself
Suggestions on books and seminars to develop appropriate business mindset
Personal life coaching
Discounts on future educational seminars, webcasts and educational materials
Public speaking coaching

Integrative Medicine Consulting Personal Financial Development

Counseling concerning retirement planning and asset protection
Investment Tips
Diversification of services
Tips on how and when to sell or buy a practice

Integrative Medicine Consulting Educational Development:

CME courses
CME Webinars

Our services are offered by:AWAREmed
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