Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction-Drug and Alcohol Addiction Wreak Havoc

Immune System to heal addiction

Immune system is an asset to keep by eating healthy food and physical activities. This will also help heal addiction

The body of a human being is a compound of many vital organs performing different functions that help keep the body well and healthy. The success of these functions is normally based on the total elimination of any substance that may work against these functions. When the body is functioning well we say the immunity system is strong. So what is immunity? It is the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. We need to restore our immune system to heal addiction. The white blood cells are the defenders of the body from attacks by diseases however substance which weakens the body’s immunity does so by attacking the white blood cell. We will through this article be discussing majorly the proper healing of addiction through the restoration of immune system.

Your immune system is like a finely tuned orchestra whose purpose is to defend your body from unhealthy insults from the world around you. Like an orchestra, your immune system contains many different instruments that work harmoniously together with one goal, protecting you from foreign insults that can cause damage to your body. And, like an orchestra, the different parts of your immune system must be present to play their part at the right time, and then stop when they have completed their function. The main parts of your immune system to heal addiction are the immune cells, the structural barriers in your body in which the majority of these cells are localized, and the specific messenger molecules that call the cells to action or tell them to stop.

The cells of your immune system are found circulating in your bloodstream or in the lymph nodes, which are located throughout your body; therefore, the immune cells themselves are spread throughout your tissues and can travel quickly when called upon. This way, your immune system is positioned so that it can minimize the entrance into your body of foreign invaders that can cause infection and disease and can quickly respond to any invaders that do manage to gain entrance into your body.

Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction-The foundation for defense

Your immune system also relies upon specific structures in your body that provide a foundation for defense. The most important structures are the barriers between the inside of your body and the outside. These barriers keep unwanted organisms and molecules from entering your body where they can do damage. Since your skin is in contact with the outside world, it is probably not surprising that your skin is an important barrier; however, it is only one part of your defensive barrier. Your gastrointestinal tract is actually the largest barrier between you and the outside world. Restore your gut and your immune system to heal addiction.

Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction -The soluble factors

Your immune system also includes molecules called soluble factors. These are molecules that can recognize when your barrier has been compromised by a foreign invader or toxin and then try to heal the area of damage and remove the insult from your body rapidly. Factors such as the complement cascade, a complex group of proteins, can form an immediate response to an insult. Your immune system also can deploy signaling molecules, which are soluble factors that send messages to the immune cells located further inside the tissue that has been compromised, or into your bloodstream. These messenger soluble factors call immune cells to the site of damage and activate the cells, bringing them in full force to the infected area. These messenger molecules are called cytokines. So we need to restore our immune system to heal addiction.

Your cytokines not only signal immune cells to take up action, but they also often promote an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response at a site of infection is one way your body secludes, or walls-off, an infected area. For example, if you have ever had poison ivy, or gotten a rash from eating a food to which you are allergic, you may have noticed the signs of inflammation — redness and swelling — surrounding the affected area. So, when we talk about the immune system, it is not one organ; it is really the types of immune cells, structures, and soluble factors, like cytokines, which are present throughout all your organs that constitute the immune system. And, your immune system gets help from your inflammatory response.

Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction -Addictive substances

Having understood the proper functionality of our immune system it will be necessary that we take a moment and look at some of these substances that work against the well-being of the body and causes addiction. While there are some serious consequences, the impact substances have on the body can extend much further. Consider how these illicit substances commonly associated with addiction can impair health of regular users:


From a basic standpoint, those sniffing cocaine on a regular basis will likely cause severe damage to their sinus cavities. This repetitive aggravation can heighten risk of developing cold or other circulatory issues. While seemingly minor, these health issues can be indicative of a much larger loss of strong immune response. A 2003 study found that cocaine use can limit the production of IL-6 cytokines, a “hormone of the immune system” that plays a major part in prompting recovery when the body is damaged. We should avoid cocaine to restore the immune system to heal addiction.


Opioids that come in the form of prescription drugs are commonly marketed as medications tailored to help improve the health of patients experiencing chronic pain. While these pills may be able to relieve pain under strict use, these medications are highly addictive and can lead patients to use them on a regular basis. Regular use of opioids can impair daily function a great deal, but what many may not notice is a progressive decline in immune response. Therefore we need to stop opioid use to restore the immune system and heal addiction.


This is the most abused addictive drug globally and we are all aware of the dramatic health consequences of drinking even in non-alcoholic scenarios. For instance, drinking is often identified with the unpleasant side effects of nausea, vomiting, slurred speech, impaired movement and headache. However, those who abuse alcohol regularly or binge drink could be doing a great deal of harm to their immune system.

Noting that many alcoholics struggle with binge-drinking, it is important to learn what long-term damage is being done to the body beyond blacking out. Exhaustion as a result of binging on drugs or alcohol can be a significant cause of illness. When a person binge drinks, they may cause their body to go into toxic shock from the large amount of alcohol in their bloodstream.

Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction -Healing the Immune System

From this discussion it’s clear that immune system does a lot for us to keep us as healthy as possible, but in order to be in our best state, it is imperative that we do everything we can to protect and heal our immune system, in other words the restoration of immune system to heal addiction is a must. While enrolling in an addiction recovery can be a great way to spark this healing process and create a healthier and brighter future, the choice of the expert and facility can be a challenge to many. As for you my dear reader this won’t be a problem because you have doctor Dalal Akoury the founder and MD of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. At her center you will be attended by highly qualified and caring professionals who will focus on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. It will not matter the problem you have whether you are an addict or your immune system is the problem, this is the place to be and you will have your life back. Restore the immune system to heal addiction cannot be easier here at AWAREmed.

Restoration of Immune System to heal addiction -Drug and Alcohol Addiction Wreak Havoc


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