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Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer

Ethanol contents

Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer can be a very bad combination for quick recovery

Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer: Drug addiction disorders

In dealing with drug addiction disorders and cancer disease one patient one asked “does the type of drink matter?” in responds doctor, Dalal Akoury says that it is important to appreciate that ethanol is the type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks, whether they are beers, wines, or liquors (distilled spirits). The ethanol content in these drinks differs in percentages, but in general, a standard size drink of any type 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor contains about the same amount of ethanol (about half an ounce). Of course, larger or ‘stronger’ drinks can contain more ethanol than this. Overall, it is all about the amount of alcohol consumed over time, not the type of alcoholic beverage, seems to be the most important factor in raising cancer risk. Most evidence suggests that it is the ethanol that increases the risk, not other things in the drink.

Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer: How alcohol raise cancer risk

From the experts’ point of view, doctor Dalal Akoury having been in this practice for well over two decades reiterates that, as things stand now, the exact way alcohol affects cancer risk isn’t completely understood. In fact, there might be several different ways it can raise risk, and this might depend on the type of cancer complication in question as we are going to see following. And as we make that progress, it will interest you to note that in order to effectively help addicts recover from their difficulties, Dr. Akoury made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Matters of this magnitude needs serious and professionalism in treatment and that is why doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. You can reach her on telephone number 843 213 1480 for an appointment and any other concerns you may be having.

Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer: Damage to body tissues

Finally, alcohol can act as an irritant, especially in the mouth and throat. Cells that are damaged may try to repair themselves, which could lead to DNA changes in the cells that can be a step toward cancer. In the colon and rectum, bacteria can convert alcohol into large amounts of acetaldehyde which is a chemical that has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals. Alcohol and its byproducts can also damage the liver, leading to inflammation and scarring. As liver cells try to repair the damage, they can end up with mistakes in their DNA, which could lead to cancer. We are going to continue this discussion in our subsequent postings and we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to stay with us on the link and learn with the experts.

Ethanol contents in alcohol and cancer: Drug addiction disorders


Alcohol abuse remedy

Herbal cancer treatment solution

Herbal cancer treatment

Herbal cancer treatment solution are equally delivering when applied professionally

Herbal cancer treatment solution: Cancer pain management

Pain is pain be it physical or emotional. Things can become worse the cancer is the source of that pain. That is to say, all the chronic pain that comes with cancer goes beyond any known physical discomfort. Because of the magnitude of this discussion, we spoke to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD for a better understanding of cancer as a disease. And that brings us to the point of focus which is identifying herbal cancer treatment solution tailored at delivering timely pain relief.

There is no doubt that when addressing the chronic pain caused by cancer, we cannot ignore alternative medications. That is to say, when cancer pain knocks on your door, the most obvious thing you would want to do is to get rid of the symptoms as first as you can. When faced with such pain, many will opt for the painkillers to suppress the pain which is only a temporal solution but does not address the real problem. This practice is not always good since most of the painkillers have proven to be the pain boosters in the long run. From her several decades of professionalism in health improvement to the societies, doctor Dalal Akoury registers that no matter the degree of pain it is still important to find the natural ways of dealing with that pain.

Herbal cancer treatment solution: Avoiding costly mistakes in handling pain

A lot of mistakes have been done in the past and for many years people have misunderstood cancer pain. In this state of panic, many cancer patients have received morphine as medicine’s knee jerk reaction to cancer pain. To correct this I will be sharing with us some elements of proper mechanisms of cancer management as follows:

  • The importance of understanding and getting control over your pain.
  • Herbal treatment procedures worth embracing.

As we progress into this discussion, it is important to note that any wrong action in handling pain can be very disastrous. We will be digging deep on this subject in our subsequent articles and we want to request you to stay with us on the link to learn from the experts in this discipline. But in the meantime and as a way of finding solutions, doctor Akoury moved by the great suffering of the cancer patients, made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will further interest you to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This has been established to be the missing treatment action which upon scheduling an appointment with her on telephone number 843 213 1480 will be addressed professionally.

Herbal cancer treatment solution: Cancer pain management


Drug addiction origins

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop

Alcoholism general effects

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop the drink for a better health and comfort

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop: Substance abuse

The genesis of alcoholism general effects is always simple, attractive and appears harmless. It all begins with an introductory simple sip which appears to be very harmless as it is taken then the simplicity gains momentum from the influence of your friends and it is no longer a simple sip but a simple drink and because you want to fit in and be counted, you join in the club of belonging. You are now accepted and you feel well placed and can be counted among your peers. However in doing all these you have just started the journey of health problems and complications which will also start in almost the same way you got into alcohol consumption. Health complications will also start in very simple ways and as you continue drinking they graduated from one level to another.

Dear reader, alcohol consumption is not good for your health says doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. When it comes to protecting your health, the sentiment “responsible drinking’ has no value. With addictive substances, there is nothing like that. The effects of alcohol are costly and complicated that, if you are not drinking please stay that way and if you are drinking already, all is not lost. However, you need to make quick decision and stop what you call responsible drinking and move to responsible healthy living. We appreciate that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea and therefore, you will need professional advice from the house of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for the commencement of your recovery process. Meanwhile for a better understanding, we are going to interrogate some of the effects of alcohol for better understanding of the magnitude as follows:

  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Cancer
  • Effects on the lungs
  • Skin, muscle and bone disorder
  • Weight and diabetes
  • Central and Peripheral Nervous System and Mental Functioning
  • Vitamins and mineral deficiencies

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop: Heart disease and stroke

For the purpose of this article, we are going to narrow down on the first two (heart disease and stroke and cancer), while addressing the different in our subsequent articles. While it may be true that when people drink moderately there is the possibility of some improvement of health by reduction of certain risk factors like increasing HDL i.e. good cholesterol levels. This is only minimal and it is subject to consuming one or two units of alcohol daily. It is important to understand that this does not in any way indicate that drinking alcohol unilaterally reduce cardiovascular risk because excessive consumption will definitely affect your health negatively. Alcohol being a toxic substance has the ability to damage the heart muscles making heart disease to be the leading cause of death among alcoholics.

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop: Cancer

Alcohol abuse and dependence may increase the risk for certain type of cancers like mouth, throat, esophageal, gastrointestinal, liver, and colorectal, cancers. When it comes to some of these risks there is no safe limits and the dangers are realistic even with very minimal consumption having adverse effects on breast cancer. It is important that alcohol consumption be avoided in totality for attainment of good health.

Alcoholism general effects gives reason to stop: Substance abuse


Cocaine misuse dynamics

Skin cancer prevention and risk management

Skin cancer prevention

Skin cancer prevention and risk management begins with stopping drug usage

Skin cancer prevention and risk management: Melanin

Melanin is the colour pigment in our skins. When skin is exposed to sunlight, more melanin is produced to help protect the skin against the UV rays. This makes the skin darker what people refer to as a suntan. Although melanin stops your skin burning so easily, it does not prevent the harmful effects of UV rays and that is why skin cancer prevention is very necessary as a tool of risk management in keeping the skin health intact says doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Doctor Akoury’s expert opinion is that most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to the sun which also includes:

  • The non-melanoma type of skin cancer
  • The melanoma type of skin cancer

Non melanoma skin cancers include basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Sun damage can also cause other skin problems to develop. For example, it can cause premature skin ageing, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. It can also cause non-cancerous growths on the skin, such as solar keratosis

Skin cancer prevention and risk management: Who is at risk of skin cancer?

People of all ages should protect their skin, but it is even more vital to protect children. Although skin cancer is rare in children, the amount of sun exposure during childhood is thought to increase the risk of developing skin cancer in adult life. Children who have had episodes of sunburn are more likely to develop skin cancers in later life. The skin of children is more delicate and more prone to damage. Therefore, take extra care with children, and keep babies out of the sun completely.

If you have pale skin, red or fair hair, and freckles, you have the type of skin which burns most easily. This puts you at increased risk of sun-related skin damage and you should take extra care to protect your skin NEVER allow yourself to burn. If you have pale skin, you do not have as much protective melanin. Skin cancers, especially melanoma, are less common in non-white skin types. However, they can still occur, and sun protection is still important. Other factors which can put you at more risk of developing skin cancer are:

  • Having lots of moles.
  • Having a history of a skin cancer of any type.
  • Someone in your family having a history of skin cancer.
  • Having albino skin. This is very white skin which has no melanin at all.
  • Having vitiligo. This is patches of very white skin with no melanin.
  • Scars on your skin from burns or ulcers.
  • A weakened immune system (being immunosuppressed.) This can be from an illness such as HIV or AIDS, or from certain medication which affects the immune system.
  • A job which involves you being outdoors most of the time.
  • Living in a hot country, particularly if you have naturally pale skin.

With all these risks, it is important that we all do our part in the prevention of skin cancer. And for the benefit of your skin health, you can always consult with doctor Dalal Akoury from time to time over the skin cancer prevention techniques.

Skin cancer prevention and risk management: Melanin




Holistic cancer treatment strategies

Holistic cancer treatment

Holistic cancer treatment strategies is all we offer if only you can call us

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients

Because of the devastating nature of cancer disease, to reduce the pain, holistic cancer treatment is very necessary. This will need a lot of professionalism to be achieved. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are very categorical that cancer can be avoided if certain things are done right. The prevention element would be the best because it would save us from all the complications that come with the diagnosis of cancer. In this article, we are not going to dwell much on the prevention aspect but to look at the holistic cancer treatment strategies in this order.

Cancer is an immune deficiency condition

First cancer impairs immunity. It is therefore important that we stimulate and support the immune system by taking the following precautions:

  • Chronic infections like Lyme diseases and yeast needs to be detected and removed.
  • Enhance immune defense to cancer
  • Patients’ needs to know their immune status through carrying out laboratory tests
  • Tissue inflammation needs to be decreased to promote healing

Cancer developed over time under the stress of accumulated toxins

To correct this, the body needs to be adequately detoxified.

  • A comprehensive whole body detoxification program in order for other therapies to work effectively
  • Detecting and eliminating food and environmental allergies
  • Detoxification is essential for cancer prevention and treatment
  • Laboratory testing to evaluate heavy metal or environmental toxicity
  • Restoring natural flora to the bowel

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Malnutrition condition

Correct nutritional imbalances by:

  • Optimal nutrition foods, oral and I.V. supplementation to correct imbalances
  • Laboratory evaluation to determine any nutritional imbalance
  • A comprehensive cancer diet program

It must be appreciated that cancer is a whole body disease involving the body, mind and spirit. That therefore means that incorporating mind and body medication is very necessary. Like for instance:

  • Detect emotional trauma or stress trigger for cancer
  • Relieve stress burden through individual and family support, meditation
  • Use biological, psycho-emotional support to regain harmony of mind/body/spirit

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Cancer and sugar

Targeted Low Dose/Insulin Potentiation Therapy (TLD/IPT) is a non-conventional protocol for the treatment of cancer based upon the hypothesis that insulin may be used to potentiate the effectiveness of commonly used anti-cancer drugs. Because cancer cells have many more insulin receptors than healthy cells, when exposed to insulin the cancer cells open these receptors and become more susceptible to low doses of chemotherapeutic agents. The chemotherapeutic agents are then given in much lower doses than in conventional therapies because of this insulin effect. TLD/IPT also delivers chemotherapeutic drugs more frequently, also thought to allow a therapeutic impact while imparting fewer side effects and allowing patients a higher quality of life.

Finally cancer has tendency of taking over the bodily systems and progresses in an acidic microenvironment, which partially contributes to pain. This can be corrected by modifying your diet to reduce the acidity in the body, drinking a lot of water, taking foods loaded with good fats, vegetables, lean meat, fish and whole foods. Remember that good nutrition will also help cancer patients through the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients