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Learning healthy lifestyle habits

Learning healthy lifestyle habits

Learning healthy lifestyle habits that will bring together a healthy family unit

Learning healthy lifestyle habits: Components of safety living

Did you know that food is a key determinant of what your lifestyle is and how it will look like? It’s is true that we can’t do without food. But even with that need, we must not let food be the reason for our chronic illness says Doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Resource Center. This facility has a mission and vision of kicking out all elements of addiction and its compliments. One way of realizing this is through education, learning a healthy lifestyle. Doctor Akoury appreciates that learning healthy lifestyle living habits is a key component of ensuring safety from all matters addiction. In her professional desire to make this come to reality, doctor Akoury established AWAREmed Integrative Addiction Institute which is a training/learning facility for all medical practitioners and more so the nursing profession. Under this umbrella, nurses are able to learn about so many things including that of healthy eating. Therefore, if you’re wondering on how you can become a healthy eater, this institution is meant for you and you can always join the facility at any time. For more information about this entry, you can first call doctor Akoury today on telephone number 843 213 1480 for further inquiries.

Learning healthy lifestyle habits: Healthy eating

As you approach this topic in any discussion, it is important to appreciate that healthy eating is not just about the observation of some strict diet, weight management, or denying yourself of your favorite food, there is more than what people make it look like. That is why when you register with AWAREmed integrative addiction institute, you will learn more and be able to deliver on your treatment obligations effectively. Healthy feeding is about feeling good, great and having sufficient energy, improving your facials and general body structure alongside stabilizing your moods.

Many of us are struggling without knowing what to do because of numerous advice about nutrition and diet from one professional to another because what you are told today expert A will be the complete opposite of what expert B will tell you further throwing you into confusion. We are committed to helping you get the best by releasing into the market nurses who are consistent and competent all round. Learning healthy lifestyle is very key to doing the right thing and even as we endeavor to train experts it is also important that we help the public understand some of the basic so that they can reduce their levels of confusion and be able to learn on how to test, verify and create a healthy diet good enough for their minds and whole body.

It is therefore important that as individuals we have a duty to play. Therefore while the world is training us to emphasize on a particular nutrient, we need to move to food-based recommendations. We must ensure that our food is whole and enriched with minimally processed foods. In other words the foods we must go for needs to be as natural as possible. Those are the kinds of food that promote learning healthy living not just for the professionals but every one of us.

Learning healthy lifestyle habits: Components of safety living



Traditional detoxification options

Detoxification naturally for body cleansing

Detoxification naturally

Detoxification naturally for body cleansing can also be done professionally

Detoxification naturally for body cleansing: The fundamentals of natural detox

The human body is full of impurities which cause discomfort to the well-being of individual’s life. Because of that, it is very important that we consistently take time to clean the body from such impurities. There are several means of doing this and for the purpose of this article; we want to focus on encouraging detoxification naturally. For the body to be healthy, this very important. Therefore, we want to stand in the gap for you and request you to keep reading and invite a friend on the link for this great health information. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD is a senior professional with several decades of working experience in this discipline. She is with us here and will be highlighting very pertinent fundamentals about detoxification for better health as we progress.

U will agree with me that from creation for those who believe in God’s creation) the first man was healthy and surrounded by healthy natural and fresh foods free from toxic substances compared to what we have today. Therefore the application of natural detox diet to remove toxins and poisons from your body is healthy and should be acceptable to everyone. After all, what could be better than eating pure and natural foods and avoiding processed and refined ones? Certainly none, however, the rising interest in lifestyle enhancement has also ushered in many delusions about toxins and about the best way to clear them from the body. Stimulating the confusion is a major marketing barrage by authors of diet books and producers of supplements and other detoxifying products. Life is never a place for experiment and facts will always remain so irrespective of the interest behind it. I encourage you to be keen on the mushrooming detox products in the market. Schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for clarity or better still, you may visit her at her office at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility she founded objectively to help the bigger society get the precise health information and treatments.

Natural detox options for body cleansing: The idea behind natural detox diet

The idea for detox diets comes from the concern that toxins are constantly attacking our bodies and all for the wrong reasons. These (toxins) are chemicals with potentially harmful effects. While some toxins are more obvious, such as pesticides or smog, some people consider even seemingly normal substances to be toxins. They may come from many sources including the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Impure water
  • Substances such as artificial sweeteners added to food
  • Smog or other substances in the air
  • Medications
  • Pesticides or other chemicals used to grow or prepare food
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine

The common understanding is that the body embraces toxins in the digestive, lymph, or gastrointestinal system as well as in skin and hair. This may the result of health complications like:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and
  • A wide range of chronic diseases

Natural detox options for body cleansing: The fundamentals of natural detox


Multiple addiction illnesses

Detoxification substitutes for body cleansing

Detoxification substitutes

Detoxification substitutes for body cleansing can be done both scientifically and naturally

Detoxification substitutes for body cleansing: Detox diet

The process of natural detox is healthy and user-friendly explains doctor Akoury. Like for instance natural detoxification substitutes and diets are designed to help the body purge itself of toxins. To archive this, you for a moment give up certain kinds of foods (this is called fasting or purging). Then you slowly reinstate foods. For example, you might start with a liquid diet for one or two days. Then you graduate to four or five days of brown rice, fruit, and steamed vegetables. Finally, you add other foods, excluding red meat, wheat, sugar, eggs, and prepackaged or junk food. Remember that in all these, the organic foods and drinks and lots of water are required on a natural detox diet. Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, processed or refined foods, and certain supplements are not allowed.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is the home of solutions. When you visit this facility we will not only naturally detox but also paired it with changes in lifestyle, primarily to foster the cleansing of toxins from the body. We would recommend Saunas and other exercises to increase sweating which is another useful way of purging the body of certain substances.

Detoxification substitutes for body cleansing: Natural ways of detoxification

The body is an expert in eliminating elements which are seen to be unnecessary to the body on its own however in certain extreme cases where these substances are overwhelming other natural means would be applicable for detoxification.  In this instances, your liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, and digestive track are programmed by Mother Nature to keep your body clean all round.

Nevertheless, you can give your body’s natural detoxing powers a boost with some of these easy tips. You may start with a two-week trial and see how you do. This version of “clean” living can work for a lifetime but gauge your ability to stick with these changes for the first 2 weeks. This 14 days jump-start will help you find the right balance of moderation in these areas to keep you on a healthy living path.

Stay hydrated with water – Water is part of every metabolic process in the body, and adequate water intake also helps keep the balance of body salts normal. Natural thirst should always be addressed. And remember that fruits and vegetables are almost all water, so 5-7 servings can boost your natural water intake. And the best way to tell if your water intake is adequate is to check the color of your urine. Pale yellow is the goal. If it’s any darker than that, drink a glass of water or two.

Avoid alcohol-even red wine – Alcohol is not a healthy food it’s also a diuretic, which can be dehydrating. And it’s a double diet whammy, bringing both the extra calories and the lowering of mental focus to say no to higher-calorie foods.

Eliminate processed and prepared foods – Purpose not to consume foods that come in cans, boxes, bags or jars.  Avoid restaurant foods since many of them may look healthy but the preparation process may include unhealthy oils or may be saturated in a creamy sauce. Therefore eliminating processed foods is the quickest and easiest way to limit excess sugars, fats, and calories.

Break a sweat – Skin is the body’s largest organ, and sweating helps you eliminate excess body salts and other metabolites of body processes. Breaking a sweat every day is a good way to support your body’s healthy elimination of metabolic breakdown products.

Get some sleep – Purpose for seven to nine hours every night. Enough sleep supports and maintains a healthy brain.

Change your response to stress – While eliminating stress is not realistic, changing how you respond to daily stressors goes a long way to boosting a healthy body. Start with the concept to “stop and think” with a deep breath before you respond. Stress has both physical and mental effects on metabolic and behavioral activities. And simple steps like eating well, getting adequate sleep, and being physically active go a long way to helping you maintain the control you need to manage your stress more effectively.

Detoxification substitutes for body cleansing: Detox diet






Getting best organic foods

Detoxification process before treatment

Detoxification process before treatment

Detoxification process before treatment with the professionals

Detoxification process before treatment: Drug addiction recovery plan

One will always be considered to be addicted to alcohol or other substances if the individual has an accumulation of toxic elements in their body systems. And for the body to regain its optimum capacities in discharging the various functions of the body such toxic must be removed. The detoxification process is essential just before the commencement of treatment. We now want to focus on detoxification and to understand its importance before the administration of any addiction treatment. When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol or both, the body develops a physical dependence on the substance which then results in chemical changes that occur within the brain. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of the same facility reports that, due to these physical and chemical changes that occur as a result of substance abuse, any attempts to terminate consumption by sudden or progressive quitting either through the cold turkey way or otherwise in many instances do often fails and the consequences of such failures can tantamount to significant health risks for the addict and to their loved ones.

Therefore in order to eliminate or minimize the physical and psychological symptoms that can occur during the withdrawal process in a safe manner, doctor Akoury recommends that it is very important that medical detox is considered as an essential cornerstone of the recovery game plan. Professionally this service is available at the home of addiction solutions (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) and upon scheduling an appointment with the experts at this facility, you will have your case evaluated professionally and the most appropriate treatment administered to you for the most desired result.

Detoxification process before treatment: How medical detox came to the front?

History has it that the importance of detox in regards to the recovery process from addiction came to the forefront and was first administered in the 1970’s with the emergence of the medical model. Previously and before this time (the 1970’s), the patterns and behaviors associated with addiction were commonly dealt with as a criminal offense and people who were struggling with such kinds of addiction were considered to be of weak character a factor that was very discriminative and unfair to both the patient and their loved ones. During that time the practice was that individual addicts were often arrested and held in places like “drunk tanks” and other similar holding places of confinement where they were taken through the withdrawals without any form of medical supervision.

Nonetheless, and progressively as reality and sense sunk to the society of what addiction really is, the voice of reason begun to take shape and the societies on a voluntary basis begun embracing and adopting more humane and constructive ways in dealing with individuals who were struggling with all manner of substance abuse issues. And it is at this point that the methods of detoxification started to evolve and therefore we can now begin to discuss authoritatively the purpose of detox and its importance before any addiction treatment. With that background we want now to invite you in our next article for this informative discussion, in the meantime, you can schedule an appointment with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Akoury for all the concerns you may have.

Detoxification process before treatment: Drug addiction recovery plan


Children obesity causes

Childhood overweight solutions

Childhood overweight solutions

Childhood overweight solutions must be inbuilt where both parents practice healthy living and being active at the same time

Childhood overweight solutions: Obesity in children

Addressing childhood overweight solutions is not that easy compared to adults for various reasons. We sought to know the facts behind this from the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and the following are some of the treatment observations applicable when addressing childhood weight complications.

  • The best way to treat a child who is overweight is to look at changes that can be made to their lifestyle.
  • Preferably changes targeting the involvement of the whole family are best.
  • Other family members who are overweight may also benefit at the same time.
  • Remember that as a parent you act as an important role model for your child and you can help them to stay healthy.
  • The two main lifestyle changes that are advised for your child include, eating more but healthily and doing plenty of physical activity.
  • Small, gradual changes may be best. Your child will then be more likely to stick to these changes with time.

Professionally doctor Akoury advice that parents must always be involved in helping their children make these changes. Nonetheless, some older teenagers may prefer to take responsibility on their own. Think about how your child’s progress is going to be monitored. Discuss this with their healthcare professional. At every opportunity, give applause and reassure your child in what they are doing.

Childhood overweight solutions: Healthy eating

Overweight children should be encouraged to eat healthily and reduce the total number of calories they eat. Parents should take the responsibility for making changes to their children’s diet, more so when such children are under the age of 12. It is equally important to involve the child as much as possible and to listen to their ideas and preferences when deciding on what changes to make on their diet or menu.

Childhood overweight solutions: Physical activities

Experts recommend that children should do a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. The amount of time the children spend doing sedentary activities like watching television, using computers or playing video games should be discouraged and reduced to less than two hours each day. Parents should encourage their children to become more physically active by:

  • Encourage active play for your child, including games that involve moving around, such as skipping, dancing, running or ball games.
  • Encourage your child to spend less time sitting doing sedentary activities.
  • Build physical activity into your child’s life in general. Try to be more active as a family. For example, walking or cycling to school and the shops, going swimming or to the park together.
  • As a parent remember to be a good role model for your children.
  • Help children to take part regularly in structured physical activities that they enjoy like dancing, football or other sports or swimming.
Psychological support

Being overweight or obese as a child may lead to psychological problems for some children. Parents should discuss with their children about their feelings to understand their challenges and help overcome them. Alongside that, involving your child’s healthcare professional who is experts in counseling is important. These specialists will help the children increase confidence and self-esteem and develop coping strategies for teasing or bullying where possible.

Childhood overweight solutions: Obesity in children