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Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction: Helping addicts to remain focus in recovery process

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction it is because of several benefit. When addicts are engaged in activities like exercise they are able to release some stress off and remain focus to their recovery journey.

I believe that this is not the very first time you are hearing what addiction is. It is a chronic brain disease that triggers obsessive thinking and compulsive drug seeking and consumption. The problem can be very devastating and harmful in many ways. And while addiction can effect changes the brains normal functioning, the personality, judgment and values of the individual victims will also become compromised. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury says that once addicted the addicts will continue using these substances despite the harmful consequences that are associated with the drugs. They will often live with a significant degree of denial about their situation, preferring instead to lay blame, generate excuses or simply lie to themselves and others that they have their addiction under control. Like many other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, drug addiction can be managed and treated effectively. The difference is that recovery for addiction will combine medical help, behavior changes and social support to help the individual generate a self-sustaining sobriety and that is why people choose alternative treatment for addiction even as they explore the all treatment avenues available.

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction: Drug Addiction reveals the whole picture

There are a number of reasons why people often choose alternative treatment. Some of those reasons may include the following options:

  • One of the most common reasons for why people choose alternative treatment options is because there is the feeling that the available medical treatments are not meeting their needs. In the event that the scientific medications fail to work then naturally people will be tempted to look elsewhere for solutions.
  • People come from different cultural backgrounds where they have their own way of doing things including treatment. It therefore means that some people may be comfortable with their approaches to treatment and not be keen on the main stream medications like for example, traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda medicine from India.
  • People can follow a spiritual path where there is a belief in healing energies that have not yet been discovered by science. Those individuals who believe in healing energies will want to benefit from them.
  • There is a common perception in the public that alternative treatments are more natural, and that natural means they are better and safer free from chemicals.
  • Those individuals who have had success with alternative treatments can convince family and friends to consider these options. A common reason for why people first experiment with complimentary is due to a recommendation for a friend.
  • Many times physicians have recommended alternative medicine for their patients, this communicate strongly that if they believe it will complement the current treatment or if they feel unable to find an appropriate treatment within western medicine then alternative medicine is the way to go.
  • There are some theories that claim that standard western only treats the disease but alternative medicine treats the whole person. It is suggested that a more holistic approach really gets to the root of problems it does more than just treat the symptoms.
  • It is believed that alternative medication has little or no side effects further crediting their use by many people. to be fewer side effects associated with many alternative
  • Due to the fewer number of clients that alternative therapists attend to, it is believed that they offer more personalized care. This may be because physicians are overworked or in some cases they will treat patients like puzzles instead of people.

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction: Examples of alternative treatments for addiction recovery

There are many alternative addiction treatments available including:

  • Some individuals do seem to be able to recover from an addiction by purely relying on their own inner resources, this could be described as true natural recovery. This is not an option for everyone, and most people who seek treatment will already have tried and failed many times to quit by themselves.
  • There are a number of herbal remedies that may be of value to those who are trying to escape addiction. An example of this would be passion flower which is said to help with the mental aspects of addiction withdrawal.
  • There are many addicts who claim to have benefited from reiki, acupuncture, and other energy treatments. These techniques tend to enhance and not replace traditional treatments.
  • There is growing evidence that practices such as mindfulness meditation and yoga can be of great value to people in recovery. These continue to be considered alternative treatments by many in the establishment, but this is likely to change in the future under the weight of evidence that supports them.

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction: Problems associated with alternative addiction treatments

Like in all treatment methods, doctor Akoury says that there are a number of problems associated with alternative addiction treatments too. Some of which may include the following:

  • If these treatments had sufficient evidence to support them they would not be considered alternatives. This of course does not mean that such evidence will not appear in the future a common problem with complementary therapies is that they have not been adequately researched on.
  • There are undoubtedly people out there who are willing to scam those who looking for help for their addiction. Almost anyone can claim a new addiction wonder cure and try to sell this to other people – those who are cunning enough will be able to do this and remain within the law.
  • Some alternative treatments could prove to be dangerous. This is particularly likely when untrained individuals begin offering medical advice for example, they may tell their clients to stop taking medications prescribed by their physician.
  • There can be unpleasant side effects associated with most of the herbal remedies. It is not recommended that people begin taking any of these natural medicines without first consulting their physician this is particularly important for those who are already taking prescribed medications because there will be the risk of negative interactions.
  • Meditation techniques can be highly effective for people in recovery, but it is also possible to overdo it. In rare instances people have developed meditation-related psychosis (also known as Kundalini syndrome) as a result of their practice.
  • Some alternative therapists make claims for their methods that are exaggerated. This may be because they actually believe such claims or because they are out to make money and they have no scruples about this.

Finally things could be worse for some addicts particularly those who only have one more chance at recovery. Doctor Akoury says that if such people make what they call their final attempt using alternative medication and this fails to work, they are likely to give up on ever recovering from their addiction. It would be advisable that patients consult widely before taking any action. If you are worried on where to start from, then look no further and schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more professional approach on your struggle with an addiction.

Why people choose alternative treatment for addiction: Helping addicts to remain focus in recovery process



Natural Remedies for Insomnia Caused By Addiction

Use of Chamomile, HOPS, Passion Flower, Valerian Roots, Californian Poppy for Insomnia Caused By Addiction

According to National Sleep Foundation, insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. People with insomnia can feel dissatisfied with their sleep and usually experience the symptoms of poor sleep that may deter them from enjoying healthy lifestyles. This disease can affect people of all ages but adults are the major victims.

This foundation further stresses that, sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing. But still there are millions of people who do not get enough sleep and many suffer from lack of sleep. NSF conducted survey between 1999-2004 that revealed that at least 40 million Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders and 60 percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more. Most of those with these problems go undiagnosed and untreated. In addition, more than 40 percent of adults experience daytime sleepiness severe enough to interfere with their daily activities at least a few days each month – with 20 percent reporting problem sleepiness a few days a week or more. Furthermore, 69 percent of children experience one or more sleep problems a few nights or more during a week.


However insomnia can also be caused by addiction. And so far it is one of the serious symptoms of addiction. Drugs of abuse for example alcohol has been shown to interfere with normal sleep patterns since they disrupt particular neurotransmitters in the brain which control or regulate sleep. When these neurotransmitters are disrupted, disturbances can result. Small amounts of alcohol can cause early sedation or sleepiness, and is often used as a sedative. However, the use of alcohol as an effective sedative can be extremely misleading because the side effects that can result are usually even more harmful and detrimental to the natural sleep cycle. For instance, due to the natural elimination of alcohol from the body, arousal and sleep fragmentation can occur and the second half of the sleep period can be drastically interrupted. This is due to the fact that, although alcohol will cause sedation, it will also decrease rapid eye movement sleep in the first half of the night resulting in the rebound of rapid eye movement sleep later in the night.  Here are some of the natural ways through which addiction induced insomnia can be treated.

Passion flower

Passion flower is a good remedy for sleep disorders that had been previously got approved in the U.S as an over the counter sedative and sleep aid. However by this time its safety and effectiveness had not been approved and it was consequentially taken off market. This product can be used alone or in combination with other herbs to help cure insomnia that is induced by drug addiction. Some researchers opined that when passion flower tea is taken an hour before going to bed it may help to improve the quality of sleep. However there is still need for evidence to show it does all these effectively.

California poppy- also known as Eschscholzia californica, California poppy is a good remedy for sleep disorders. It works as a sedative and is known to promote sleep. Currently it can be found in different herbal remedies sold in the U.S for cure of insomnia, as relaxants and therapies for anxiety. Owing to its mild sedative and analgesic properties, it can be given safely to children. Clinical and laboratory work on California poppy has clearly demonstrated the plant’s sedative and anti-anxiety properties.  It has also been shown to improve both sleep latency and quality. You can use it solely or in combination with other herbs to help cure insomnia.

Hops – scientifically its known as Humulus lupulus

insomniaThe use of Hops dates back to early 1900s when Eclectic physicians used it as a sedative specifically for insomnia due to worry or nerve. This herb that is used as a major flavoring component of beer has been used for a long time to cure insomnia, nervousness, and restlessness. Hops pillows are sometimes used for mild insomnia. Having been used successfully in the past, trying it won’t hurt you.

Chamomile:  is scientifically known as Anthemis nobilis. This herb has been used as sedative for a long time and can be safely used with children as well as adults. In South America, Europe and Mexico chamomile tea is a common beverage that is honored for its effectiveness in curing such conditions as irritability, restlessness and insomnia both in children and adults. What’s more? Its oil can also be used in bathing waters to help soothe nerves. Its oil can also be used for massage. Chamomile is still one of the sought after sedatives with proven effectiveness.


Valerian: is scientifically known as Valeriana officinalis.  This is a common herb in the U.S where it is used widely for cure of insomnia restlessness and nervousness. This herb can reduce the time people take before falling asleep and is known to shorten sleep latency. When used it reduces chances of a person waking up in the night. As a herbal sedative, valerian has many benefits yet no known side effects that synthetic sedatives are loathed for. It can be used in combination with Hops, California poppy and chamomile among others.

These herbs are an excellent way to help you fight insomnia naturally. We at AWAREmed health and wellness center are dedicated to finding the best natural solutions to health problems. You can visit us at Myrtle Beach South Carolina where you will be attended to by Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) who has vast experience in integrative medicine for lifestyle diseases.

Use of Chamomile, HOPS, Passion Flower, Valerian Roots, Californian Poppy for Insomnia Caused By Addiction



What’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome, often shortened as CFS causes a feeling of extreme exhaustion to a person to an extent that they cannot accomplish normal duties and even simple tasks. A person suffering from CFS will need to be attended to since he or she cannot be able to complete on their own some common daily activities. While chronic fatigue syndrome has no known cause and is difficult to diagnose, its major symptoms can be treated. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes persistent fatigue that affects everyday life and doesn’t go away with sleep or rest. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also known as ME, which stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. Myalgia means muscle pain and encephalomyelitis means inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Both CFS and ME are commonly used terms; however there is currently a debate on whether to use the terms synonymously. Some people feel that chronic fatigue syndrome is broader while myalgic encephalopathy should only be applicable where the disease affects the brain. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a serious condition that can result to long-term illness and disability, however many people affected by chronic fatigue syndrome especially children and young people often improve over time.

What’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How severe is chronic fatigue syndrome?

This condition may vary in severity. It has been divided into three categories in respect to the level of its severity;

  • Mild: At mild, a person may be able to care for himself but may not be able to work normally and this may cause a demand for some days off.
  • Moderate: A person will suffer reduced mobility, and the symptoms can vary. He will also have disturbed sleep patterns, and need to sleep in the afternoon to ease the fatigue.
  • Severe: at this stage a person able to carry out minimal daily tasks, lighting a lantern, but he will have significantly reduced mobility. He will also have difficulty concentrating.

Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

The main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is fatigue. The patient suffers both emotional and physical fatigue. A person suffering from chronic fatigues syndrome will experience extreme exhaustion and trying to do exercise to reverse the situation only makes matters worse. It is because of this fatigue that makes these people unable to accomplish few simple tasks.

  • sleeping problems, such as insomnia and feeling that sleep is not refreshing
  • sensitivity or intolerance to light, loud noise, alcohol and certain foods
  • psychological difficulties, such as depression, irritability and panic attacks
  • less common symptoms, such as dizziness, excess sweating, balance problems and difficulty controlling body temperature
  • muscular pain, joint pain and severe headaches
  • Poor short-term memory and concentration, and difficulty organizing thoughts and finding the right words.
  • painful lymph nodes stomach pain and other problems similar to irritable bowel syndrome, such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea and nausea
  • sore throat
  • fever

Causes of Chronic Fatigue

The exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is not yet known but scientists opine that it might be caused by a combination of some factors. Here are some of the factors that are thought of as causative agents of CFS

  • Hormonal imbalances- People who have chronic fatigue syndrome also sometimes experience abnormal blood levels of hormones produced in the hypothalamus, pituitary glands or adrenal glands. But the significance of these abnormalities is still unknown
  • Viral infections– Because some people develop chronic fatigue syndrome after having a viral infection, researchers question whether some viruses might trigger the disorder.

Suspicious viruses include Epstein-Barr virus, human herpes virus 6 and mouse leukemia viruses. However there is no conclusive link has yet been found to verify this.

  • Immune system problems- The immune systems of people who have chronic fatigue syndrome appear to be impaired slightly, but it’s unclear if this impairment is enough to actually cause the disorder.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Treating CFS with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a therapy that has been very helpful in treatment of diseases that are mostly caused by hormonal deficiency or imbalance. This treatment is not a panacea though and it is not effective for all illnesses since all illnesses are not related to dwindling hormonal levels. However this treatment can help in treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. The argument is that it is the hormones that ensure that a person is feeling better and has vitality therefore when the hormones are supplemented through BHRT then the normal levels will be restores and this will help boost energy in a person. Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy helps relieve symptoms caused by age-related hormone imbalance in women and men. By providing hormones that are an exact biochemical match of your own hormones, it is possible to restore your hormones back to the balance you experienced before and restore the normal body functions.

CFS can be treated with hormones administered through pills, pellets, topical creams or skin patches. These are all valid methods to regain energy and beat fatigue. Just in case you wish to get help, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) an experienced doctor who founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center which is home to many people seeking health breakthrough.

What’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Eating Clean Seasonally

Eating Clean Seasonally

It is general knowledge that we all ought to live healthier lives by observing certain uncomplicated dietary rules.  These are things we do not have to be taught. We just know through simple intuition that taking excess sugar is unhealthy, consuming too much fat can be fatal in the long run, eating excessive salt could cause life threatening diseases like diabetes among others.

We hear these things every day. We meet these warnings almost everywhere we go. Yet, it is very much obvious that most youths around the world continue to take processed foods that are high in sugar, cholesterol and salt.

You find the head of a family suffering from diabetes. He no longer takes tea with sugar. Oftentimes we would assume that that is a close lesson for the rest of the family that are still healthy to take caution when approaching the amounts of these nutritional contents as found in their daily regimens.

Yet that is not the case.  The youngster in the same family still views the father’s case as an old man’s destiny; something far from their own course. So the girl of the house proceeds to observe a portion of fries in her daily routine and the boy keeps on with his double-the-required-amount of sugar for his everyday tea.

clean eating diet

The results? Teenage vulnerability. Even if they do not directly begin to suffer the ultimate diseases such as diabetes, they often experience a variety of ulcers and other frequent disorders. Chances are that even after starting to suffer such ailments these young folks still find it hard to change course and observe healthier diets.

Stubborn generation

It is not sufficient to say that the youth are the people who do not eat clean diets. That would actually be preposterous. Yes there might be difficulty establishing a clear-cut age line separating youth from adulthood. But we can seek logic to help us go about this topic. It is not decent language to refer to some married fellow with a family in his mid-thirties as youth! In my view that is just not good.

These are the people who are highly affected, second only to the teenagers. At this age you find that the person is stably employed or is running some successful business. Money is not a problem. So what does he do?

Out he goes every evening after work to drink with colleagues; members of the same age bracket. They drink a lot of vodka and eat roasted meat. As a routine. Surrounded by a bunch of willing ladies who take shifts for different days.

Another breed also take beer as a staple food. They let their bellies develop into a pot and get proud of it. Then they do no exercise to burn the excess fats and cholesterol.

What then will contrast this generation of people from that of the teenagers who do not have much money but get enough for their daily fast foods? Bottom line: both have inappropriate eating habits.


Eating clean

What then does eating clean entail? Of course there are certain world cultures that observe healthy eating habits. This is why you will seldom find overweight people in Japan. Their diet is highly comprised of sea foods and vegetables and just like the Chinese, food to them is majorly regarded from a healing perspective.

This is in contrast to the Western, and specifically American culture where most of the food that make their diet consist of processed materials, candy, fried foodstuffs or soda that are basically low in nutrients.

The Mediterranean is another region that can be said to observe safe eating styles throughout the seasons. Diet here majorly comprises of green vegetables in large quantities, nuts, fresh fruits, beans and varieties of fish. From a health perspective such diets contain healthy antioxidants and the beta-carotene which are the best for disease prevention.

Generally speaking then, we all need to try pursuing some form of traditional eating lifestyles seasonally in order to stay healthier. Diets that are enriched with fruit varieties, vegetables, lean proteins and natural oils may just be the ideal culinary composition for the contemporary mankind.

Eating Clean Seasonally



Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Holistic Cancer Care

Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Holistic Cancer Care

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complicated procedure that entails the use of different approaches to treat different types of diseases. One important thing about this system that makes it completely different from the conventional treatment methods as developed in Western scientific tradition is that TCM is based on a holistic approach to the human body. Diseases are treated as disruptions to the entire body system and the focus is on returning the body to its initial ideal state. Therefore, TCM is focused on providing patients with a completely personalized mode of treatment. This is seen right from the diagnosis stage to the way specific intervention measures are administered to a patient.


Research in the use of TCM in cancer treatment

There has been a growing body of research on how traditional Chinese medicine can be used in treating cancer patients. From several studies, it can be seen that there has been general consensus among researchers that Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to supplement conventional oncology care. Studies have indicated that when used alongside conventional methods of treating cancer, specific practices in the system can play a distinctive role in enhancing the overall outcomes of cancer treatments for patients. Known as integrative or holistic cancer care, this approach of combining conventional Western medicine with elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been growing in popularity over the recent past.

Use of acupuncture in holistic cancer care

Acupuncture is one of the many practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine that are integrated into holistic cancer care. The aim of acupuncture is to control the neurological processes in the body of a patient as a way of bringing about the desired effects. This is done by use of special needles which are inserted in the body of the patient at specific points. The application of the needles may be accompanied by several practices that are meant to enhance their effect on the body of the patient. For instance, it is common for the procedure to involve use of heat as a way of boosting the ability of the needles to restore the flow of energy within the body of the patient to an equilibrium state. Besides, it is common for the procedure to be carried out using heat from special herbs as a way of stimulating the specific locations within the body where the needles are inserted. As stated, all these alternatives are meant to enhance the overall way in which the procedure works. It is important to note at this point that the procedure itself is carried out by specially trained practitioners who understand every part of the process.

Its advantages in cancer treatment

Research has indicated that there are several ways in which this procedure can be useful when integrated into holistic cancer care. Basically, acupuncture has been found to be effective in relieving patients of many different and unpleasant side effects associated with different forms of therapy used in cancer. For example, findings from studies have indicated that when properly used, acupuncture is able to reduce the intensity of nausea and vomiting that cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy usually experience in the course of their treatment. Use of this procedure in such cases has indicated positive results, therefore strengthening the belief that such a procedure can be used to enhance the overall outcome of conventional cancer therapy in patients.

Further, studies have indicated that acupuncture can be an effective remedy to hot flashes, a condition experienced by patients of breast cancer. As a result of imbalance in the body hormones, any patients of breast and prostate cancer experience this condition over the course of time. Use of different forms of acupuncture or acupressure – a variant form of acupuncture – has been shown to play a key role of relieving the situation thus boosting the outcome of the therapy being used in general.

Use of herbal medicines in holistic cancer care

Herbal medicines are an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. The herbs are usually applied to the patient using different methods like oral, topical application and even infusion. In practice, the method of application depends on the kind of effect that the herbs are intended to have on the patient and the nature of the herbs that are being used.


There are several important ways in which Chinese herbal medicine can be used as part of holistic cancer care. To begin with, the essence of Chinese herbal medicine is twofold: to restore the body to equilibrium state and provide nourishment to it. It is from this approach that the herbs have been found to be useful in helping cancer patients. For example, the fact that the herbs have been found to work by correcting any form of imbalance within the body means that they can be used to treat symptoms associated with different types of cancers in patients. From different studies that have been carried out, it has been found that traditional Chinese herbs can be effective in alleviating pain in cancer patients. The effectiveness of this mode of treatment has been found to be comparable to that of conventional pain relieving medications.

Another way in which Chinese herbal medicines have been used as part of holistic cancer care has been in providing nourishment for the body. Use of the different forms of the herbs has been found to be beneficial to the way the body actually responds to the conventional treatment in use.

Risks of TCM interventions in cancer patients receiving integrative care

There are several risks that are associated with using TCM treatments in cancer patients who are receiving integrative care. For instance, the fact that the traditional herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be applied by oral, infusion or topical application and contain a number of different herbs presents the risk of interaction with the conventional drugs that are being used on the patients.

Another risk of integrating traditional Chinese medicine in holistic cancer care has been with regard to how effective acupuncture really is when used in cases involving different forms of cancer. Although its efficacy in reducing particular effects in cancer patients has been established, the bone of contention has been that many of the studies upon which the results are based have involved relatively small samples. It then follows that the results obtained from such studies may not be extrapolated to cover entire populations. Although this is so, intense research on the subject is currently ongoing.

At AWAREmed, we understand the potential benefits and risks of using Traditional Chinese Medicine as part of Holistic Cancer Treatment. We have dedicated our time to keeping abreast with the most recent developments in this field, all for the benefit of our patients.

Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Holistic Cancer Care