Accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery: Why shouldn’t i drink?

accessibility to alcohol

Accessibility to alcohol is one of the most significant motivation to being addicted to alcohol

The prevalence of alcohol addiction has been necessitated by easy accessibility to alcohol which is posing a serious threat to treatment and recovery process. You will not be surprised to note that certain streets in a given capital city of a state are literally littered with alcohol joints e.g. pubs and entertainment spots. Our authorities have continually license more business directly engaging in the sales and production of alcohol in order to increase revenues for development. They do so because they have noted that the addictiveness of this product and so even if taxes were to be increased as a means of putting in some control, people will still buy to quench their thirst. It is because of this background that we at the home of addiction experts (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury have resolved to make a difference by posting very informative articles on this link to the public’s consumption so that this problem can be brought to manageable levels. Therefore we want to scrutinize how accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery in this article. We therefore want to request you to stay with us on the link and together let us educate one another on the best possible ways of eradicating this scourge from our societies.

According to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, it is worrying that even though it’s illegal to buy alcohol in most states globally including in the United States until the age of 21, most teens and young children can still get access to this product (alcohol). We must therefore be very careful about the decisions we make concerning our usage (drinking) of alcohol. What we do affects our children greatly in the future like for instance if you stock alcohol in your refrigerator, the message you are passing to the teens is that this is a good substance and can be consumed at will after all food and drinks for family use or consumption are always kept in our refrigerators. When your children become the messengers each time you want supply of your substance whether it is alcohol, cigarette or any other substance, the children are registering real tangible points about the use and abuse of these stuff. Dear friend this is very dangerous not just for your family but to the whole society and beyond. Have you ever hard the phrase “charity begins at home?” when good things begins from home the society benefits in the same way when bad things bins from our homes the society suffers. This we can stop, prevent and avoid by choosing to do the right things with our children. Now back to our point of discussion having listen to the over view it is important to appreciate that besides the mentioned, there are several other consequences for drinking some may include:

Accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery: Heavy penalty and severe punishment

The authorities in every institutions and states are putting stringent measures to curb this unbecoming habit in our young generation and therefore teens that drink will always rub shoulders with the law enforcer agencies and be arrested. Besides that they (teens) are likely to involve themselves into some unwanted behaviors and conducts like fighting, committing various kinds of crime, and even end up into suicide. There are very prevalent occurrences in teens that drink when compared to those who do not drink or do drugs. Alongside all these individuals who drink will in many cases also have problems in their social and academic lives, and remember that drinking can once ability to concentrate in his or her studies and the consequences of this is dismal performance in their grades, career, sports or any other activity they participate in. this nor normally happens because of poor coordination by the brain when it is under the influence of alcohol and substances.

Accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery: Displaying actions of stupidity

The good impression according to the users of alcohol is that drinking is cool and life’s fulfilling, this is a serious misinformation because the moment the alcohol takes effect on the nervous system, the whole situation changes and what was perceived to be cool and fulfilling (drinking alcohol) all over sudden create shame and embarrassment. I strongly believe that you have meet people decently dressed on their way to drinking joints and a few hours later you meet them in very disturbing and pathetic situations. That is why we say that drinking can make people do very stupid or embarrassing things including throwing up or peeing on themselves in total disregard of their surroundings. Besides the stupid actions, drinking also gives people bad breath, and no one enjoys a hangover even to those who feel that they can’t do without the touch of the bottle. Displaying actions of stupidity can be avoided if only we can chose to seek for help in good time. Before things get out of hand to the point of regrets, you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today and together with her team of experts all your concerns about alcohol addiction and the general aspect of substance abuse will be addressed professionally.

Accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery: The health risks of Alcohol consumption

When we talk about the health risk involving misuse of alcohol, you can be rest assured that it is not going to the first time you are hearing this. The consequences of misuse of alcohol have been preached since time immemorial yet our young people are still into this harmful habit. There is no doubt that individuals who drink alcohol age, gender and race not withstanding are more likely to be sexually active and eventually engages into having unsafe or unprotected sex. We are all privy to the consequences of such action which may include but not limited to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases which can be very fatal to the point of death. Besides that doctor Akoury is registering that the risk of injuring one’s yourself, maybe even fatally, is higher especially when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Shocking as it may sound, it has been established that about one half of all drowning death cases among people are actually related to alcohol use. There is therefore no doubt that the use of alcohol is in itself going to greatly increase the chance of people or users of alcohol to be involved in a car crash, homicide, or suicide. All this fatalities can be brought to manageable levels by taking immediate actions of getting help from the right professionals like doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Finally as we bring this discussion to an end, there are also nutritional effects that come with alcohol consumptions. Like for instance, our young people are most likely to get fat or have health problems if they are consistently abusing alcohol. According to one of the studies conducted by the University of Washington it was established that people who regularly had five or more drinks in a row starting at age 13 were much more likely to be overweight or have high blood pressure by age 24 than their non-drinking peers. People who continue drinking heavily well into adulthood risk damaging their organs, such as the liver, heart, and brain. These findings can be very scary but you can chose to correct that by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury a veteran addiction expert of several decades today so that all your concerns can be addressed professionally and adequately.

Accessibility to alcohol a hindrance to recovery: Why shouldn’t i drink?