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Addiction prevention pretense

Addiction prevention pretense is negative factor motivated by denial among drug users of all kinds

Addiction prevention pretense: The endless pain

The damage caused by cigarette smoking can’t go unnoticed in any state, community or family. Serious health problems are registered daily in our health facilities thanks to the legalized usage of the substance. The irony in all this is that despite the known dangers, our authorities are spending billions of money in trying to bring this disturbing behavior to manageable levels a problem they themselves are facilitating daily by issuing out licenses for people to trade in tobacco products. This is the greatest statement of addiction prevention hypocrisy I have ever heard. Because of this, we want to engage the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help us understand the addiction prevention pretense and hypocrisy when it comes to tobacco usage.

This is a global problem and America is one of the biggest victims when it comes to cigarettes addiction today. and if we are still going to be kind with a cigarette for whatever reason be it for revenue reasons or fear of loss of employment opportunities, then I can confirm to us that we are not being sincere with our efforts. Am saying this because you do not warn a child about the dangers of any poison then you serve him or her with the same poison.

Addiction prevention pretense: The derivatives found in tobacco

It is true that most people are well informed of the dangers of smoking including the serious effects it has on their health including the increased risk of contracting other serious health complications like cancer and also cause problems during pregnancy and make you more likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack. That is why when we are making emphasis on the addiction prevention hypocrisy in handling cigarette smoking we understand the real consequences of neglecting the facts. The impact of cigarette smoking will not only be visible on the basis of the life-threatening health conditions, but also from very simple elements that you are likely to ignore. Like for instance, the byproducts found in tobacco products will deprive the skin of oxygen and vital nutrients. This deprivation can lead to a pale and uneven skin tone, meaning that when you start smoking at a tender age, changes in your skin can begin to be seen sooner than you can imagine. Remember that when you take a puff of a cigarette, in essence, you’re causing permanent damage to your skin.

This habit can cause early wrinkles, and it accelerates the overall aging of your skin. After only 10 years of smoking, it’s already possible to see the effects in the faces of young adults. Now from that explanation, you can see that such people will dig deep into their finances to correct the facial and harm caused by the smoke while at the same time bracing themselves for the major consequences of cigarette smoking like the skin cancer and other cancerous effects which are associated with this habit. We are being hypocritical in dealing with this substance usage because we can narrate vividly the dangers, we can make financial cost estimations, loss of manpower during working hours while smoking and the list is endless yet we have refused to be bold enough to classify this substance as an illegality in our laws of the land. Because that is taking longer, you can redeem yourself today by calling doctor Akoury to help you professionally on the best quitting procedures today.

Addiction prevention pretense: The endless pain