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Childhood substance abuse

Childhood substance abuse is on the increase and the time for solution is now

Childhood substance abuse: Don’t give up hope

The fight against drug abuse will not warn until we recognized and address childhood substance abuse from the very beginning. If you’re going through trial moment with your addicted child to drugs, be encouraged that you are not alone and you can always find somebody to talk to. I must agree that it is not a good experience to go through and that is why as professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of Doctor Dalal Akoury MD we want to share with you some experiences other parents have gone through in dealing with child addiction to alcohol and drug addiction. As a veteran addiction expert doctor Akoury will be sharing with our experiences of past clients so that we can develop the culture of learning from other parents about children addiction.

Over the past two decades, doctor Akoury has been very instrumental in offering solutions to all people across the globe and in her experience, she came across one client whose story will be very useful for many parents with addicted children. According to this client, about five years ago their son was 27-year-old and was so much addicted to alcohol drinking that finally led to the usage of other strong drugs (cocaine to be specific). For more than one year they were in the dark about his new habit until he was out of control and that is when he lost his job this really caught our pants down because of his life and that of our grandson the client said. We could not believe how ignorant and blind we were until it all started to make sense when our son was consistently broke, weird phone calls, not showing up for family events, his actions, and his physical appearance. At this point, the reality down on us and we tried to help him by enrolling him in treatment programs one after the other. It was difficult because the response was very discouraging but we kept telling him how much we loved him. In solidarity, we began attending recovery meetings.

Childhood substance abuse: Learning the consequences of addiction the hard way

To cut the long story short it reached a point when we realized that it was beyond our control and we were prepared for the worst but even as we were in that situation, we still told him how much we loved him even though at this time we also needed to take care of ourselves. And so very painfully we detached with love. Our house was still open for him and he would come for meals and to shower but he could not live with us anymore, nor would we give him any financial assistance. As fate would have it he who was never taught by his parents would be taught by the world and so he was arrested and we did not bail him out. He was so angry with us, but we still maintained our love for him. He was sentenced to go to a treatment program. He had only the clothes on his back, not even a pair of shoes, and it was winter. We did not give him anything but told him to call when he was settled in his new home and that we still loved him. At this point, he knew he was losing his family and possibly his son. That was about four years ago. Today our son has gone through treatment, is working on a recovery program and has custody of his son. We all take it a day at a time. We want to thank doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for their professional insight that has brought transformation to our son even if it was through the hard way. You can make yours easier by contacting doctor Akoury today.

Childhood substance abuse: Don’t give up hope