Cigarette addictive nature

Cigarette addictive nature and many other substances of abuse are destructive and it is time to break all the chains of addiction

Cigarette addictive nature: Why tobacco rich nicotine is addictive?

Do you know why you can’t quit smoking easily? I will tell you why. The truth is cigarette addictive nature is tailored for commercial gain at the expense of your health. You can take that to the bank and without any second thought, I can confirm to you that cigarette producers, manufacturers or makers are not ignorant of the fact that nicotine addiction helps sell their products. The addictiveness of this element is used as a retention tool, to keep clients hooked and keep using their product. It is no wonder cigarettes today deliver more nicotine much faster than ever before. So when asked about this question, you must be informed that tobacco companies are very much aware of what they are doing and that they are using additives and chemicals to make cigarette smoking addictive even the more so that you remain a loyal and frequent client not because you like but because you have been made to.

Cigarette addictive nature: Why are smokeless tobacco products addictive?

Remember what I said before that tobacco products are the major sources of nicotine. Therefore where the mode of usage doesn’t matter, whether it is smoked or chewed the end result is that nicotine is being taken in. it, therefore, means that all the nicotine found in all tobacco products are highly addictive drugs that act in the brain and throughout the body. Dip and chew contain more nicotine than cigarettes. Holding an average-sized dip in your mouth for 30 minutes can give you as much nicotine as smoking three sticks of cigarettes. And again using two cans of snuff a week gives you as much nicotine as someone who smokes one and a half packs of cigarettes a day.

Cigarette addictive nature: What happen when I quit smoking?

Like other substances, tobacco and nicotine are equally very addictive just in the same way as alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. The common denominator about all drugs is that, when you stop smoking or cut back your tobacco use, you will experience withdrawal problems and when going through this process of withdrawal, you are likely to experience some of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Cravings for cigarettes and other sources of nicotine

Finally, nicotine withdrawal is short-lived and symptoms pass in time, usually less than a week. However withdrawal is the most uncomfortable part of quitting, but the real challenge will be beating the long-term cravings and staying away from tobacco henceforth. In your struggle with this problem of drug addiction, it is important that you get professional help to go about the whole process. This way you will be guided step by step and chances of making mistakes will be avoided. That is why doctor Akoury founded this medical center to help people live you regain their lives back. You can, therefore, schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for more professional input.

Cigarette addictive nature: Why tobacco rich nicotine is addictive?