Cocaine abuse destructions

Cocaine abuse destructions are evident even on the surface

Cocaine abuse destructions: Statistics of cocaine effects

Of all substance of abuse, the kind of cocaine abuse destructions in human life is very painful. Cocaine abuse effects on human health are growing very fast among the middle-class communities. According to a report released by a Police Foundation recently, it was stated that there are 120,000 regular users and 360,000 occasional users of cocaine, with 180,000 taking crack cocaine the report concludes. This drug is no respecter of anyone and social status is not a factor when it comes to drug addiction. Everyone is vulnerable and we must face the problem boldly without fear. Doctor Akoury MD, is a veteran addiction expert who is taking the initiative to help you get the best of your life in this article by focusing on the discussion topic which is “destructions cocaine abuse cause on human health”. The chilling revelations doctor Akoury is about to share with us are just but a very small fraction of what this drug is capable of doing in your life. It would be appropriate that even as you go through this article, you may want to schedule an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury. Remember that she founded this health facility primarily to give her contribution towards eliminating cocaine addiction and other addictive elements. Let us now get to the business of understanding the impact of cocaine on human health.

Cocaine abuse destructions: Mental health complications

Although cocaine is used because it causes excitement, those addicts who use this drug regularly in high doses can develop short-term sessions of uncontrolled behavior, impaired judgment, impulsive behavior and hypersexuality. Besides that, other users are also likely to develop persecutory delusions and hallucinations which often cause them problems with the authorities. When addicts use this drug, it causes them to lose the sense of control and occasionally become violent. Yet alongside that muscle twitching and convulsions (fits) are also a risk with heavy use, more so in adolescents who smoke crack, a pure and highly addictive form of the drug. Coma, the breakdown of muscles and kidney failure can also occur.

Cocaine abuse destructions: The liver

Users of cocaine often combine it with alcohol to deliver more excitement. To them, this combination gives them the feeling of the ‘high’ to satisfaction as opposed to when cocaine is used on its own. With this combination, the effect of cocaine is given a boost and the reason behind it is that a new chemical is formed in the liver which has similar effects to cocaine but which last longer in the body. Doctor Akoury sounds a warning that this practice is chillingly dangerous.  It is highly associated with liver damages and risk of premature death is 18 times greater with this combination. Get to know more to be on the health safest side of life by scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today.

Cocaine abuse destructions: Statistics of cocaine effects