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Cocaine addictive stimulant

Cocaine addictive stimulant consequences is not address can cause serious damages

Cocaine addictive stimulant consequences: The associated health risks

Anyone using drugs will attest to the fact that cocaine addictive stimulant has very devastating health consequences. Many are losing their life due to this substance. Families are breaking up and the danger can no longer be over looked. Likeminded professionals like doctor Dalal Akoury are pooling resources to ensure that the society that is wasting away is restored back to life and productivity. To this effect, doctor Dalal Akoury MD founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center primarily to help in the treatment of persons struggling with all kind of addiction including the cocaine addictive stimulant. This message of health is directed to you all who are either victims directly or indirectly.

If you are looking for real time drug abuse solution, beginning with a phone call to doctor Akoury becomes the starting point on telephone number 843 213 1480. And as you consider calling that number, it is important to note that cocaine is a stimulant and very addictive for that matter. Therefore its usage can cause your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to constrict the consequence of which are high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. These are not just health problems but very serious ones which can cause you your life. This problem is ravaging in our societies like never before and in fact heart attacks in young patients without a history of heart disease are so frequently thanks to cocaine deadliest stimulant abuse.

Cocaine addictive stimulant consequences: Cocaine is an important cause of cardiac arrest

Like I have stated above that cocaine causes ones heart to speed up, and in some cases the speed is so fast that it actually stops. What is especially deadly about cocaine is that there is no correlation between how many times you’ve used cocaine or how much you used, and when you will suffer a cardiac arrest. Some people die after their first use. Other people have used cocaine hundreds of times, and then drop dead on the very next time. Some university athletes who suddenly drop dead are discovered to have died from cocaine induced cardiac arrest. And like with all drugs, the most important consequences of cocaine addiction are psychological, social, and emotional. But with cocaine these happen faster and harder than with other drugs. Doctor Dalal Akoury is sounding a word of caution to all cocaine users, she says that if you are a cocaine addict, you don’t have to wonder if you’ve hurt your friends and family because the truth is that you have done that not once but many times, you may not know because of the influence the drug has on you but now that you are sober and you’re asking, the writings is on the wall. Make a mend and seek for treatment by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery journey. This is very important and can’t be delayed. Act now and save yourself from the scourge of cocaine addictive stimulant consequences.

Cocaine addictive stimulant consequences: The associated health risks