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Detesting drug addiction

Detesting drug addiction is the only way to go if we want to live healthy lives

Detesting drug addiction: Giving good health a chance

Life without good health is painful, frustrating and costly to maintain. Sickness is a major obstacle that makes life uncomfortable. While sickness can come in many ways, we want to focus on the line of drugs. It is important that detesting drug addiction should be embraced by everyone. And for us to do this we must be ready to prevent things before they happen. However, in the unlikely event that we fall sick, treatment must be administered immediately. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD say that “for a healthy life, we must hate drug addiction.” The dangers of drug addiction can be fatal to the point of causing death through prolonged illness, sudden or through suicide.

Life is good and if we share this, the, let us for a little while focus our attention on our topic of discussion which is “detesting drug addiction.” Doctor Akoury says that for us to have a productive life, we must voluntarily choose to be sober in our minds, body system and even within our environment. Drugs and other substances will not let us be and because of this, we have a duty of ensuring that our neighborhood is safe and free from any kind of drugs. We owe this to our children and the generations to come. It, therefore, means that as responsible parents, our children must be brought up morally sound and any element of depression avoided by all means. And like I have said before, doing this must be a collective responsibility to everyone because the consequences of drug addiction can be fatal and suicidal.

Detesting drug addiction: The pain drug addicts go through

If you have been caring for an addict of any drug you understand the pain and agony that comes with it like for instance:

  • The panic of getting serious accident and other body injuries
  • The anxiety of losing a loved one
  • The fear of drug overdose and the complications that come with it
  • The terror of committing suicide and the sudden vacuum left

In this deliberation, suicide is a serious risk for those suffering from mental health problems. Such people would demand special medical attention in the assessment and treatment of addiction. It is therefore very important that every individual must take keen attention on depression and other mood disorders because these are the primary indicators of risk factors for suicide. Alongside that alcohol and the general drug abuse are also influential in triggering suicide. Researchers have actually established that alcoholism is a strong indicator even without being depressed and those suffering from drug use disorders are said to be about six times likely to commit suicide than the population not using drugs.

Dr. Akoury has time and again stated that substance abuse does not only increase the chances that a person will take his or her own life, but it is also used as a means for committing suicide. Statistics indicate that for every three people dying from suicide one will be as a result of influence drugs and specifically opiates such as oxycodone, heroin or alcohol. The other element that is worth considering is poisoning. This is yet another leading method used in suicide deaths again drugs make up to 75 percent of suicide deaths due to poisoning which is why you need to call doctor Akoury for help now.

Detesting drug addiction: Giving good health a chance