Distressing adolescent addiction

Distressing adolescent addiction and the surprise it comes with has sent many parents into early aging out of stress seeing their children wasting in drugs

Distressing adolescent addiction: How well do you know your teen?

The big question before we get to the point of discussion is “how well do you know your children?” this is a valid question owing to the distressing adolescent addiction rate this day. Parents are sometimes overwhelmed and left to wallow in their frustrations and disappointment. As a parent, you believe that your child is doing well in school because you have invested well in their lives. But one afternoon you get a disturbing phone call from a police officer informing you that you make it to the station because your son is with them. As a caring parent, you run there only to find your son intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. To say the least, this is not only surprising but painful, frustrating, confusing and annoying. But even with that state of confusion we still have a duty of addressing teen’s addiction problems objectively. With the help of experts like doctor Dalal Akoury, MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center hope are on the way if only you can schedule an appointment with her today.

Under such situations, it is important that you remain calm in the way you approach your teenage child in this situation. Yes, you are angry and disappointed but you still need to be sober and objective. Your child must get the tone of a concern and loving parent and not that of a police officer or a high court judge. They (teens) needs to feel that they are still loved and are being supported come out of this problem. For you not to be caught off gourd, you need to know some of the signs and indicators of drug abuse in teens.

Distressing adolescent addiction: Warning signs of teens abusing drugs

It may be true that experimenting with substances many not result in abuse, it possesses a challenge in the sense that early introduction to drugs is a risk factor to serious future addiction. Parents need to be very observant to some of the following teen’s red flags of addiction.

  • Sudden bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils resulting in application of eye drops to mask these signs
  • Skipping class; deteriorating grades; consistent disciplinary actions at school
  • Missing money, valuables, or prescriptions at home
  • Sudden change in hobbies and telling lies about new hobbies and activities
  • Dropping one group of friends for another and being secretive about the new peer group
  • Seeking for more privacy by locking doors and often avoiding eye contact and just sneaking around
  • Acting unusually isolated, reserved, angry, or depressed

Distressing adolescent addiction: Possible actions parents may take

Rules and penalties – Stern action points needs to be in place. Teens must never feel that it is business as usual when they make mistakes. All this must be supported by both parents and no spouse should relent when penalties are being executed.

Be observant about your teen’s activity – Be informed of who your teens keep as friends. Occasionally walk around inspecting possible drug dens around your territory or home. Ensure your teens understand that privacy is a privilege which when violated, can be withdrawn and therefore this lack of privacy is a penalty to them for using drugs

Motivate your teens to focus on other interests and social activities – You can do this by exposing them to much productive hobbies and activities like team sports.

Discuss with your children about any underlying issues – Drug use can be the result of other problems. Is your child having trouble fitting in? Has there been a recent major change, like a move or divorce causing stress? These are fundamental issues that can lead them into drugs. Finally, when children become rebellious you may want to seek help from other authorities. Because this is a disease, you can call for professional assistance from doctor Akoury now.

Distressing adolescent addiction: How well do you know your teen?