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Drug addiction network in crime: What do you know about drugs?

The drug addiction network today is becoming complicated each passing day with so many users getting involved in crime and other immoral activities. It is no longer about fun and getting high as it has always been the norm. Many users are not having steady income and when the cravings sets in, they will do anything to get the stuff. Their mind is connected to the stuff and anything standing on their way must be eliminated so long as they get the stuff. In this case if money is the hindrance, stealing becomes an acceptable option form them. Ordinarily this will start in small scale and gradually move to well organized crime where killings and rape becomes perfect accompaniments. That is why we are giving this discussion the title drug addiction network in crime. For you to be safe from this network of crime, it is important that you keep distance from drugs.

Nothing good comes out of this. All we get is pain and suffering both to the direct and indirect victims. According to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center hard drugs like heroin and crack cocaine are great facilitators of crime. When under the influence of such drugs committing crimes like theft, burglary, fraud and shoplifting specifically to get money for the purchase of their supplies (drugs) becomes a normal activity. It is because of this, that all of us must take precusions and keep away from using drugs less we wind ourselves in the drug addiction network of crimes.

Drug addiction network in crime: Why alcohol is the most misused drug

Every time one is talking about drugs, it will not go unnoticed that reference is made about people who use or supply illegal drugs rubbing shoulders with the local authorities and this is very evident in the number of people who are being convicted of various drug offences. People who commit violent offences while under the influence of drugs, with alcohol being the greatest casualty among other substances. From a professional point of view doctor Akoury states that besides all these, drunkenness is closely associated with a majority of crimes including murders, manslaughters and stabbings and half of domestic assaults. When users are under the influence of their substances, they become object of the substances they have used and while in that state of mind, they often do very stupid mistakes that they themselves live to regret when they become sober latter.

Alcohol and drug related to driving offences. If you take a keen look at the statistics of both major and minor accidents that take place on our roads, you will notice that nearly all of them are as a result of drunkenness. In India and most states in Africa where the use of motor bike for public transport is on the rise, many hospital institutions have specifically created special ward facility for motor bike associated accidents, and the common denominator about these accidents is that either the rider or their passenger was drunk at the time of the accident.

Another area of concern is the effect of alcohol to its users more so the gang of robbers or just ordinary individuals. Doctor Akoury has observed that in many cases when violence erupts between parties, in the middle of that violence you will not miss people who are seriously intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. We can change this by seeking for help from doctor Akoury today.

Drug addiction network in crime: What do you know about drugs?