How Watching Pornography Affects Your Brain
Watching pornography, just, like any hard substance that are abused can have a lasting effect on those who engages in it. This is because, like hard drugs, watching pornography over a long period does affect the brain. Human brains have chemical compositions that aid in the co-ordination of its activities. These chemicals, like dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for sensing reward and pleasure has been known triggered addiction in the case of drugs or substance abuse. It has been therefore noted that, in the case of watching pornography, the release of this same chemical is triggered and as so, the continuous watching leads to addiction.
Addiction in watching pornographic materials, be it photos or videos can have serious effects to the brains of the victims who engages in such practices. Take, for example, a case of a marriage or a serious relationship where one partner is an addict of watching porn. The relationship may get affected since normal intimate communication between the couples may get ruined. Watching pornography, therefore, has the following effects on the brain of the victims.

effects of pornography on brain
First and foremost, there is the question of addiction and dependency. Watching pornographic materials causes the victim not to be able to function normally regarding sexuality. That is to say, they need exposure to porn or have their thoughts focused on some porn materials to get aroused during intimacy. Normally this becomes a problem because the normal partner finds it tough to understand the victim more so if they, normal partner, themselves are ready. When the above scenario occurs, communication becomes difficult between the couple.
Pornographic materials, more specifically, videos are known to be violent in their form. The kind of sexual activities in these videos normally lack the tender that is or should be associated with making love. It has, therefore, been realizes that watching porn makes the victim view love making as just having sex. So for them, the notion of lovemaking is lost to them and do not make any efforts to try and bring out the aspect of intimacy with their partners.
Too much indulgence in watching porn also affects the sexual urge or desire of the victim. The sexual desire or libido of an individual addicted to watching porn is considerably lowered in most cases. Intimacy between two people in love or even a married couple is normally heightened by making love. However, in the case where one partner finds themselves addicted to porn, the intimacy is usually affected. This is because the effects of watching porn leave one with poor sexual libido. It has been found that those who are addicted to porn are so much affected by it to the extent that their sexual lives are affected because they find their partners not to be as good as the porn seemed. This makes them lose interest in making love to their partners as soon as the act begins, hence affecting the relationship in the long run.
The main beauty of making love or being in an intimate relationship with a partner is the ultimate satisfaction that comes with the connection the bodies make. In a normal and healthy relationship between two people, this connection should not just be physical. The intimate connection should also involve some emotional feelings between couples. However, watching pornography drives away the emotional feeling that intimate sex should bring. A victim of Porn views sex as just a physical affair, losing the emotions hence little enjoyment for the partner and even themselves.
It is common knowledge that for one to enjoy intimate sex, all the partners should have to be in the right mood. Consequently, it is of no use for a couple to have sexual intercourse when either does not have the feel of it. When one partner is addicted to watching porn, their sexual needs tend to be self-centered. Porn, therefore, causes selfishness in a relationship. The addicted individual becomes obsessed with their sexual needs that they tend not care for the feelings of their partners. Sex now become their personal need and may not want to listen to any protest from the other partner or even any needs of their own.

effects of pornography on brain
Making love between two intimate couple or in a marriage should be a process, and not just having sex. It is a process that involves foreplay as they get themselves physically and psychologically prepared for the lovemaking act. That is what a normal love making process should sound like, but not when one is addicted to porn. They, the porn addicts, lose the significance of getting the body prepared for the actual act of lovemaking.
Lastly, porn has the effect of creating some sexual disorder to the addicts. Just like the intensity of having sex in porn, the addicts normally apply the same in their normal lives. In such cases, the addict ends up having premature ejaculation and sometimes, even erectile dysfunction as they find it tough to maintain a prolonged erection.
How Watching Pornography Affects Your Brain