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Heroin abuse sting

Heroin abuse sting in the neighborhoods is rising at an alarming rate

Heroin abuse sting in the neighborhoods: The prevalence of heroin

The sting of addiction can now be felt not just along the streets, but also in our homes. All major drugs have become accessible and the impact is destroying our communities. Like for instance, heroin abuse sting in our neighborhoods and families is soon getting out of hand if nothing is done soon. If this surprises you may be the story of Felix (not real name) may help you understand. To be clearer on this, the expert at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of the facility states that “the drug has followed prescription painkillers into new neighborhoods, an element that has surprised even the police and parents into confronting the unexpected problem.”

Heroin abuse sting in the neighborhoods: The sequence of heroin addiction

And now back to the story of Felix, he a bright student in school and favorite to everyone. As bright as he was, one day he decided to experiment with drugs and alcohol. And one night he got very drunk in the company of his friends and guess what? He loved it acknowledging that it made his day and that he felt like he has always wanted to be. Before long he was smoking cigarette and marijuana. Soon after a friend graduated him to some prescription painkiller pills which made him feel even much better than alcohol and other drugs he had been taking. Because of the experience he had, he began buying these painkillers secretly and unlawfully spending all his upkeep money on this unworthy habit. When he could not get further funding for the same, he resorted to stealing to support his habit but even with the stolen money, it was not adequate. The trend continued and his friends introduced him to heroin which was much cheaper. His response was mutual “isn’t heroin for drug addicts?”

Heroin abuse sting in the neighborhoods: High drug dependency and addiction

Yes, his concern was realistic but by that time his dependence on the painkillers had become more than he could resist. And as usual, he bought the heroin, snorting the powder for the very first time. Oh my goodness, six days later he was injecting himself with a needle becoming the archetype of a classic heroin addict. His anguished journey from conscientious student to heroin user is one confronting many young people in suburbs across the country and the world over. It has become a thorn in everyone’s flesh and both parents and police are struggling with the ever rising usage of heroin in suburban neighborhoods than ever before.

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the rise is being driven by a large supply of cheap heroin in its purer concentrations that can be inhaled or smoked and which often removes the stigma associated with injecting it with a needle. But much of the increase among suburban teens, as well as a growing number of adults, has also coincided with a sharp rise in the use of prescription painkiller pills, which medical experts say are essentially identical to heroin. And with all these complications talking to doctor Akoury should be your starting point for a much healthier life.

Heroin abuse sting in the neighborhoods: The prevalence of heroin