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Multiple substance abuse

Multiple substance abuse treatment needs to be addressed differently

Multiple substance abuse treatment: The outward manifestation of addiction

The complexity of addiction is one that will continue to be a subject of discussion for sometimes. We actually need to understand that addicts are people who live with a craving they cannot meet on their own. They feel out of place in the world, and they are uncomfortable in their own life. Besides that as they seek for solutions of their frustrations they are likely at some point find that a particular substance or behavior gives them the release they’ve been looking for. This often offers to them temporary solution and many at time the elements that does this may include elements like alcohol, food, drugs, sex, gambling, or codependent relationships. The craving therefore encompasses their life and to them there is no life without fulfillment of the urge. Doctor Akoury confirms that given that addiction is the outward manifestation of this internal need, it is not uncommon for addicts to suffer from multiple addictions. Drugs and alcohol are a common combination just in the same way alcohol and food. Once addicts get into recovery, they often find a host of other addictions they never realized they had.

Multiple substance abuse treatment: Willingness hope and honesty

As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center would put it, the timely treatment for multiple substance abuse is possible to every willing, hopeful and honest people. One must first be willing and kick out the element of denial and be very hopeful since this will keep them going even when challenges come their way. With the two practiced the individual must also be very honest with himself or herself during treatment. If you can recover from one addiction, you can recover from several. Note that there are no special powers required beyond willingness and honesty. When addicts relapse, the common cause is a failure to be honest with themselves and others. We appreciate that it may be hard to attack several conditions at once. In fact most addictions will require the help and from support groups and professionals. Suffering from multiple addictions could mean several programs and multiple meetings each week. However this may not be the only approach. It is important for the addict to be well connected to his support network, but it is also important for him to begin re-entering his life. He will need to establish a work life and he will need to work on restoring relationships.

Finally when you’re honest and with the help of professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the addict can begin to categorize his addictions. It may interest you to note that many addicts find that despite suffering multiple addictions, there is usually a primary offender. Take for example, one addict may realize that he had a problem with alcohol but besides that, he was also grossly obese due to compulsive overeating. When he began to get help for his food addiction and he dealt with the issues underlying his insatiable urge to eat, his compulsion to drink vanished. He realized that he drank as a part of his addiction, but that food was the true offender. When he got clean around food, alcohol ceased to be an issue. There are so many other examples we can give and this will be very helpful for you. Therefore if you need to know more for your own good, seek audience with doctor Dalal Akoury today and your life will never be the same again.

Multiple substance abuse treatment: The outward manifestation of addiction