Neck protection

Neck protection from early wrinkles is important and if you want to age quickly, ignore the neck area and the chest

Neck protection from early wrinkles: Moisturize elements

In the journey of perusing beauty, people have concentrated on the face so much that other parts of the body are sometimes ignored. Experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD reiterates that such discrimination has exposed many to old age much faster than they could imagine.  Take, for instance, the neck protection from early wrinkles. The neck and chest are more delicate as your face, and the best way to delay the aging process is to boost their suppleness. The skin here is very thin and has fewer sebaceous glands, fewer lipids (essential for protecting the skin from external factors) and fewer melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment that gives color to your skin and protects it from sunlight). Your neck needs much attention as your face. If for whatever reason you have been neglecting your neck and chest, you can begin correcting the situation today and doctor Akoury will be there to take you all through anti-aging neck protection step by step.

Cleanse your neck and décolletage both morning and night. After the morning cleanses, apply moisturizer, using an upward, circular motion from under your chin to the top of your cleavage. You might discover that your neck skin requires a richer product than the one you use on your face. Massage it in, to help it penetrate the skin and to boost the circulation in that area. And in the evening, apply anti-ageing cream, either the same one you use on your face or one specifically for the neck, depending on how rich your facial product is. Most night creams now contain vitamins and antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, C, and E and beta-carotene, which are powerful anti-ageing ingredients.

Neck protection from early wrinkles: Exfoliate the neck weekly

Exfoliate the neck and chest area at least once a week to keep the skin free of inbuilt dirt and dead skin cells. This area is delicate, so avoid products that contain sharp particles, and use a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliants.

Body hydration

Because our skin loses its ability to retain moisture as we age, it is important to keep hydrated from within, by drinking water throughout the day and getting hydration from fruit and vegetables.

Eat oily fish and take a fish oil

Nutrition rich in anti-oxidants like Omega-3 acids mainly available in fish is very important. You will be very surprised how your skin will be rejuvenated by boosting collagen production. You may also consider taking a portion of salmon or mackerel weekly and not forgetting pomegranates, acai berries, blueberries and green tea which will also help you stock up on antioxidants.

Neck protection from early wrinkles: Cessation of smoking

This should motivate you to quit smoking since heavy smokers are five times more likely to have excessive wrinkling than non-smokers. Smoking damages collagen and lip pursing and squinting while inhaling creates wrinkles around your mouth and eyes, and more wrinkles in the delicate skin directly under your chin. Besides that, you can do other things like sleeping on the right pillow and doing neck exercise frequently. Finally, get help from the experts where is necessary. Doctor Akoury is available for you all the time if only you can schedule an appointment with her today.

Neck protection from early wrinkles: Moisturize elements