Parental obligations

Parental obligations in controlling addiction begins with you and your choice of lifestyle

Parental obligations in controlling addiction: Making progress is substance abuse management

Children are a blessing that cannot be quantified into monetary values. It, therefore, means that when you have them, you’re wealthy with the substance of value. If that is so, how well do you care for them? With the prevalence of drug addiction everywhere, we must do all it takes to keep the treasures we have and that is why, experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, are very particular on the parental obligations in the control of substance abuse. Drug addiction has become an impediment in the fight vice and healthy living. Having been in practice for over two decades, doctor Akoury reiterates that the problem of childhood addiction is worrying. In fact, it is almost becoming a normal practice in many families for children as young as 15 years of age getting addicted to drugs.

Many parents in an attempt of controlling this have put up family stringent rules like imposing curfew but still, all these rules have not worked as they are being broken leaving us frustrated and devastated. Because of the problems involved, doctor Akoury advice that parent should seek professional help in good time. This is necessary since professionals are trained primarily to offer solutions by getting to the root cause of the matter. And because addiction often comes with some elements of stigma, sometimes parents often chose to keep to themselves in fear of being ridiculed. Dear parent, we are talking about the health of your highly valued child and treatment is the best you can give to them irrespective of what others may say. We want to help you have the joy of having sons and daughters back to your family if only you can let us know of your predicaments by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Parental obligations in controlling addiction: Educating parents about drugs

Have you heard that knowledge is power? In this case, a knowledgeable parent will offer immediately because they are able to recognize and label the condition. They will notice the warning signs, suspicious behavior and get to know the differences between various drugs and their effects. This may be good for a start but often not enough. It is important to note that there will be no significant result if certain things are not changed and it is only a professional who will you help out. And to the parents, it is not just about what you tell your patients, but helping them have a change in thinking, behavior, and attitude which can be done by showing them, love.

It is all about developing a different kind of mindset which will help you have some control in situations like that. For instance illustrating from the experience of a given family therapist who specifically worked with individuals and families struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, and dependence, who introduced an affectionate formula known as the “3-C’s” with this he would simply explain to parents and loved ones that:

  • You didn’t cause this condition.
  • You can’t control it
  • You can’t cure

Finally, this application might appear strange in some ways, however using rational and logical thought processes when dealing with irrational and illogical behavior e.g. alcoholics, substance abusers and out of control situations don’t usually work very well and if you could stay with us on the link, we will be telling you more about some different way of looking at it, thinking about it, and managing it in our next article.

Parental obligations in controlling addiction: Making progress is substance abuse management