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Parenting addicted teens

Parenting addicted teens and adolescent can be one of the most difficult task for parents

Parenting addicted teens and adolescent: Management of substance abuse in young people

If there is anything that can be so difficult in bringing up children, then it must be that of parenting addicted teens and adolescent. Previously we had mention some of the possible elements parents should consider in handling their addicted teens. And for sure this really concerns doctor Dalal Akoury as an addiction expert. Having founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to primarily help addiction victims, doctor Akoury says that getting into drugs at these early stages of life is very dangerous and complicates treatment in the long run. Professionally it is very difficult to rehabilitate one who started using drugs in their youthful ages.

Nonetheless she is quick also to put the record straight that despite the above concern, it does not necessarily justify the fact that it will be well if one start using drugs and alcohol in their mature ages. Drug addiction is a chronic problem that everyone must run away from by all means and this must be done not tomorrow but now says doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) a veteran addiction expert and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where real time solutions of substance abuse is professionally realized. Now after getting the necessary education and you have laid good foundation in terms of preparation in helping your teen get properly rehabilitated from their drug addiction, you can then move to adopting the following procedures.

Parenting addicted teens and adolescent: Developing strategy and work plan

Doctor Akoury says that the moment a parent has established that his or her child is into alcohol or drug abuse the most immediate thing to do is to get information about drug addiction by way of being educated on the subject and this must be done by addiction professionals and experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center can be of great help in this respect. The moment that is done, it’s now time to create an actionable plan. In other words, as a parents you need to come up with workable plan on how you are going to professionally confront your teen with the news of your discovery of his/her substance abuse habits, this will most likely involves you pre-emptying some of the anticipated possible responses and reactions and deciding how best to address them even before they come. When the confrontation occurs, teens will likely deny the accusations initially due to the fear of reproach and punishment; however, when reaching the point of finally admitting to the problem he or she will likely make excuses for the behavior so as to be held in the least possible amount of accountability.

The following are some of the common excuses that are likely to be given by teens abusing substances; stress from parents’ marital discord, the influence of peers, and feeling depressed or anxious. In other words they will try to justify their substance abuse behavior as being their reaction to external stimuli and, therefore, not really their fault. That notwithstanding, the other part of the plan should include deciding upon the consequences. If the teen has abused alcohol and drugs in the past and the present instance is a repeat offense, there must be some sort of immediate consequence as well as consequences for the future if the behavior continues. This may not be easy for many and that is why doctor Akoury is always a phone call away just to help make your work much easier.

Parenting addicted teens and adolescent: Management of substance abuse in young people