Regenerative post acute withdrawal

Regenerative post acute withdrawal has serious consequences and if not addressed can cause serious problems

Regenerative post acute withdrawal: Eliminating alcohol addiction

Addiction has no respect for anybody. Because of this, taking timely action is the best you can do for yourself should you suspect traces of addiction in your life.  is not a respecter of anybody and we must do all it takes to bring it to manageable levels. Doctor Akoury says that at this stage the good news about it is that the regenerative post acute withdrawal (PAWS) gradually improves over time. She adds that the reason why sobriety is very important is because the longer period of time a person stays sober the less severe the symptoms become. It, therefore, means that it become much easier for people with regenerative PAWS to recover because the brain rapidly returns to normal and that explains why we must all take the front lane in eliminating misuse of alcohol and all other substances of abuse say doctor Dalal Akoury.

Regenerative post acute withdrawal: Degenerative

Having understood how regenerative PAWS works, the degenerative PAWS is the direct opposite. In this case, the symptoms get worse the longer a person is sober. This may happen even when a person is going through a rehabilitation program. It is regrettable that in many cases people with degenerative PAWS often become relapse prone. The most devastating part of this is at this point sobriety becomes so painful to the victims that they feel they must take it upon themselves by self-medicating the pain with the wrong substances including alcohol or drugs. The consequences of this may include the collapse physically or emotionally, or commit suicide to end the pain.

Regenerative post-acute withdrawal: Stability

Doctor Dalal is registering that under normal circumstances a person with stable PAWS experiences the same level of symptoms for a long period of time into recovery. There may be days when the symptoms are a little better or a little worse, but essentially the symptoms remain unchanged. Most recovering people find this very frustrating because they believe that they should be feeling better the longer they are sober. With sufficient sober time, many people learn to manage these symptoms.

Regenerative post acute withdrawal: Eliminating alcohol addiction

Finally, with intermittent PAWS the symptoms come and go. At the initial stages, people with intermittent symptoms will appear to experience a regenerative pattern. That is to say that their symptoms will get better rapidly. But then they begin to experience periodic PAWS episodes that can be quite severe. It is equally important to note that for some people the episodes get shorter, less severe, and farther apart until they stop altogether while in others they occur periodically throughout life.

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, these patterns actually describes people who have not had treatment for PAWS and who do not know how to manage or prevent the symptoms. It is also necessary to mentioned that the traditional treatment does not address these symptoms because until recently they were unrecognized. If you know what to do and you are willing to do it, degenerative PAWS can be changed into stable, stable into regenerative, and regenerative into intermittent PAWS.

Doctor Akoury is making the emphasis that the most common pattern of PAWS is regenerative and over time it becomes intermittent. From there it gradually gets better until the symptoms disappear and then it comes and goes. It, therefore, means that the first step is to bring PAWS symptoms into remission. This means bringing them under control so that you are not experiencing them at the present time and the ultimate goal is:

  • To reduce how often they occur
  • How long the episode lasts and
  • How bad the symptoms are.

In all these, you must always remember that even when you are not experiencing them there is always the tendency for them to recur. It is, therefore, necessary to build a resistance against them and you can always consult with the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury for further professional guidance.

Regenerative post acute withdrawal: Eliminating alcohol addiction