Rehabilitating drug addicts

Rehabilitating drug addicts patients is one of the best treatment solutions that delivers total wellness in good time

Rehabilitating drug addicts patients: How rehabilitation works?

Rehabilitating drug addicts is a worthy treatment process that goes a long way in delivering harmony to the whole community. And because of the obstacles involves like denial, when one has consented to seek for treatment, he/she will need to be supported and be shown, love. Nonetheless, experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD are advising that even with the consent, the patient being admitted to a rehab center needs to know the following:

  • Patients should not be under any influence of alcohol or any other drugs on arrival at the center.
  • All prescription medicines being taken by any patient must be surrendered to the center authorities. This is important as it helps in the elimination of all forms of temptation hence ensuring that you are not at risk from a relapse.
  • The center will request the patient to sign a contract which is a statement to the effect that you will refrain from substance abuse while in the facility.
  • Someone at the center will be assigned to your case who will act as a point of contact and a liaison officer.
  • There will be different professionals with experience in the different discipline including nurses, psychotherapists, counselors etc. Their role will be to prescribe medication to deal with withdrawal and to monitor progress.
  • However, some centers may go for an ‘organic’ approach in which they only use natural remedies and products.
  • You will be offered counseling, detoxification, group sessions, psychotherapy, and family orientated sessions. You may also be offered skills/learning sessions, complimentary remedies for example acupuncture.
  • Some centers may have a gym which they encourage addicts to use as well as offering advice on healthy eating.

The above are based on inpatient programs but a patient may choose the option of structured day program which will include at time schedule of activities for a given duration which normally runs for several days in a week.  The content of the time schedule may include among other needs as counseling and the other forms of treatment.

Rehabilitating drug addicts patients: Rehabs aims

Ordinarily, the main objective of rehab centers is to wean the addicts of their addiction by helping them recognize the cause of their addiction and how to deal with it in the future. It also helps in adopting plans for dealing with negative events in the patient’s life which may have triggered self-destructive behaviors like drug taking. Once the patients are aware of how this happened and why they are better placed to cope with the unexpected or negative events in their lives. Finally, most of these rehab centers are privately owned and would attract payments for the services they offer. The cost will vary from center to center. Therefore, it is important that patients choose wisely so that the right treatment is offered from the beginning. Over the years as experts from AWAREmed health center, we have help many people recover from their addiction and your condition will be no different. It will interest you to note that, doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms making her the best options for all your addiction concerns.

Rehabilitating drug addicts patients: How rehabilitation works?