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Seeking support from people in fighting drug addiction by being flexible in meetings during support group meetings

Seeking support from people in fighting drug addiction: Reach out for support

Have you ever imagined living in total isolation? Some people may think that when you have all that you need in life then you have landed and people may not matter to you. But how realistic can this be? Let say that you have all the resources on earth and so you take refuge in your resources and brag that you don’t need people around you. If this is your thought then you have missed the point. No one can live in a vacuum, you may have all money but when you fall sick you will need a doctor for help your money will be useless if the doctor declines to administer treatment on you. In the same way when it comes to addiction don’t try to go it alone, seeking support and help from people is very important, remember that in whatever type of treatment you choose, having a solidified support system around you is very essential.

Seeking support from people in fighting drug addiction: Have a positive influence around you

Doctor Akoury professional advice is that when seeking for treatment the individual patient must be very objective and positive in mind. This is very important because the more positive influences you have in your life, the better your chances for recovery. And for a start you can settle for the following approaches:

Lean on close friends and family

Like we have mentioned before, having the support of friends and family members is a virtue in drug addiction recovery. Nonetheless we appreciate that in certain cases addiction victims may feel reluctant to embrace this virtue because of the social and physical harm they may have caused their loved ones in the past. If this is the case, then it must not hinder your quest to seeking for their support. You could start by enrolling to your local couples counseling or family therapy where you will be rehabilitated emotionally and at an appropriate time your family and friends whom you felt you had disappointed will find ground to come in and help you get even better.

Seeking support from people in fighting drug addiction: Build a sober social network

It is always said that birds of the same feathers flocks together. This must sound a serious warning to you and be an incentive for you to take stock of the people you hung out with. You must be careful to sieve your previous social life and if you find that it revolved around drugs, then it is very necessary that you make some new connections with sober people immediately. Having sober friends who will support your recovery program is very instrumental because they will not be the point of reminders to you of your disturbing past. The other things you can opt for include taking a class, joining a church or a civic group, volunteering, or attending events in your community. These activities will destruct your attention and keep you off the triggers of drugs.

Consider moving in to a sober living home

This is one of the most important ways to consider in the smart ways of fighting drug addiction. Your environment must be safe from all the triggers of drugs. It therefore means that considering living in sober home environment will provide a safe, supportive place to live while you’re recovering from drug addiction. Such sober environments are a good option if you don’t have a stable home or a drug-free living environment to go to. Finally join a recovery support group and attend meetings regularly.  And remember to consult with doctor Akoury from time to time.

Seeking support from people in fighting drug addiction: Reach out for support