Excess sugar consumption
White addictive poison

White addictive poison on our drinks may seem sweet but the consequences can be very disastrous

White addictive poison on our drinks: Sugar and cocaine

Apart from those committing suicide, no one would want to poison themselves for fear of the consequences and love of life. But did you know that on a daily basis you are willingly adding poison in your body system? This sounds strange to your earrings but it is the truth. I am talking about the white addictive poison in the name of sweet things and foodstuff you love and a day cannot go without having a bit. Humanly doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center agrees that it may sound unbelievable that, the normal sugar you add to your coffee, tea or milk is more addictive than cocaine, in fact, it is not just addictive but it is eight times more addictive. How would you feel if you are told that researchers and medical professionals the world over are now saying that if they knew the effects and destruction that this substance has on people they would have banned it and placed it on the same list as cocaine? This substance is the cause of a pandemic of health issues, diabetes, obesity, disease, and death. And what if you are told that you and your children are probably already addicts?

It is not my intention to scare you this drug is consumable and in fact, it’s not only legal to push, pedal, distribute and sell, it is also commercially promoted and advertised openly as one of the world’s most traded commodities. It is one of America’s top exported products of mass destruction alongside with weapons of war, alcohol, tobacco and entertainment. It is omnipresent in almost every food type and major American food brand. This white addictive poison is one of the world’s most valuable agricultural commodities and is traded in the world market in the tune of billions of dollars by more than 123 countries. The secret of its deadliness is out in most developed countries and its use, however, has increased in spite of this knowledge and has more than doubled in developing countries. So what is this addictive, omnipresent, legal drug of choice? You have probably guessed it by now its C12H22O11 and I am almost sure that you are a user on some level of sugar.

White addictive poison on our drinks: Sugar

Research has established that almost everything, delicious and very addictive stuff, called sugar or sucrose or fructose or many other names it now goes by to hide its presence. Ever since laws have been implemented to specifically state the amount of sugar in their products, manufacturers have been using various other names to hide the actual amount of sugar contained in them. For instance look out for these sly labels – barley malt, beet sugar, brown sugar, buttered syrup, caramel, corn syrup, confectioners’ sugar, carob syrup, caster name them, whatever their new nouns may be they all have a common denominator and that is sugar.

Finally, we ask do we need sugar, of course, we do and our bodies cannot function without it. We can the right quantity from healthy fruits and foods and we need not add the extra 4kg of refined sugar every month. It is important to note that sugar is found in most of our food but adding extra sugar and the creation of sugary products has grown exponentially which is why you need to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury to establish your levels and live right going forward away from the white addictive poison known as sugar.

White addictive poison on our drinks: Sugar and cocaine