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Workplace alcoholism

Workplace alcoholism and addiction are great impediment to both economic and social development

Workplace alcoholism and addiction: Health and social consequences of alcohol abuse

The intensity of alcoholism in our communities is worrying and the impact is being felt in most families where bread winners are not able to consistently keep their source of livelihoods. Workplace alcoholism is causing many their well-paying jobs and source of their families’ happiness. But painful still is the fact that besides workplace alcoholism, children as young as 9 nine years have started using drugs and these are the most fundamental concerns we have to deal with as a society. Doctor Akoury reiterates that alcohol consumption being the most a bused substance has very many health and social consequences in our societies, and since it is not illegal to take alcohol its consumption becomes very difficult to control to individuals even though some governments are trying to regulate it sales but all these does not significantly bring the desired measures of reducing its effects in our societies and especially in our work stations. Therefore our discussion is going to be dwelling on alcohol and its effects on the work place.

People get employed in different sectors and organizations to be productive and earn a living from the income they generate as a result of their services rendered. The employment engagement can be either in the public or private sector and in all the employers expects return from their employees. When alcohol consumption becomes a problem in an employee’s life then organizations they work for suffers immensely and the employee also stand great risk of harming themselves and even the people around them. In the workplace, the impact of alcoholism focuses on four major issues:

  • Premature death and fatal accidents
  • Injuries and accident rates
  • Absenteeism due to extra sick leave
  • Loss of production

The effect of alcohol consumption need not to be a problem if not abused, the organization may not suffer all these if their employees drink responsibly however when they become addicted then the above are the most immediate consequences.

Workplace alcoholism and addiction: Premature death and fetal accidents

When an employee dies the organization loses work force much as they will be replaces the experiences gained by the demised staff is gone. Sometimes the organization invests heavily on their staff by training them and to lose them in prematurely because of alcohol is such a cost to the employer.

Injuries and accident rates – The organization needs their personnel to be healthy for them to deliver effectively on their respective assignment. This is not possible when they suffer injuries either at the work station or outside. Moreover it becomes very costly for the organization that will have to pay those damages or compensation emanating from the injuries they incur while on duty.

Absenteeism – It goes without saying that alcoholism being a disease may lead one into being hospitalized either in a rehab or in ordinary health facilities. Heavy alcohol users often find themselves on the wrong side of the law and while they are in the hands of law enforcement agencies the organization will not only suffer from their being absent but also denting reputation. The cost of organization image is a very valuable asset for all organizations and any injury to it, is very harmful and may not be recovered from easily. However, if you want to prevent all these, you may want to consider inviting doctor Dalal Akoury to have a professional talk with your staff on very many areas including addiction.

Workplace alcoholism and addiction: Health and social consequences of alcohol abuse