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Untimely skin aging

Untimely skin aging problems can be avoided with simple things like feeding on a good diet.

Untimely skin aging problems: What causes skin age faster?

When the untimely skin aging begins, it is possible that the body’s production of collagen is slowing down and the elastin fibers begin to lose their elasticity. With the declined production of collagen, the outer skin is deprived of the much-needed support and begins to sag and wear out. Further, because the elastin fibers have decreased elasticity, the skin does not snap back to the position the way it used to, giving it a loose, aged appearance. To top it off, according to the expert’s at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD registers that as we grow older, the skin tends to lose its fat, making it thin-looking, and gravity pulls on it, making it droop. That is why it will be very important for you to make a point of seeing doctor Akoury at least on a monthly basis for skincare professional input.

The experts report that changes to collagen and elastin begin in the mid-20s, although the subsequent changes in your skin don’t usually become visible until decades later. However, some circumstances can hasten the weakening of these fibers, and make you look old before your time. Like for instance smoking and exposure to the sun can damage collagen and elastin fibers, and greatly heighten the chances of developing wrinkles and sagging skin prematurely. In addition, other environmental factors, such as pollution and exposure to secondhand smoke, can also cause damage to skin fibers.

Untimely skin aging problems: Treatment

Realizing the high need for skincare treatment in the societies today, doctor Akoury founded this facility to offer lasting solutions to people. She has done this for over two decades resulting in great testimonies and positive feedbacks. At her office, she offers a variety of treatments methods tailored towards improving the appearance of old-looking or thin skin. She uses the most reliable and convenient but popular treatment like vampire facelift, dermal filler among other methods to restore the health of your skin. Both of these treatments methods are essential to the skin as they decrease the facial lines. Another common treatment is retinoic acid, a cream that can enhance the texture of the skin and is capable of boosting the production of collagen if regularly applied for several months. A classic face-lift can make skin appear tighter and more youthful as well. However, no treatment can permanently reverse the effects of aging. Remember that aging is a natural phenomenon and at some point in time, we will have to face the realities of nature.

Untimely skin aging problems: Prevention and solutions

Finally, of all the efforts, we make to unlock the riddle of what makes skin get very old looking and undesirable, efforts toward prevention are the best. While appreciating that aging skin is inevitable, nonetheless, the best way to avoid premature aging skin is to change lifestyle habits that affect your skin. For instance, cigarette smokers should quit smoking, and sun-lovers should apply ample amounts of sunscreen at least half an hour before exposing their skin to the sun. A healthy diet can also help keep skin youthful-looking. Doctor Dalal Akoury recommends eating foods low-fat and rich in vitamins C for clear, young-looking skin. Take your time and schedule for an appointment with the experts because together we will the battle of premature aging.

Untimely skin aging problems: What causes skin age faster?