How Addiction Can Cause Cancer

What causes cancer?

addictionCancer is a complex disease with many possible causes. It is characterized by out of control cell growth. As by today, there are over hundred types of cancer that are known. The type of cancer is primarily determined by the cells that it initially affects. The harm that cancer causes to one’s body is that the damaged cells divide uncontrollably forming lumps or masses of tissues known as tumors. These tumors can grow and even interface with the digestive, nervous and blood circulatory systems and they sometimes release chemicals that alter the normal functioning of the body organs. Tumor can be considered to be starting if it stays at one position and demonstrates limited growth.

These are many causes of cancer. Some of the causes are tough specific to a given type of cancer. Some of the common causes of cancer can be; genetic factors, lifestyle factor, diet, physical activities among others. In this discussion, we will be looking at the type of cancer that is caused by lifestyle and more specifically cancer caused by addiction.

·        Tobacco addiction causes cancer!

Before we even look at how tobacco addiction causes cancer, we need to remember the meaning of addiction. Addiction is a situation in which a person uses a given addictive substance uncontrollably despite the negative effects it may pose to one’s health. Tobacco addiction therefore makes a person to take/ smoke tobacco uncontrollably. The amount of tobacco substance that the addicted person takes is by far high above the amount a normal person would manage. This means that the addicted person has high chances of being faced with the harmful effects associated with tobacco abuse.

Tobacco is among the highest causes of preventable deaths all over the world. This is because it leads to diseases affecting critical organs like heart, lungs and liver with cancer among the highly risky possible diseases to attack these organs.

The smoke that tobacco produces has been the leading cause of many of these cancer types. When the smoke is inhaled, it poses almost all the body organs to the risk of cancer disease. The most affected organs by the smoke are the ones that form the respiratory system. These includes: – the lung, mouth, larynx, esophagus among others. Some of the other health problems associated with smoking includes; the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Emphysema, Chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis.

What makes cigarette smoking cause cancer?

The tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals and about 70% of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. This means smoking of cigarettes poses risk of cancer than any other cause of cancer known. Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer and there are very few survivors of lung cancer. The main reason why there are very few survivors of lung cancer is due to delicacy in the organ and thus making its treatment difficult.

Smokeless smoking refers to the type of tobacco that is not burned. It is commonly taken in the form of chewing tobacco, oral tobacco, spitting tobacco, dip and snuff. Nicotine is a special type of tobacco that is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

The fact about tobacco is that it has chemicals that are harmful to one’s health and thus the form in which it is taken matters less though it determines the health problems that can be faced due to the drug taken. Smokeless tobacco is believed to be less harmful to the health as far as cancer and related diseases are concerned. At least 28 chemicals in the smokeless tobacco have been confirmed to cause cancer. Out of these cancer causing chemicals found in the smokeless tobaccos, the most harmful chemicals are the tobacco-specific nitrosamines. These are chemicals formed during the growing, curing, fermenting and aging of tobacco. The researchers have revealed that the nitrosamine level is directly related to the risk of cancer.

Apart from the nitrosamine content of the smokeless tobacco, there are other cancer causing substances in the smokeless tobacco such as the Polonium-210 which is a radioactive element found in the tobacco fertilizers, and poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

Research has indicated that certain foods can cause cancer. Some of the cancers that are believed can be caused by nutrition are the stomach, bowel, lung, prostate and uterus cancers which are most likely to develop if the diet is high in fats and low in fruits, vegetables and fiber.

Some foods have been proven to be addictive and thus, the prove that food addiction is a reality. The main problem arises when a person becomes addicted with foods that are known to cause cancer. This will put the person at high risk of getting food addiction facilitated cancer. This is because a food addict will uncontrollably eat the addictive food and crave for the food every now and then. This rises the chances of cancer to the food addict. Some food additives have been proven to be carcinogenic and thus should be also avoided. The best way to avoid or limit the chances of cancer resulting from diet is by ensuring healthy eating. Ensure you eat balanced food and avoid the cancer causing foods.

In conclusion, we can generally conclude that the reason why addiction plays a role in cancer disease is because the addictive substance may be cancer causing and the addicted person cannot stop taking the substance despite these health threats. When someone is addicted with a substance known to cause cancer, the chances of getting cancer rises in the addict.

How Addiction Can Cause Cancer