American College Students Participating In Study-Abroad Programs Drink Twice As Much As They Did Before Going Abroad

College Students Students get a sense of freedom in universities and other higher learning institutions especially after spending most of their time learning close to their homes where parents will monitor everything they do. The fact that college students are considered old enough to make decisions on their own has only made students prone to problem drinking and use of other drugs. Students studying abroad meet people with different values that they trade and embrace, they will exploit the freedom they have in all manner of ways, they will engage in any pleasurable activity as the sense of camaraderie creeps in their mind. They do most of the things together and most decisions are made in groups. Those who left their homes when they were not taking alcohol fall victims in quest of belonging. They will do anything that will improve their cohesion and bonding even if it means breaking some barriers that one was bred with such as abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.

Colleges have been known as havens for drinking and merrymaking where students involve in all sorts of activities that may give pleasure however according to a new research it is evident that students who travel abroad to study will drink twice as much as they were drinking before travelling to study abroad. The study a broad campus has been given a perception that they are moments that you need to enjoy your liberties and have fun as opposed to studying in local campuses that seem more of a cage for many students.

In a study that was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, a study that surveyed 177 students from the University of Washington about their drinking habits before, during and after their terms in an educational exchange program. Students studied overseas for 3-to-5-month stints, and during that time reported consuming an average of eight drinks per week, double the amount they drank while at home.

This study revealed that where students studied impacted their drinking behavior. Students who went to Europe, New Zealand and Australia drank the most, this is probably of the massive amounts of alcohol hat is generally consumed on social circles in these countries. Those who went to the Middle East or other places where drinking was not as widespread drank less. As known supply of alcohol in Middle East is not as much as in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Even the culture of those living in the middle east discourages alcohol and other drugs use therefore students who go to the middle east to study lose that opportunity of drinking as much and as frequent as they would have done when in Europe and other countries where the laws that regulate alcohol use is not as strict.

Apart from the place where students studied, another factor that influenced the drinking habits of students was legal age. According to a report published by The Los Angeles Times reports, Students under 21 drank less than their older peers before traveling, but once abroad they increased their drinking more. The students increased their rate of drinking by about 170%. They also drank more when they returned compared with before their trip abroad, and those numbers had no association with turning 21. It should be noted that in some countries the legal drinking age is under 21. So when students travel to a country where for example the legal drinking age is 18 he will begin drinking taking liberty with the loophole that has been created by traveling to study abroad.

The study also found out that students who had got into the habit of heavy drinking while on study abroad programs continued drinking heavily even when they got back home in the United States. However the other students who had not embraced heavy drinking when abroad returned to their normal drinking habits when they got back into the United States.

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Some of the reasons that led to the students drinking more than they did while at home may include; the students who went to study in Europe met a culture where wines are served with meals and that increased their alcohol consumption. Another reason is that study abroad programs are regarded by many students as outings and outings are synonymous to merrymaking where alcohol must feature to add spice into the experience.

How can these students be helped?

The students that have become heavy drinkers even after coming back to the United States should be helped so that they refrain from excessive consumption of the alcohol. However as known they will find it rather hard to quit this habit on their own and therefore input of professionals is needed to help them through a detoxification program that will restore the neuro endocrine functions and help them quit drinking the natural way. Dr. Dalal Akoury has been using NER and intravenous amino acid therapy to help addicts.  Intravenous amino acids and the NER are natural approaches to treating addicts that have so far bore juicy fruits. They are affordable, effective and are free from withdrawal symptoms that many people suffer after going through addiction treatment with pharmaceutical medicines. We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. These students who are struggling with addiction should just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

American College Students Participating In Study-Abroad Programs Drink Twice As Much As They Did Before Going Abroad