People Employed In the Arts, In the Leisure and Hospitality Prone To Drinking

Many people indulge in drinking of alcohol as leisure. Most people have only evenings and weekends to grab their bottles of alcohol and feel the fun. However there are other people who have all the time they want and can engage in alcohol drinking at any time of the day without this affecting their work relationships or at least they will not face such stiff penalties for drinking alcohol during working hours such as suspension and loss of job. This group that enjoys the freedom to drink alcohol whenever they want and as much as they want are those employed in the arts, in the leisure and hospitality.

George Washington University Medical Center researchers compared the alcoholism rates of various professions. It was found that people who are employed in Arts, leisure and hospitality tops the chart at 15 percent. This group is followed closely by construction and mining at 14.7, retail at 9.7, finance and real estate tied at 9.2, and transportation at 8.2. At only 7.2 percent, professional hunters and fishermen are less than half as likely as artists to be alcoholics. For education, health, social services, it’s 5.4 percent. Public administrators trail the pack at 5.3 percent.

Alcohol addiction

This research however did not give reasons why people employed as artists, in leisure and hospitality engaged more in drinking alcohol than all the other work groups. It is therefore safe to give personal opinion to why these people drink more than any other work group. Here are some of the reasons why those who are employed in art, leisure and hospitality drink alcohol more than those who are employed as teachers, health workers and even those who offer social services.

Most of them own their Jobs

The reason why teachers, health workers and other public servants do not engage more in drinking is because they do not own their jobs and have to abide with certain stipulated codes of conduct failure to which they will lose their jobs. Public servants have nothing special  that can make them not drink as much as artists but the fact that they are employed and must please their employers at all times leaves them with only weekends and evenings to drink and revel.

Public servants are also expected to be the eyes of their profession. In that they ought to paint their profession in a manner that it will be respected by the society. School teachers bear this pressure that they have to be seen as role models by the students they teach and no student will have a drunkard scholar as a role model.

Artists are generally rich

Artists are known to earn much out of their little effort. Take for example an athlete like Usain Bolt who will run few seconds yet earn millions from it. He therefore has too much to spend as compared to a teacher who will work an entire month and still will be left with very little to spare. I am not trying to say that the rich generally drinks more than the poor but the nature of an athlete’s profession leaves him with all the reasons to celebrate as compared to other professional who have nothing to celebrate about their jobs but are merely glued to their jobs just because they need to earn a living from it.

Nature of their work

Where do musicians perform? In offices where only water can be drawn from a dispenser? No most artistes work in places where alcohol is the most available beverage. They perform in bars and clubs where alcohol is just meters away. He lives with the alcohol as he is working but the social workers and other civil servants do not have that immediate access to alcohol as much as the artistes and those working in hospitality. There are people who began working in the hospitality industry when they were not taking alcohol but due to the exposure they got they began indulging in alcohol. You may think it is a choice you make irrespective of where you are but the exposure to alcohol may have a great influence on you.


Merrymaking Culture

The salient characteristic of hospitality industry is the merrymaking culture. Drinking alcohol and merrymaking are identical twins therefore it only suits the situation that people working in these areas embrace the culture. You will always be attracted to work where you feel you will enjoy the benefits of such work and that is why most people working in hospitality industry are heavy drinkers. Another reason for their drinking is that they have flexible working time that allows them to create time for their bottle.

Peer influence

In the entertainment industry is where you will find varied trends ranging from hairstyle to dressing code. This influence does not only end in dressing code and appearance of an artist but also in their behaviors. You will find that most upcoming musicians will ape the way of life their roles models live and since most of the artists are drinkers these upcoming artistes grow up knowing that as the norm and embracing it.

Alcoholism is a vice that should be fought by all means that is why we at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. It does not matter what kind of addiction you are wrestling with right now, just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) today and begin your journey to victory against addiction.

People Employed In the Arts, In the Leisure and Hospitality Prone To Drinking