What is fear?

Fear is a state of a distressing emotion which is aroused by impending pain or perception of danger. The causes of this fear may be real or imaginary. Normally, when someone has fear he or she may go into a panic mode. Fear in most cases, is viewed as negative but in some cases it can be beneficial.

Fear and addiction

When people who are addicted have fear, they may remain trapped in addiction. The problem here may be caused by the perception that such people will have, for instance one may fear to leave drugs taking due to the fear of withdrawal effects. It is also likely that some people will fear to seek assistance on how they can recover from drug addiction of fear that they will be known as addicts of the drug. The people who have fear may imagine life without drugs is miserable and hence fear leaving the drugs.

fear and denial

Which are the common fear areas in the recovery?

The following are the common fear areas for people in the recovery process:-

  • The person may have fear that life will never be the same again- This in most cases refers to the early days of the recovery period when the person will have to withdraw from the drugs. The person may fear that life won’t be easy without taking the drug. This may make the person fail to commit to the recovery process.
  • The fear of failure the process of recovery is always challenging. It will involve difficult times and one may find him/herself in relapse. The issue is not falling but do you accept to learn from your failure and build on it and target success? Many addicts will fear to fail. This makes even to try the recovery to give up in the process. This leads to relapse. It is advisable that you should not fear to fail, since it is through failing we learn how to succeed.
  • Fear to success – this is the flipside of fear to fail. This may not be a common scenario, but some people have a feeling that they don’t deserve success. This will hinder them from making efforts in the recovery process. The process of recovery requires is normally demanding and challenging. It therefore requires a lot of determination for one to succeed. If you have fear to success, definitely you cannot show determination.
  • Fear of rejection – some people fear to disclose that they are addicted with a given drug. The fear is that they may be judged by others or abandoned. This makes them not to admit that they have drug problem or reach out the others for support. With this fear, there can be no recovery. To overcome this problem you need to push yourself to work out a recovery program even when you don’t want. Try also to attend sober gatherings since they will help you in building confidence in your recovery program.
  • The fear that you may lose identity – many people fear that if they disclose they are addicts they may lose their identity by being seen as failures or outcasts. This actually should not be the case. You should not fear what people may say, since the important thing is not who you used to be but who you will be today and tomorrow. Actually the identity that you should be thinking about is who you used to be before you started taking the drugs and therefore try to regain the status.

fear and denial

  • The fear of lasting misery – the main fear that people have here is the fear of, “suppose I go through all this hard work and remain miserable?” here the patient needs to remain positive to the recovery process and not fear the possibility of misery not going.
  • The fear of sobrietythe patient becomes worried about the change in life from misery to sobriety. The person fears how the new life will look like, since getting sober means replacing mechanism e.g. drugs and alcohol with new ones. The person asks the questions like; will the sober life be boring? Will all the hard work that I will do be worthy it?

The person should be ready to face the challenges if any, even though there will be challenges. Challenges are part of life. If you stay stuck in this fear, you will remain in addiction.


What is denial?

Denial refers to the refusal of a person to admit the truth or reality.

How is denial related to addiction?

Denial and addiction could be said to be brothers since they move hand in hand. If a person doesn’t believe that substance abuse is a problem, there will be no likelihood of behavior change. This will be the case even if the destructive nature of the substance is obvious to everyone. Such people will not be able to quite the substance taking, and if they do it will be to please the other people it cannot last for long. For anybody to be able to succeed in the process of recovery, he/she must try first to do away with denial and learn to accept the facts about addiction.