Herbal Therapy Treatment For Alcohol Or Drug Addiction

What is herbal treatment?

Herbal treatment is one of the oldest treatment methods, but still in use all over the world. This refers to the treatment which bases on the medicine obtained exclusively from plants. The medicine is obtained from varied plants known to have medicinal values. The plants used to give a given medicinal value may vary from place to place depending with the cultural practices of the area. Different cultures may though used the same plant but differ in how they use it or the specific part that they use.

Advantages of herbal treatment in Drug addiction recovery

addictionIt is now a fact that herbal medicine is being preferred by many all over the world. The big question is, “why do many people prefer herbal medicine over the pharmaceutical medicines?” many researches have been conducted to determine the credibility of herbal medication, though this medication has been one of the oldest. Herbal medication has obviously preferred due to its many benefits to the human body. The following are some of the benefits of herbal medicine;

  • They have negligible side effects – many pharmaceutical medicines have been proven to have a side effect to the patient who uses them. The case is different with herbal medicines. Almost all the researches which have been conducted on the herbal medicines, have indicated that it has very low or no side effects at all. This is one of the reasons why herbal medication is highly preferred in the drug addiction recovery process since it leaves the patient with no side effects.
  • They are cost effective – the drug addicts may not be very productive in the community, and therefore for relatives or well-wishers to offer material support to help the addict look for treatment for the addiction may be difficult especially when the medication cost is high. Herbal medication becomes the better option for many, since its cost is highly affordable by far that the prescription medicine. This is due to the low cost in the process of research, testing and marketing of the herbal medicines as compared to the prescription medicine.
  • They are effective with chronic condition- herbal medicine has proven to be effective than many of the traditional prescription medicine. This medication is for this case a good medication option for people suffering from addiction effects such as chronic fatigue.
  • Widespread availability – one of the most important factors that make herbal medicine highly preferred in the treatment of drug addiction is its availability. The herbal medicines are readily available all over the world and hence accessing them is much easy. Some of the simple herbs that are known to have medicinal values can be grown at home and hence when they are required in the treatment they can be easily accessed from there.
  • Non-habit forming – herbal medicines have been proven not to cause any habit formation and hence no chances of addiction resulting from the medication.


What makes herbal treatment effective in drug addiction treatment?

Herbs have the capacity to ease some alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms (i.e. from anxiety to insomnia) and they can also help in the detoxification of the body. One of the challenges that a drug addict will face during the recovery period is the craving for the drugs. Herbal medication has been effective in the reduction of the intensity in the addicted person’s craving for alcohol and other drugs.

  • Nervous system correction

Among the helpful herbs, are herbs that influence the nervous system or by gently encouraging a relaxed and sedated state. Some of the herbs that are known to bring this sedation are: – catnip, chamomile, peppermint, and skullcap. The good thing with these herbs is that they provide a wide range of ways through which they can be taken by a patient. One of these convenient ways is that it can be used together as a tea or with any other fluid. In most cases, to replace mild depression with a state of calmness, St. John’s wort is often prescribed to the patients.

  • Detoxification

Many addictive drugs will always leave toxins in the body even after the patient recovers from the addiction. These toxins are known to have a negative to the patient in the long run. It is therefore very important for detoxification to be done to the patient despite the recovery medication. For this detoxification to be done, there are several herbs which contribute to cleansing of the blood. These herbs may include burdock root and echinacea (purple coneflower). Some other herbs such as milk thistle, which is known to contain silymarin, support the liver which is the main toxin-filtering organ in the body. This may thus help in prevent drug-induced damage to the liver.

The Chinese herbal medicine
Kudzu root, which is often prescribed as a bitter tea, has long been used by traditional Chinese doctors to reduce the appetite for alcohol. This helps the alcohol addict who is in the process of recovering by avoiding craving effects. The recent animal research suggests that alcohol-free kudzu root extract can cut the consumption of alcohol in half. (The patients in this study, however, were a breed of hamsters.) Based on such a research, we can conclude that herbal medicine has many advantages in helping the drug addicts in the recovery.

Herbal Therapy Treatment For Alcohol Or Drug Addiction