What is cocaine addiction?

cocaine addictionA person is considered to have cocaine addiction when he/she is faced with a psychological desire to use cocaine regularly. This is also referred to as a stated of cocaine dependency. The risk of being in this state is that, overdose of cocaine may result to cardiovascular and brain damage such as constriction of blood vessels in the brain, which may result to stroke and if the constriction occurs in the arteries in the heart, it may cause heart attack especially in the central nervous system.

The problem of cocaine related addiction has been on the rise, even though cocaine is an illegal drug almost in every part of the world. This alarming problem has prompted researches to try to curb the problem.

Have Scientists finally found a Molecule that Blocks Cocaine Addiction?

There has been some breakthrough in the search for the molecule that blocks the cocaine molecule, but the big question is, have the scientists really discovered a molecule that is capable of blocking the cocaine molecule? Or is it the beginning of the big discovery? This still debatable, but let’s look at what they have already achieved.

What scientist have already discovered

The recent researches reports show that scientist have been able to identify a molecule that they claim can block the cocaine molecule. This molecule is known as CGP3466B. In the recent study, this molecule was able to block cocaine addiction in mice. Does the molecule then block the cocaine molecules in human? Scientists have been testing the molecule or the compound CGP3466B on humans for the treatment of Parkson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Fortunately, the researchers were able to know the pathway that cocaine works on, and knew CGP3466B was able to block that specific pathway.

How was the research conducted?

The study used mice, by giving them choice to choose two rooms for visiting freely. One of these rooms occasionally dispensed cocaine while the other didn’t. The point of interest was to let the mice eat the cocaine, until a point when they would be addicted. The mice were considered addicted when they remained in the cocaine dispensed room without bothering going to the other room. The addicted mice then received the CGP3466B dose. Let’s now see what the scientists observed after giving the addicted mice the CGP3466B molecule dose. The scientists found that the addicted mice resumed their normal time schedules by spending equal time in both rooms. This was a clear indication that they were no longer addicted.

The most exciting part is on how this drug works. This dose works at very low doses, and it looks to have no possibility of any side effect, since it works by blocking specific pathways and not affecting any other part. This study on CGP3466B was very vital since it helped in the confirmation of the details of cocaine’s action and potential treatment options.

How will you identify somebody addicted with cocaine?

Cocaine is one of the drugs which causes very powerful effects by acting upon the brain. The most common symptoms of addiction are:-

  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Increased libido
  • Isolation from friends and family members
  • Lying about drug use
  • Depression after long period of abuse
  • Feeling of superiority where one feels above the others
  • Mood swings
  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Engagement in risky sex
  • Violent behaviors
  • Damage in nasal passage
  • Dilated pupils
  • Vasoconstriction of blood vessels in the heart.
  • Chronic runny nose

It is important to note that some of these symptoms are similar to those shown by addiction from other substances, and you may not be able to conclude at once that a given person is addicted of cocaine because a given behavior like violence has been depicted. It could be addiction from marijuana, or even another factor not related to addiction. Just like with any other type of addiction, try to assemble sufficient evidence grounds for conclusion on addiction.

cocaine addiction

Effects of Cocaine Addiction to our bodies?

This is actually a knowledge that every person should have. The dangers of using cocaine are deadly. This is one of the worst illegal drug substances which despite their threat to healthy living many people are still abusing them. Let’s look at the dangers of cocaine abuse;

  • Cocaine is known to cause heart attack
  • It may lead to permanent damage of lungs
  • It may cause ulcers
  • It is also reported to cause decrease in sexual activity
  • It causes serious skin infections and abscesses
  • Perforation of the stomach is also a common problem
  • It also causes perforation of nasal activity
  • Seizures are also common when one is an addict of cocaine.
  • Strokes due to the blockage of blood vessels in the heart are also a threat.
  • Also something that is worth mentioning is that cocaine abuse can lead to death if un-attended in time.

Looking at all these effects of abusing cocaine, and when you turn to every corner of the world people are abusing this drug, every human being will always pray that the scientists researches on the treatment of this killer disease be successful. This is the only thing that will save the world but not illegalizing the drug.

Have Scientists Found a Molecule that Blocks Cocaine Addiction?