Drug addiction treatment

Drug addiction is normally a very complex illness which is sometimes accompanied by intense craving which may be uncontrollable to the addict even when there is a direct danger posed by the substance.

Drug Addiction

The key principles to effective drug treatment

There are principles which have been proven to work effectively in ensuring that the patient regains normal life. These principles are:-

  • The first principle is to realize that addiction is by itself a complex which alters the normal functioning of brain but it is curable.
  • Secondly, it is important to understand there is never single treatment which is appropriate to everyone, and hence treatment of each individual should be examined and given independent treatment.
  • Counseling is very important, especially when treating individual or group from drug addiction.
  • Each individual’s treatment should be regularly assessed to know the patient’s progress and correct adjustments to the treatment made. This ensures suitability of medication to every patient.
  • Scientifically it has been proven that many drug addicts also have other mental disorders. Thus, the appropriate treatment should seek to address not only the addiction but also the mental problems.
  • Another important principal in drug treatment is that, the treatment doesn’t have to be voluntary to be effective. The patient doesn’t have to be left to make decisions on whether, when and how he/she should be treated. Since in many occasions drug addiction comes with mental disorders, it is vital not to leave decision making in the hands of the patient.
  • The patient’s drug taking during treatment should be monitored, since lapses do occur especially when the patient cannot withstand the craving of the drugs during withdrawal.
  • Another principle is that, treatment should be readily available and in the reach of the patient when need be. The patient will be faced with challenges such as craving and necessity of medication adjustments. Therefore, it is very important that medication can be accessed when need be.
  • Also another important principle is that, any effective drug treatment should address multiple individual’s needs and not just addiction. The medication should not only revolve around treatment of addiction itself, without looking to address the needs of the individual.
  • Treatment period- remaining in treatment for adequately appropriate time is vital. The patient should be maintained under medication until it is ascertained that he/she has fully recovered. Stoppage of medication before the patient fully recovers may result to resistance to future medication after relapse and obviously the craving symptoms may follow the patient leading the patient back to the consumption of the addicting substance.
  • Importantly also, the treatment should assess the patient’s presence of other diseases like arthritis, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C and other infectious diseases. This will help in putting the patient under good conditions which will prevent the risk of contracting or even spreading an infectious disease.

Drug Addiction

Proven effective treatment approaches

For effective treatment, combination of both medication and therapy has worked well before. The process of treatment regularly begins with detoxification which aims at reducing or eliminating the effect of drug substance in the body. It is then followed by treatment and lapse prevention. The treatment process should be well monitored to ease the withdrawal symptoms and prevent lapse.

In any drug recovery program, medication is very important. It will help in different aspects of treatment process.

Medication importance on withdrawal – withdrawal under normal circumstances is accompanied by variety of symptoms which seek to return the patient to the consumption of addictive substance. These symptoms especially craving in some circumstances it may seem to be out of patient’s capacity to resist, especially when it is a drug related addiction. Medication in this case becomes important as it will try to suppress the withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. It is important to note that however, medically assisted detoxification in itself it is not a treatment but just the first step in the treatment process. The patient must complete the treatment process otherwise he/she will be similar to those never treated.

Medication vitality in Treatment treatment is an important aspect in drug addiction recovery. It can be used to re-establish normal brain functioning and to prevent relapse and to minimize cravings. This agent of drug recovery requires intensive examination of the patient, to establish the type of addictive drug substance the patent is addicted of, and hence streamline appropriate treatment procedure. It has been found out that, many of the drug addicts consume more than one drug and hence their addiction may sometimes not be as a result of just one drug. Treatment of this kind of addiction must seek to address each of these addictions based on the underlying cause. Treatment of these individual drugs addiction will look at the class of the substance, whether it is an Opioid, tobacco or alcohol etc. this will form a good foundation for treatment to be built on. For more details, call or visit AWAREmed and get a professional advice.

Drug addiction treatment