Addiction In Senator Cruz Family: Ted Cruz Shares Story Of His Sister’s Addiction

Ted CruzThe Republican presidential nominee candidate  Ted Cruz was thought to be a bright boy even during his early childhood, so it doesn’t come as strange that he grew up to become a person his family could be proud of. Cruz has great intellect and a decisive personality, which led him to one success after another – Harvard Law, the Senate of the United States and now a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, life is not always pink, which is something Ted Cruz learned the hard way in 2011 when his half-sister Miriam passed away from a drug overdose.

The senator shared this sad story at the forum on heroin epidemic an addiction held in New Hampshire this February. Miriam, the daughter from the first marriage of the senator’s father, Rafael Cruz, was nine years older than him.

‘We used to spend summers together when we were kids. Even though she was older than me, we often played together. She let me pull on her hair and I would to that nonstop. She was a very charming and beautiful woman’, said Cruz.

However, Miriam didn’t handle their fat their parents are divorced easily.

‘I remember her always being angry at everyone. She was mad at my dad for divorcing her mom and often turned her rage to everyone. She was mad at the world, at God’.

This caused Miriam to go through some rather turbulent teenage years. As Cruz stated, she partied and she partied hard. It wasn’t even uncommon to steal his allowance in order to buy alcohol and drugs. It got worse when she married a man who had violence issues and was constantly in and out of jail. Not even having a son, who was named Joseph, was motivating enough for her to battle the addiction.

‘She became a single mom a couple of years after Joey was born. Unfortunately, she got into a car accident, after which she got addicted to painkillers. Not long has passed until she moved on to even worse drugs’, the Senator continued his story.

A ‘helping hand’ on her path to hard addiction was Michael Gunning, Miriam’s boyfriend at the time. They met in a rehab center in Philadelphia. The moment they got out, they started using various drugs. In order to get the money to buy them, Miriam started shoplifting, which got her behind bars more than a couple of times.  These are just some of the troubles addiction can get people into. They will be widely covered at Awaremed Network’s Integrative Addiction Conference for which you can register HERE.

In the meantime, everything was going well for Ted Cruz. In 1997, he managed to join a respectable law firm in Washington D.C. and was on his way to success. However, he always found time to keep tabs on his sister and her son. This is why he and his father decided to drive to Philadelphia one day to try to make an intervention, leaving all their valuable stuff back at Washington in order to avoid any potential bad stuff happening at the shady motel Miriam was living in.

Unfortunately, the talk didn’t help too much, so the senator knew what he had to do. He decided to max out his credit hard to help his nephew and soon Joey was sent to a military boarding school. Cruz believed this will help Joey get some order in his life and set him on the right path.

In the senator’s book ‘A time for truth’, it was mentioned that Miriam was aware she was not in a great situation to support her son and was thankful that Ted is getting him through school. Although he left the school only after a year, Joey and his mom reconciled their differences and started living together again. Miriam showed some real signs of wanting to progress and battle with addiction prior to this happening. She even decided to go into a rehab center. Everything had seemed back on its course, it was Joey that found Miriam dead one day in January 2011.

‘We just got a call one day, telling us that Miriam is gone’, remembers Mr. Cruz.

The Republican president candidate is very aware of this problem, which is exactly why he chose to share his experience in New Hampshire, place famous for its drug problems. There’s another addiction story in Mr. Cruz’s family, this one with a different outcome than Miriam.

Rafael Cruz was an abusive drinker and this was the reason behind him leaving Miriam’s mother, as well as leaving Ted and his mom for some time. Religion is what helped Rafael turn his life around and make this a happy story.

“My father hasn’t had a drink for 40 years now. There are addiction stories with happy endings”, stated Cruz.

The senator is right. In order for people to fight the problems with any kind of addiction, they will need a strong will and motivation, as well as great help from family and friends. Awaremed Network is organizing Integrative Addiction Conference. You can find more details and sign up for the conference here.