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Positive eating behaviors in our Children is possible if we lead by example

Positive eating behaviors in our Children: Healthy Lifestyle begins with you

Before we get serious in encouraging positive eating behaviors in our children, we may not achieve much in realizing our healthy living goals. We must start by addressing adequately all the root causes if we want to stop the vicious circle of weight gain from one generation to another. As experts from the AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, we have prioritized giving useful health information in this platform to help our ailing communities get some relief in their struggle with weight management.

The wise says teach a child the way they should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. This is a wise saying and I vividly remember all those things I was taught while I was still a little child and for sure I am reaping the benefits of being obedient to them. In my childhood, my parents were very keen on our health and they made all the effort towards influencing positive eating behaviors in us their children. Because of that today we are healthy and impacting the same on our children their grandchildren.

We are still focusing on addressing the vicious circle of weight gain that is passed on from one generation to another. You and I have a duty to make that little contribution in stopping this by teaching our children positive eating behaviors during childhood. When successfully done, this will set them growing up in the total practice of healthy eating habits for life. Remember that increasing a positive relationship with food as well as a balanced approach to eating can lead to better health outcomes in the long run not just for you but for the many generations to come.

Positive eating behaviors in our Children: Indicators of childhood obesity

It is very disturbing that these days the statistics of obese children is increasing every day across the globe. Doctor Dalal Akoury is today a testimony of what influencing positive eating behaviors in our children can do.  Why must we allow our children to be part of that statistics? What joy is there in your children being classified as overweight or obese? This doesn’t just happen but it is the direct result of a number of behaviors including the following:

  • Rigorous consumption of foods that are rich in added fat, sugar and salt, especially fried potatoes, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, ice cream, cordials, meat pies, and margarine.
  • Dislike or low consumption of fruit and vegetables.
  • Consumption of junk foods being purchased away from the home (e.g. take away).
  • Evening meals being eaten in front of the television.
  • Too much of screen time (iPads, TV, computers).
  • A decrease in the amount of incidental activity such as walking to and from school.
  • A drop in outdoor playtime.

If we could make effort in discouraging some of this unhealthy feeding behaviors, we could be making greater progress towards total elimination of obesity and overweight related complications. It may be challenging, but with the help of doctor Akoury, all will be well and your generation will be the biggest beneficiaries.

Positive eating behaviors in our Children: Healthy Lifestyle begins with you