Youthful alcoholism and drug addiction prevention tips: The right time to take action is now

Youthful alcoholism

Youthful alcoholism and drug addiction prevention tips are very essential in bring the restoration of hope where hopelessness is taking root.

There is no doubt that young people in their growth and development are often faced with many life challenges. Some of these are genetically incline and we can just avoid them whereas some are environmentally inclined. Irrespective of how they come, the truth is they have some level of significance on how they affect your life, health and well-being. In all these situations, we have the potential of making a difference on how they are going to impact on us and so the decision we make will matter a lot. Like for instance the decision you make as a young person about alcohol and drugs can really ruin your life if you make the wrong decisions. Remember that such decisions will not only have the influence in your health, school performance, relationships but also in your job or career, or your freedom as you grow up. Not to be too dramatic but these are life and death decisions and we only want to help you by focusing primarily on the youthful alcoholism and drug addiction prevention tips which you can apply to be safe from the scourge of addiction.

This article is targeting the youthful generation who can still make good decisions about their health today and for the future. To bring it on effectively, we spoke with doctor Dalal Akoury a renowned addiction expert of several decades with a resounding success in her work. In her over two decades of delivering services satisfactorily to her clients, doctor Akoury founded a health facility known as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where she has a primary objective of transforming people’s lives professionally by creating awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. This is the place to be if you or any of your loved ones is lost into drugs. Why this recommendation? To respond to that dear reader, it will interest you to note that in her years of service to the societies globally. Doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. You can therefore schedule for an appointment with her any time of the day by calling her on telephone number 843 213 1480 so that you can share one on one with her about all your concerns. And remember that as a young person you are responsible for your own safety and that means that what you are going to do in relation to your choice about alcohol and drugs will either make or break your life today and in the future. Now as we progress into the discussion on the youthful alcoholism, let us first review some of the prevention tips we are outline for you in this article. There are actually two important points to be aware of even as we progress into the discussion:

Youthful alcohol and drug addiction prevention tips: Age when first use of alcohol and drugs

Early introduction to alcohol and drugs before the brain has fully developed increases your risk for future addiction to the same substances dramatically. Experts have established that young people who indulge into drinking alcohol before age 15 are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol abuse or dependence than people who first used alcohol at age 21 or older. So age is a key factor in drug addiction and that is why we must all pool together so that we can all defeat this problem of addiction completely.

Youthful alcohol and drug addiction prevention tips: Family history of alcoholism or drug addiction

Whether a person decides to use alcohol or drugs is a choice, influenced by their environment peers, family, and availability. But, once a person uses alcohol or drugs, the risk of developing alcoholism or drug dependence is largely influenced by genetics. youthful alcoholism and drug dependence are not moral issues, are not a matter of choice or a lack of willpower. Plain and simple, some people’s bodies respond to the effects of alcohol and drugs differently. If you have a family history of alcoholism or addiction, you are four times more likely to develop a problem. So then, as a young person, what can you do to protect yourself and reduce the risk of alcohol and drug problems?

Youthful alcohol and drug addiction prevention tips: Here are some guide lines to consider

Be bold enough to say No: Sometimes, our fear of negative reaction from our friends, or others we don’t even know, keeps us from doing what we know is right. Real simple, it may seem like “everyone is doing it,” but they are not. Don’t let someone else make your decisions for you. If someone is pressuring you to do something that’s not right for you, you have the right to say no, the right not to give a reason why, and the right to just walk away.

While connecting with friends ensure that you avoid negative peer pressure: Pay attention to who you are hanging out with. If you are hanging out with a group where majority are suffering from youthful alcoholism or using drugs to get high, you may want to think about making some new friends. You may be headed toward an alcohol and drug problem if you continue to hang around others who routinely drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, abuse prescription drugs or use illegal drugs. You don’t have to go along to get along.

Make connections with your parents or other adults: As you grow up, having people you can rely on, people you can talk to about life, life’s challenges and your decisions about alcohol and drugs is very important. The opportunity to benefit from someone else’s life experiences can help put things in perspective and can be invaluable.

Enjoy life and do what you love only ensuring that you don’t add alcohol and drugs: life is enjoyable and that doesn’t mean you add alcohol or drugs in the menu. These substances can change who you are, limit your potential and complicate your life. Instead of idling around get something to do and be active in school and community activities such as music, sports, arts or a part-time job.

Follow the family rules about alcohol and drugs: As you grow up and want to assume more control over your life, having the trust and respect of your parents is very important. Don’t let alcohol and drugs come between you and your parents. Talking with your parents about alcohol and drugs can be very helpful.

Get educated about alcohol and drugs: the kind of myths and misconceptions that are floating around among your friends and on the internet can be misleading. Your ability to make the right decisions includes getting educated by the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and finally shares what you are learning with your friends and your family.

Youthful alcohol and drug addiction prevention tips: The right time to take action is now