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Addiction recovery process

Addiction recovery process is never easy and breaking its chain need real time commitment to the process

Addiction recovery process is never easy: Embracing love to teenage addicts

For some times now we have been following up on a story about the rough road of quitting heroin addiction in the previous article and for sure life as an addict is not everyone cup of tea. There is no peace in drug addiction and even during addiction recovery process you will still experience very strange things happening. In more than two decades of her medical practice in the line of addiction, doctor Dalal Akoury MD met this client and who recovered from heroin addiction the hard way. In her introduction in the previous article we show how she become homeless from time to time, running out of cash and wasting her life in less valuable activities. We want to further the discussion with a view of using this story to impact positively in the lives of many young people and also to seek for lasting solutions.

Addiction recovery process is never easy: Being homeless

At one point during the stay with my friend the story continues, I got word that my parents were coming for a vacation in the neighboring country and this trip could not have come at the right time. After being accommodated all this while, my friend had just given me notice that her roommate needed the couch for her guests who were visiting with her soon. This would have meant that I was going to be homeless again. The good news to me is that my parents were not just coming for me to have a roof over my head, but also at a time when the addiction healing process was picking up well. And so to play safe, I told my parents that I will be joining them for the vacation but am down with a very bad flu and needed a place to crush for sometimes.

Even though I was making this lie, my parents knew the truth because they had seen me go through it several times in the past even though they never commented about it. And with the assurance of getting accommodation and the love of my parents, I threw away all my bags and needles and headed to join them. I spent the next few weeks there shacked up in their bedroom, sleeping on an air mattress and refusing to leave the room. By and by the physical pain started to recede paving the way for mental anguish to hit like a train and this time I couldn’t move. I cried a lot struggling to hide the real thing from my parents but it was pointless and I just didn’t care.

Realizing that I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar, I figured what is the difference between this and a depressive episode, anyway? So I rode it out like anyone else. So many things crossed my mind including suicide but I just didn’t have the strength to follow through with any of my half assessed plans. I thought about trying to find dope in this city however hard it could be but I was so depressed that the idea of trying to get out of bed was exhausting enough, let alone getting dressed and leaving the house. Besides, I had no money and I knew my parents didn’t trust me so what was I going to do? Steal money? Forget it. I didn’t have the strength. Are you following how addiction recovery process comes at a price? Why wait to this point if you can easily be helped by doctor Dalal Akoury who is just a phone call away? Choose wisely today.

Addiction recovery process is never easy: Embracing love to teenage addicts