Addiction requires psychic

Addiction requires psychic energy progressively to get the desired high, this is dangerous and must be terminated

Addiction requires psychic energy: Addiction and energy

Each addiction can be related to a certain center of consciousness. Addiction is the result of an energy imbalance in that particular center. The center is blocked and does not experience the normal energy flow of a healthy center. The center is blocked because of our suppression. Through the avoidance of feelings in the center, we create the block. To maintain the block requires energy supplies. All addiction provides an extra supply of energy, taken either from external sources or from the body’s internal reserves.

The cravings that arise for a particular object of addiction are learned. Through experience, we learn that energy can be obtained from a certain source and used to maintain the block. When the block begins to weaken, because the suppressing energy is getting low, we begin to get glimpses of exactly what we are suppressing, and we experience discomfort, anxiety, depression, and so on. We then seek the addictive experience once more, to gain the energy required to maintain the block to the feelings. The feelings are re-suppressed, over and over. Because the suppressed feelings will continue to build, the suppressing energy also must keep increasing, resulting in the extraordinary means that must be used to provide the energy. We enter the expanding cycle of addiction.

Usually we are addicted to a center’s complement to the negative experience. However, we also can escape to another, usually higher, center and draw energy from there. The higher center will suppress the pain of the lower center. Thus, if we experience anxiety from an un-integrated Survival center, we could attempt to suppress it by becoming compulsively addicted to wealth and security, but we also could suppress it by compulsive seeking in any higher center, such as sex, power, love, even creativity.

Addiction requires psychic energy: Breaking addiction

This is most difficult for many addicts, luckily enough addicts do acknowledge that they have a problem which quit often just end there. Taking the next step is always the problem. It is therefore necessary for addicts to know that the first step in breaking addiction after acknowledging that you’re addicted is to understand how it works. When you know why you act compulsively, you weaken the power of the addiction greatly. You must stop yielding to the addictive experience. Process the addictive urge as well as the feeling that you are suppressing with the addiction. Self-processing can be the main approach because it is individualized and easy to own. Nevertheless we have some other approaches, such as therapy, group support, or medical support in cases of chemical dependency which are equally helpful and can help you make meaningful progress towards getting well.

Finally, you know the kind of center of addiction you may be suffering from. Reading and doing nothing would be a great disservice for you and to your loved ones. You can impact positively by seeking the help of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury MD and founder of the same. Talking to doctor Akoury today will go a long way in helping you jumpstart your healing process since professionally, doctor Akoury’s practices focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms.

Addiction requires psychic energy: Addiction and energy