Addictions hidden risks

Addictions hidden risks and health problems can stay in the body for long and addicts may think they are well, but when they surface, it can be devastating

Addictions hidden risks and health problems: Suicide prevalence

Life is beautiful and I sincerely love life. I believe you do too. Each person has his/her own peculiar reasons of being alive and there are so many set objectives that we want to accomplish while still alive. These objectives are either set to us by people around us or our own desired goals but the bottom line is that we have them. We may not be able to achieve these objectives if we are not sober in our minds. To be sober we must all desire to stay away from all kind of drugs and drug-related activities or influences. We must make all efforts to ensure that our neighborhood is safe and free from any kind of addictions hidden risks. Our children must be brought up morally sound and any element of depression avoided by all means. According to the experts at AWAREmed health center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, for this to be done effectively, we must all pool together for the same objective because the consequences of drugs are fatal and suicidal. Anyone who cares about an addict will have several concerns including:

  • The fear of getting serious accident and other body injuries
  • The fear of losing a loved one
  • The fear of drug overdose
  • The fear of committing suicide

These are weighty concerns but for the purpose of this article, we will dwell more on the suicide as a consequence emanating from drug abuse. Suicide is a well-known risk for those suffering from mental health problems requiring special medical attention in the assessment and treatment of addiction. You must take keen attention on depression and other mood disorders because these are the primary indicators of risk factors for suicide. Besides, alcohol and drug abuse are also influential in triggering suicide. As a matter of fact, studies have established that alcoholism is a strong indicator even without being depressed and those suffering from drug use disorders are said to be about six times likely to commit suicide than the population not using drugs.

Addictions hidden risks and health problems: Are you losing hope in your recovery process?

Have you ever wondered why suicide is the tragic fate of so many people struggling with addiction? There are a few possible explanations including:

  • When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people may lose inhibitions and take risks they would not do when sober.
  • Many people abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.
  • The rate of major depression is two to four times higher among addicts than the general population.

Although drugs may seem to help in the short term, they exacerbate problems over time. When attempting to stop using drugs, people may feel overwhelmed by the return of painful emotions that they had been medicating with drugs. They may also be clear-headed enough to carry out suicidal thoughts and plans. Transitions, such as entering or leaving treatment, relapse, and death, divorce or other major life changes, can be especially vulnerable times. Abusing drugs, especially depressants such as alcohol or sedatives, can also trigger symptoms of depression, increasing the risk of suicide. That is why we must choose life by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for professionalism in addressing all matters relating to substance abuse in our lives.

Addictions hidden risks and health problems: Suicide prevalence