Alcohol freewill consumption

Alcohol freewill consumption has to lead many into the path of destruction

Alcohol freewill consumption: Long term effects

There is no question about the alcohol-free will consumption globally. Each nation has rules guiding the consumption of this substance. But away from all those rules, it does not delete the dangers that come with alcohol use. What is worrying is that before the formulation of the rules, the dangers are known. And so it is quite unfortunate that alcohol is legal in as much as we are revealing its dangerous effects to human health. One of the control measures put by the authorities is the introduction of age limit. Currently, in many nations across the globe, the recommended age for drinking is 18 years though in some countries this limit can be up to 19 years or even more. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, this is one of the most ineffective control as many under age easily get access to this substance. Young people drink at home, in the streets and pubs despite this rule further complicating the dangers attached. Despite all these challenges, we can still do something to be safe from this scourge of alcoholism. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, you can seek professional assistance from doctor Akoury by calling her today for the commencement of your recovery program.

Alcohol freewill consumption: The law about drinking and driving

Many lives are unnecessarily lost on the roads globally due to drink driving. Studies have also established that alcohol is the major cause of many of these deaths and because of these nearly all states across the globe are taking this seriously by enforcing stringent laws to protect and save lives. Drink driving has become a serious criminal offense and driving with blood alcohol content of 0.08 % and above will land you in the wrong books with the authorities. Other general illegalities and penalties include:

  • To drive while impaired even if your BAC is less than 0.08 percent.
  • Declining to provide a breath sample when asked by the police is also illegal.
  • Suspension of your driver’s license on the spot for 90 days
  • Separate criminal charges to face in court.
  • Also, if you are learning to drive and have a Graduated Driver’s License, you are not allowed to drive after drinking ANY alcohol.

These are just but a few rules and penalties applicable in most countries in an effort to bringing order on our roads. The same penalties and more are also applicable where one mixes alcohol with other drugs. To demonstrate the seriousness of this problem the authorities in Ontario have made even much harsher penalties for offenders. For instance, if you are convicted of impaired driving more than once the penalties are as follows:

  • First conviction – your driver’s license is suspended for one year and a further $600 fine.
  • Second conviction – your driver’s license is suspended for three years and 14 days in jail.
  • Third conviction – your license is suspended for 10 years or for life plus 90 days in jail
  • Fourth conviction: such offenders will never own a driver’s license in Ontario soil again and they will still be sentenced to jail for another 90 days.

It looks harsh but if this is what will bring serenity on our roads then it is worth it.

Alcohol freewill consumption: Long term effects