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Cognitive behavioral treatment approach essential in restoration of human health and productivity

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: Understanding cocaine craving

Even as we adopt the cognitive behavioral treatment approach for addiction, patients need to recognize that experiencing some craving is normal and quite common. Craving does not mean that something is wrong or that the patient really wants to resume drug use. This not always the case. And for a better understanding, doctor Akoury who is a veteran addiction experts alongside her teams of experts are going to be very instrumental to us in bringing this discussion into perspective. Therefore we want to encourage you to stay with us on the link and get the best you can in dealing with cocaine addiction and the best possible way of solving that problem.

Now according to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, it is true that because of the frequency and the variety of circumstances in which cocaine is self-administered, a multitude of stimuli has been paired with cocaine abuse. These may act as conditioned cues or triggers for cocaine craving. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most common triggers including being around people with whom one used cocaine, having the money or getting paid, drinking alcohol, social situations, and certain affective states, such as anxiety, depression, or joy. Triggers for cocaine craving also are highly idiosyncratic, thus identification of cues should take place in an ongoing way throughout treatment.

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: The genesis of finding cocaine addiction solution

We can never be settled in life if any member of our family is suffering from an addiction whether it is to cocaine or any other substance, it, therefore, means that for us to have the comfort we desire in life, we must all play our individual parts in solving the problem of addiction and that is where a cognitive behavioral approach of treating addiction come in handy. Doctor Dalal Akoury is very objective and categorical that lasting solution to cocaine addiction starts with the individual victim. In other words, the individual addict must make a certain decision before third parties and family members get in to help. By the way that doesn’t mean that members of the family should just sit back and watch their loved ones sink in addiction. Not at all, however, it is Important that the acknowledgment on the part of the direct victim that he or she has a problem is very crucial in the treatment program.

Upon attaining this then the fear of denial shall have been dealt with paving way for the commencement of treatment that will translate to Ideal sobriety to the direct victim. This is what doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center do best. Therefore if you or anyone you know is struggling with cocaine or any other drug, then help is only a phone call away. You can call doctor Akoury to schedule an appointment so that all your addiction concerns can be addressed professionally today for a better and more refreshing life thereafter.

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: Understanding cocaine craving