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Compromising immune system

Compromising immune system with drugs and alcohol can be corrected professionally

Compromising immune system with drugs and alcohol: MDMA and club drugs

Being healthy is everybody greatest wish and anything that causes deformity to good health is always fought by all means. When the body’s defense is under attack, the result is poor health. Many at times drugs and alcohol usage are seen as elements compromising immune system by weakening the body’s defense mechanisms. Drugs like MDMA use has long been anecdotally linked to infection of influenza and bacterial infections. There is, however, no scientific evidence to support that the use of MDMA or other club drugs cause these infections or suppress the immune system. What is known, however, is that exhaustion and dehydration associated with the use of these drugs in nightclubs, at festivals and other music events does increase the risk of being infected with influenza or developing a cold. This is because these side effects lower the body’s ability to fight infection until normal energy and water levels of the body are returned.

Compromising immune system with drugs and alcohol: HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis

Illicit drug use has inherent risks that include serious health problems such as hepatitis, HIV and AIDS. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There is no cure for the disease AIDS but there are some treatments available for the virus HIV. Individuals infected with HIV are at risk of contracting other, life threatening diseases because the virus weakens a person’s immune system.

Hepatitis on the other hand is an inflammation of the liver, most commonly caused by a viral infection that lead to chronic disease including liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Drug users are at higher risks of contracting HIV and AIDS due to a lowered immune system and because some users share drug injection equipment that may be infected with the disease. The reason that these diseases can be so easily spread is because infected blood is drawn into the syringe and then injected along with the drug by the next user of the same syringe. And once a person is infected with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, they are at risk of developing further complications because of the effects of the disease on their immune system. Cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal problems, neurological conditions and tumors are some of the known linked diseases. Besides these we also have skin infections, ulcers, tetanus, septicemia, thrombosis and respiratory diseases as some of the most common symptoms of a lowered immune system because of these diseases and infections.

Finally the consequences of drug addiction on immunity is no longer a small thing that can be wished a way easily. For a good health we need a very strong and stable immune system which we can’t get with the consistent use of drugs. Therefore if you are struggling with any kind of substance abuse this is your perfect opportunity of redeeming yourself from the scourge of addiction that weakens your immunity. You can call doctor Dalal Akoury today to schedule for an appointment with her and she will be able to help you regain your life back in the most professional way.

Compromising immune system with drugs and alcohol: MDMA and club drugs