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Drug addiction suicidal

Drug addiction suicidal nature is a realistic factor and it won’t be an accident if an addict take his/her life along the process

Drug addiction suicidal nature: Consequences of substance abuse

Life is full of choices and that is its beauty. Everyone is given the freedom to choose from the plenty that life can offer without duress. This freedom of choice is, however, being abused. Though people chose to abuse the freedom bestowed on them, one abuse caught my heart, soul body, and mind. I am talking about the choice of substance abuse. We are living at a time when the freedom of mingling and socialization coupled with modernization and human right takes the center stage. The authorities who have been given the responsibility of caring and protecting their citizens have also let their subjects down by legalizing some of the most addictive and dangerous drugs including alcohol and cigarette. Despite the knowledge of drug addiction suicidal nature, these drugs are dominating both print and electronic media advertisement space. While hospitals and rehabilitation centers are full beyond capacity, traders in these substances are laughing all the way to the bank.

To be honest with you, it always not very easy to hear that a breweries firm or a tobacco manufacturing plant and their chain of distributors have posted a loss in any given financial year. Theirs is ever profit and annual growth from the previous performance year in year out. Now what surprises me is that do we really understand the painful suicidal nature of drug addiction? Let us seek for some answers from the house of experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury who is one of the veteran addiction experts with several decades of professional experience in this discipline.

Drug addiction suicidal nature: Fears of drug addiction

The good news about drug addiction is that it is a treatable condition and no matter the duration one has been addicted or the magnitude of the quantity one uses daily, treatment is possible. The problem with drugs is that, is distort the voice of reason and changes all the concentration towards drug use such that even when you had put some recovery targets, realizing such dreams and goals fades away as all focus in turn to the drug of choice. Therefore to be sober we must all desire to stay away from all kind of drugs and drug-related activities or influences. We must make efforts to ensure that our neighborhood is safe and free from any kind of substance abuse.

Our children must be brought up to the highest standards of moral soundness and any element of depression must be brought to manageable levels if we cannot avoid them. As professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, we recommend that doing this should be a collective responsibility to everyone because the consequences of drugs are fatal and suicidal. Therefore if you are out there and you are accessible to this article, we want to appeal to you because doing something about drug addiction starts with you then to others. We must be our brother’s keepers at all times meaning that anyone who cares about an addict will have several concerns including some of the following:

  • The fear of addicts getting into serious accident and other body injuries
  • The fear of losing a loved one due to the associated health complications
  • The fear of drug overdose and subsequent loss of consciousness
  • The fear of committing suicide

With those fears and much more, you can talk to us today at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that together we can kick out this scourge from our lives.

Drug addiction suicidal nature: Consequences of substance abuse